expired Diablo 3 (Digital) - $69 Pre-Order from Blizzard's Website Battle.net (Read Guide)


I saw this on Whirlpool as posted by svale. Its a way to avoid paying the regional price gouged price of $79.95AU with afew simple clicks.

"OK, for all those wondering how to purchase it in SGD. See below…

  1. Log into https://us.battle.net/account/management/get-a-game.html
  2. Note that the balance on the right-hand side most likely reads in AUD, as does the price of Diablo III
  3. Click Transaction History > Balance History
  4. Select US Dollars from the currency drop-down menu
  5. Click Games & Codes > Buy Digital Games
  6. Diablo III should now be listed in $90 SGD (i.e. $69 AUD)
  7. Continue ordering as per usual. The game version is Global, so you're not getting a Singaporean version here.

No idea how long you'll be able to do this for, so get in quick"

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