Qantas Twin Set of Business Pyjamas with Any Luggage Purchase (from $17.70 / 2741 Pts Delivered) @ Qantas Rewards Store


Shop luggage and receive a complimentary twin set of Qantas business pyjamas (automatically applied at checkout). Only while stock lasts.

This might not sound like a good deal, but if you're just after the twin set of pyjamas, you can get a set for as low as $17.70 or 2741 points delivered !! with something like an RFID passport cover: Expired

It stacks with the current 30%-50% flash sales at the moment too!

Other low value luggage items from Lewis N Clark available here:

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  • -3

    Promo ended on 12th January

    • Which promo?

      • I received the same promo through an email and it says that the bonus PJs will expire on 12th January.

        • The website now says "Only while stock lasts" with no end date mentioned

          • @brawndo: Thanks got a pair

            • @nightelves: I have been trying to get past the second step in checkout for the last half an hour with no luck.

    • I placed an order and it included the twin pajama set for free

    • Why didn't you share it on OzB when you got email?

      • Because at the time I tried to filter out to see what was the cheapest item but weren't able to find anything that was cheap. Would like to know how OP was able to find the cheap item.

        • +3

          I put on my ozbargain badge and went trawling in the middle of the night.

  • +1

    Great find !

  • Need to be a Points Club or Points Clubs Plus member to be eligible.
    From the Qantas email:

    For a limited time, receive a complimentary twin set of Qantas business pyjamas when you shop luggage at the Rewards Store.

    Bonus Qantas Pyjamas offer is valid for Points Club and Points Club Plus members only, when you order any luggage from the Rewards Store. Qantas Pyjamas are limited and this offer is valid only while stock lasts. Qantas may extend or withdraw this offer at any time. Members will receive 1x M-L and 1x L-XL in their kit.

  • Qantas twin sleeper suit - 2 pack Multi Grey

    Standard shipping = 1800 points

  • +1

    First thing that’s benefited me as points club member. Let’s not forget the 5% ($0.35) discount I got ;)

  • Passport rfid sleeves ozbargained :) had to settle for the credit card sleeves instead

    • +4

      It’s free if you know where to look. Try searching it up on ozbargain. It should come up

  • +2

    travel adaptor to Australian outlets, 3,501 points delivered ( and useful for my ozbargain UK appliances). thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, got the Lewis N Clarke 3x credit card shield pack @ 1200 points.
    Many errors searching and checking out, but persistence paid off.
    (and yes, destined for landfill)

  • +26

    I got the Qantas First Class pyjamas through a bundle in a previous deal, and they’re not worth $9 IMHO. They are super ugly (obviously designed as loose fitting as possible to fit any shape / size of male or female body) and no more comfortable than what you’d get for a similar amount of money at Kmart.

    • +5

      Thanks for the feedback. It just saved me $12 on shipping.

    • +4

      Yep I don't see why anyone would purchase one of these.

    • +2

      That's cause they are designed to be tossed . $3 would be more accurate

    • Who will take the pajamas home if they can afford first class?Totally different usage

      • +1

        Got Qatar First PJs. They actually fit well. Dark grey.

        Qatar business class at one point was fully and fit badly. Then they picked up their act and got sizing right. Light grey.

        Oman air has good fitting PJs too. Pity it is a very dark brown (almost black).

        • Got Virgin Atlantic PJ’s that I still use as my PJs for winter.

    • I have both the first class and the business ones, the business are far worse than the first class. Barely lasted a few washes.

      I quite like them since they're light and loose fitting they're comfortable to sleep in (not really worried about what they look like), but they're basically disposable.

      • Yeah I’ve only had the business ones and they are really comfy.

    • Yep, gotten countless pairs of these pyjamas on flights pre-COVID, they’re great for getting comfy on the journey, but so thin they wear out pretty quickly.

      No way I’d pay money just for them.

    • +1

      It's a status item for private school kids to wear at sleepovers and school camp, everyone with travelling parents had a pair. The number of buisness/first PJs in a family home is quite a good measure of social class really

  • Do they recycle these if passrngers leave them behind?

    • You found a few bits in the Bunnings bag of rags they sell?

      Probably goes to landfill. People should take it with them and get a few more uses or use it as rags for cleaning.

      I can't see half of the third would walking in rich man's PJs all day long working the fields and factories.

      • I thought the ones they were selling might’ve even been 'old stock' left behind in the plane

  • +9

    You know it’s business time when I slip into my business pyjamas

    • Please tell me you don’t use that line.

      • +3

        It's a paraphrase of a Flight of the Conchords song

  • I have the business ones… a lot better than I thought

  • +2

    I don't get the obsession with these. I've got 3 sets at home and never wear them, and left multiple sets behind on the plane.

    • +1

      On the times where I fly economy, I usually nab a pair on my walk through the business class section. So many people don't care about them. I like to use them as an underlayer when camping.

  • +2

    You get these when you fly Business. And they last about 2 washes.

    • Yep, they’re very much disposable.

  • +1
  • This doesn't look too bad

    However I have lots of PJ's from those wine boxes lol

    • Hmm now it seems the link I posted is not longer valid with this offer - please ignore my comment above!

  • I can only get the PJ's with expensive luggage sets… :(
    Any new cheap items going around????

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