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[VIC] Craftright 4 Piece Tool Box Set $19 (RRP $39) in-Store @ Bunnings, Box Hill


Went to Bunnings Box Hill to grab some stuff and came across this after missing out on the AEG Toolbox deal. Marked at clearance. Not sure if it applies to all stores. Online still appears as $39. They had about 10 on display when I was there 10 mins before closing.

Built-in organiser compartments
Lift-out carry trays
Removable dividers
The Craftright 4 piece tool box kit is a great value pack that includes 3 different size of plastic tool boxes and one plastic organiser.

The three tool box dimensions are:

  • 510x270x235mm
  • 435x210x190mm
  • 330x160x130mm

The organiser dimensions are:

  • 190x150x40mm

These tool boxes & organiser are ideal for storing hand tools, bolts and nuts, small garage items and any of your hobby or general household items.

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  • Still about 8 left in store as I speak.

  • Similar to the AEG one last week

  • All gone as of 08.30

  • What a rip. Purchased for less than this two years ago… wth?

  • Calling Craftright items "tools" is a bit of a stretch. My lord they are truly awful. I used to work at Bunnings and it was a bit of a running joke that Craftright was Chinese for "Hahaha… have fun trying to fix something with that!"

    • Craftwrong? Are they a Bunnings private label?

  • I'd have to agree with the above sentiment. The one i picked up, was so hard to close, i gave up on using it. The top just does not seem to line up with the bottom.

    Edit: Not this particular toolbox. just another craftright branded toolbox

    • cheap tool boxes are landfill, the clips and clasps break at points you can't fix so they end up become tubs as you can't carry them by the handle. When buying any tool box (including the expensive ones) look at hinges & latches do they look substantial enough, do they close easily, with the 10 on the shelf are any already broken? then look at the mold of the box itself is it thick enough plastic, does the design have reinforcement, the bigger it is the more important this is as a long side might deform if the box is loaded up.

  • Coming up as $39 in the Bunnings I went to. Took it to Info Desk and they happily price matched based on OP’s photo. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Glad I could help out :)

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