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20% off + $9.99 Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Smiggle Online Store


Use voucher code HELLO followed by current month and year numbers to get 20% off. That's the code pattern for new member sign up.

Example: date is 15 January 2022. Code is HELLO0122. 01 for this month January, 22 for this year 2022

Month in 2022 Discount Code
January HELLO0122
February HELLO0222
March HELLO0322
April HELLO0422
May HELLO0522
June HELLO0622
July HELLO0722
August HELLO0822
September HELLO0922
October HELLO1022
November HELLO1122
December HELLO1222

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  • Underscores are the placeholders for the month and year numbers 👈

    • -3

      Too hard…

      I'll shop elsewhere…

  • Thanks for your clarifying questions. Code according to example. No spaces in code.

  • Does it work on already reduced items?

    • Great question. Would be cool to find out.

      • Looks like it reduces 20% off actual RRP on discounted/sale items.
        Best to use this on non-sale items.

  • I understand. It would be easier to create a specific code for each month for easy copy paste. Happy for other members to take that time.

    • Happy for other members to take that time.

      Other members cannot edit your post.

  • First purchases only?

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