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[VIC] 500g Strawberries $1 @ Hu Hui Supermaket Burwood


Get your strawberry fix in a $2 a KILO!

Address: Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre - 20/70 Middleborough Rd, Burwood East VIC 3151.

There's also another Hu Hui at Box Hill Central, but I'm not sure if the strawberries are same price. Maybe somebody can confirm?

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  • Looks pretty average

    • Just need to have a closer look like all fruit. Seen mould at the big 2, colesworh share holders tax fully inclusive.

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    The reason, from my previous experience of buying them, they’re 99c, is because 1/2 the punnet is rubbish

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      Get to work and swap them around :)

      • Only uncivilized ferals would do something like this. I hope you're just trolling online like you always have and you've not actually been doing this in real life.

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          For those that negged me, I'll elaborate

          A. You're not supposed to be mix-and-matching things from different punnets "to combine the best of all of them", likewise with fruits and vegs in 1KG net bags or buckets. You would notice there is usually a fair ratio of large and small berries. If you're still unrepentant, tell the grocer you've been quietly doing this to their wares for months and they'll firmly enlighten you on why this is inappropriate.

          B. You're cheating the vendor because by doing the wrong thing in (A), they'll be left with many punnets FULL of undesirable berries that won't sell.

          C. In age of COVID,do you really want heaps of customers (who may/may not have dirty hands) opening the punnet, pawing over heaps of berries in there? You don't peel the skins off or wash them with soap prior to eating do you?

          D. Its goddamn $1 for a big 500gr punnet and you're suggesting people cheat the vendor over $1?

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            @payton: Same as the people who swap eggs in the min. weight 700g dozen carton. Swapping 1 or 2 cracked ones is fine - it’s when they swap all the biggest eggs from 5 cartons to make one, then the 4 remaining cartons now only weigh 550-650g and no longer make minimum weight.

            • @OneJay: Fully agree

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              @OneJay: Once in Coles, I saw a person swap out eggs from a reduced box and put in ones from a full-price carton. They were reduced because they were close to use by date. A staff member told her not to do it, but the person continued when she left. I told her to stop then also. So somebody would have purchased eggs weeks before use and got ones with only days left.

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    Don't know why these unfresh strawberries on clearance is a bargain.

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      To be fair, it's more my poor photography skills than low quality of the strawberries.

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    Boo thought it was Burwood in Sydney.

  • huhuhuhu

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    Do they sell carrots too?

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      Funnily enough the past 2 times I frequented this specific grocery I couldn’t find carrots, 1KG bag or loose :/

      So no, they don’t sell carrots. It’s weird.

    • I was at the Burwood store. Yes they have carrots in 1kg bags… If memory serves me right it's 1$ a bag.

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    $1 strawberries are everywhere at the moment. I found a place that had a tasty batch from an excellent grower and I bought 20 punnets. Yesterday I sliced up 3kgs and put them into my dehydrator, and cleaned and cut the tops off another 2kgs for freezing.

  • Henry's Mercato have them on special too. 3 for $2

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    To make strawberry wine or to not make strawberry wine…

  • Nice!

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