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[VIC] $12 All Day Parking, $5 Weekend/Night Parking @ Wilson Parking


Book online and enter coupon code at checkout

“Make the most of Summer with flexi all day parking from $12 and $5 nights & weekends available December 26th, 2021 – January 30th, 2022 February 13th, 2022. To claim, simply book online or with the Wilson Parking App and use promo code SUMMER22 at a participating car park. “

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Referee gets 50% once-off discount on first booking of a single-day park, Referee gets 50% discount applied on their next booking of a single-day parking. Discount valid for 60 days from date of issue.

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  • Last time I booked and paid online using my VISA card, and on entry I tapped the same card, however I found i was charged again, as if I had just rocked up without a booking.

    Was there something I did incorrectly?

    I made sure it was the correct parking centre I'd booked as well, and the right timing and all :/

    • My girlfriend had the same issue, it was because she tapped with her phone and not her physical card, Wilson refunded her the money back after she contacted.

      Maybe this was your issue?

    • +2

      If you use Google pay or Apple Pay, it actually sends a different card number than your physical card even though the transactions go through the card.

      You can use the number associated with the digital wallet, but that can change as well as it's designed to be be changed to protect you.

      It's probably safer to stick to the physical card or the parking app.

  • I’m completely new to Wilson Parking online bookings - I read that they have a one hour grace period on either side of entry and exit times (that is, they’ll honour the discounted price if you enter the car park up to an hour earlier than the nominated entry time and/or if you exit the car park up to an hour later than the nominated exit time). Does anyone know what happens if you exit the car park earlier than the nominated exit time?

    • +2

      nothing in my experience

    • +3

      Your exit time doesn’t matter if you leave earlier. I can confirm on this behaviour as of today. Just exited the car park. But, I didn’t know about the discount code available 🤨. Paid $8 flat rate for weekend in Melbourne CBD.

      Yes - if you use a credit card or Apple Pay or have Wilson One card, it’s a seamless experience. Thumbs up for them.

      • @ectogammat, that's right. There's no issue exiting earlier than your planned departure time.

      • Awesome thanks

  • will this help me with hail undercover? cheaply

    • +4

      No. You will have to park outside if you want hail damage on your car.

      • what other value alternatives?

        • +5

          You could try throwing a bag of ice at your car

  • Which car park is closest to Australia Open?

    • Flinders Gate, and I have just arrived as we speak.

  • Thanks OP

  • Still working as of 13 th feb

  • +4

    Extended until the 28th Feb

  • Anyone successfully use this for weekday daytime parking since the 14th?

    • I just tried and not working

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