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[Pre Order, Kogan First] JusChek COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test 5pk $54.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Rated with Highly Sensitive in TGA website. Product will be shipped on 15 Feb. Kogan screenshot showing free delivery with First, however when I tried to add to card, it is asking me to pay $10-$12 delivery fee.

Also available in the Oral Fluid version

From the description:

  • Contains pack of 5
  • Qualitative detection of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 (IgM and IgG)
  • For self-testing in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Store in a dry place at 2-30°C
  • Quick results in 10-15 minutes
  • Easy to use, does not require additional equipment
  • Easy interpretation
  • JusChek Nasal – Contact Information – (03) 5986 5465
  • Included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 374574)

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closed Comments

  • +9

    I would imagine by 15 Feb there's a good chance the shops will be all stocked up again…

    • +1

      And that's assuming Kogan will deliver on time…

  • +7

    Ships in over a month at normal market value, where is the deal?

  • +20

    Seriously this shit needs to end.

  • +3

    Shipping mid Feb? Who knows what the state of play will be by then. Basically giving Kogan an interest free loan for a month.

  • +1

    Not this again!
    Price gouging Kogan dropshipping.

  • +1

    Terrible deal.

  • +1

    No deal

  • +4

    Don’t give kogan your Money!

  • +1

    Echoing comments about supply. Covid times move fast

  • +2

    This, is, democracy manifest!

  • As all above, the supply situation will be drastically different in a months time, ol mate Ruslans minions just wants your money now and you to forget you've ordered them so they ship when the demand and average price per test has calmed down.

  • by the time you get this, you'd probably have had PCR test done. Good way to make money though (just like toilet paper, hand sanitiser, etc.)

    • +1

      Spot the (profanity) on.
      This is exactly what it is.

  • I would rather give my money to Gerry

  • +1

    15th Jan sure but 15th Feb? (profanity) that.

    • better get price protection. these will be $5 by Feb

  • Screw kogan always taking advantage of the situation with his dropshipping business.

  • I was able to order 15 RATs from a local supplier online and got them delivered to my home yesterday afternoon. Glad I didn't give Kogan my money for them to sit on earning interest while their tests come in on the slow boat from China.

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