This was posted 7 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Red Bull Zero 355ml @ 7-Eleven via App


Just noticed this freebie as I was paying for my fuel at 7/11. Expires 19/1/2022. Enjoy!

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  • Available on my account, thanks!

    • Expires 19/1/2022. Enjoy!

      Apparently expires 7 days from acceptance - mine's 22 Jan.

  • Got it too

  • cheers, got 1

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    Max max max super max….

  • thanks for the heads-up!

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    Make sure you grab the correct size one!
    I accidentally grabbed a 250ml one and paid for it along with my petrol πŸ˜…
    Went back and grabbed the free one anyway!

    • If it turns out to be good, at least you don't have to go all the way back for more!!

  • Appeared for me! Thanks

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    Mine expires on the 17th so check your app for the date.

    • I saw the 17th too but if you open the β€˜i’ to see the T&C’s it says 19th.

  • i got a freebie along with my 7th visit the other day and it didnt discount the reward.

    • Checked my app and i have this.

  • Got it on my account too πŸ˜€

  • Thanks

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    I think everyone is targeted

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    No no no Micheal this is so not right

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      ''Toto, it's called a motor race.''

      • Sorry?

        • You can not post that comment without knowing the full conversation that happened!! 🀣🀣

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        We went car racing.

  • Got one thanks

  • Cheers

  • Got it too πŸ˜„

  • Got it! Thanks OP

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    Claimed mine today… I'd better login to my "wifes" account…

    • Yep I got two also. Dual fuel vehicle so need to lock in both fuel types.

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    Here's a tip to extend the expiry date a little further, press ADD TO MY REWARDS on the last day of the first expiry date i.e. on the 17th then you will be given an extra 7 days on top of that, effectively the expiry date will be the 24th.

    This also applies to your 7th visit rewards tooπŸ₯°

    • You will not be able to use the App including for activated Fuel Lock redemption and the App will stop recording any Valid Loyalty Transactions and Visits that you make until you either save a Reward or the 7-day period for saving a Reward expires.

  • the expiry date is different, mine was had to lock as a special by the 17th, then have 7 days to redeem

  • Got it :) thanks guy

  • Got it on 3 accounts.

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    Got one. I love that it's 355ml. The small ones I find too small and the half litre energy drinks make you feel like you're having a heart attack.

    • The trick is to down the 500ml while singing and dancing to The Stroke.

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    My 7 eleven only has sugar free, not zero which does not qualify

    • Same

  • Got one, thanks.

  • Thanks OP and activated.

  • My local 711 store said they had given out 122 of them today :)

  • Cheers, have it too. Anyone had troubles finding stock?

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    No stock where I went.

  • I will try @ corinda 7 11

  • So you have to be a member?

    • You need to create an account, it's free. Then you can do fuel lock too.

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    Just as I walk in to grab one I see the 7-11 guy with a basket pulling all the cans from the fridge

    • All good just had to go to another one

    • why? Don't they get the same profit on whether it's a freebie or paid item? Infact wouldn't this mean that they get good profit as it's free and everybody will try to get this?

      • I would like to know too. I did see an explanation on an old bargain thread but I don't remember what it was. Something about delayed reembursement or not receiving reembursement for the free products.

  • Lithgow 7-11 doesn't appear to have a spot for 355ml - all the other sizes though.

    • cheers wont go there

  • Thanks locked one in got 7 days to redeem

    • Good luck, most can't find it on day 2 let alone day 6

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    Absolutely disgusting. Went to 2 different 7 eleven. They have every other size and types of redbul except the free one

    • i have to agree the couple of 7-11 near me always conveniently "ran out" of these freebies, even early morning during the first day…

    • Time to change suburbs. My local has heaps

  • Damn it, I grabbed the sugarfree instead of zero.

  • Got the last "free" one on the shelf (Royal Melbourne), other sizes still available :)

  • Got one on the first day, now every 7-11 seems to have hidden the stock, can't even see a tag for it.. but they have plenty of the 473ml ones..

  • Couldn't get one today even though it was on the bench behind the racks. I asked what about the 2 for $6 deal if I could get that and said no stock.

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    Mine have disppeared from the app… was suppose to expire on the 19th of Jan

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      Also disappeared for me 😞

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      Same. Went to redeem and it wasn't there. Shonky!

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      It's likely because red bull had limited number of free cans. Once they reached their threshold of free red bulls, offer would be removed. They were just not clear about mentioning this important condition prior to activation.

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    It's a common knowledge they are hiding stuff like this during freebie period. I wouldn't bother since it's going to distract my sleep as well. I activated my offer and now it's gone from my rewards in the app. Probably since I have claimed so many freebies and rated a 7-eleven based on how many i can get every single time they have something like this

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    damn mine disappeared too. was about to go get it.

  • If you don't already have the app don't waste your time installing it. 7/11 have disabled all new accounts. talk about dodgy. they just want your email address

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