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AS Colour Staple Tee (White) - $17.96 with Free Shipping & Custom Printing @ Tee Junction


Kick off the new year with new gear! Tee Junction is launching a new 'Deal of the Week' promo for 2022.

We start with a killer deal, the AS Colour Staple Tee in White, our most popular style.

Until Mon, 24th Jan, the price has been slashed from $26.95 to $19.95. Includes a custom print (single side, full-colour DTG printing) and free eParcel shipping Australia-wide.

Use the special Ozbargainers code 'OZBTJ' for a further 10% off. Bringing a single AS Colour tee down to $17.96!. No setup fees or minimum orders.

The deal stacks with our Multi-buy discounts too.

Shirts Discount Price Per Shirt
2-4 5% $17.06
5-10 10% $16.16
11-24 15% $15.26
25+ 20% $14.36

Our team has plenty of stock, with an average production time of around three days currently.

For reference, a 'blank' AS Colour Staple tee is $26 directly from AS Colour stores, no printing or shipping included.

Any questions, feel free to ask here!

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      A t-shirt, that you customise, we print, $17.96 delivered.

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        That's so much clearer. Thanks

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          'AS Colour' is the brand of t-shirt we like to use. Really high quality blanks with good sourcing.

          • @zhenjie: We order these at work and the quality is decent but the sizing is highly inconsistent to the degree that around 50% of every order goes to waste.

            • @chrisandrew: Wow that's a high percentage, and certainly not the norm.

              There was a period between late 2020 to 2021, where the demand for blank apparel worldwide was sky high, and the supply chain for cotton was really dire. What we saw was really lax quality control coming from most factories overseas, and this affected all brands including AS Colour.

              However, AS Colour still had the best sizing consistency amongst all the suppliers in Australia. The supply chain is still a big issue but has improved from what it was. We hardly get any returns/exchanges due to sizing being off the sizing chart.

              Our team also goes through the shirts and generally picks out any inconsistent sizes (outside the normal 25mm tolerance).

              • @zhenjie: Customers shouldn't be the ones recruited for QC issues. Sizes should have been checked pre-delivery, given knowledge of supply chain issues.

                • @chrisandrew: Absolutely, the whole situation was terrible and why we had to get our own staff to check sizing for almost every piece.

  • @OP does the discount code apply to all orders, or only that product?

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      The ozbargain 10% discount works on all other products too.

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    I can vouch for the quality of AS Colour shirts. I have a few band T-shirts and the AS Colour ones consistently hold their colour and shape much longer than the other brand blanks, and they're not thin stretchy material like you get from places like Spreadshirt.

    • Agree, I have a few from TeeJunction already and they hold up pretty well. I was worried about the Direct To Garment printing but that has held up really well too so far. Had for probably six months, wearing and washing most weeks.

      • This is with a print? Just seeing how how the prints hold.

        • +1

          Yeah with a print. One of the shirts has quite a big, solid print on the back, which I expected to be a challenge, but it's held together really well. Highly recommend.

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    Do you have black ones too?

    • I second this

    • Just the White shirts for this week. We'll have the Black Staple tee shirts in a few weeks once we stock up again.

      • Would you mind sending me the pricing for bulk, say 100 pcs. Any discounts for registered charities?

        • There is a quote function on their website, I've found them pretty responsive

        • Yes, we can certainly help and we do offer discounts for charities and registered NFPs.

          For 100pcs we'll advise the best option based on your design and apparel required (DTG, screenprinting or Embroidery).


      • Seems like a good deal thanks friend, will the black tee go for the same price/deal when in stock? I would buy more if black matched this, otherwise will grab a couple in white.

        • We'll have black tees for future deals. It will be discounted, but typically $5 more than white t-shirts as they do cost more and go through a more complicated print process.

      • Can you make another post when the black ones are in stock. Would be interested.

  • Great quality T-Shirts. My go to for plain and comfy fit. They are normally $15 without print at Culture Kings. So for an extra $3 for print, Plus free shipping, that's pretty awesome.

    • They are no longer $15 :( Price seems to have been bumped up to $20. I bought quite a few at the retail $15.

      • AS Colour and every other blank supplier raised prices significantly in recent months. Cotton and shipping is through the roof.

        It looks like $20 will be the average street price for blank tees of this level for a while.

  • Just had a look at the website. Are we able to supply vector EPS artwork rather than use the jpeg uploader? Would much rather the print quality of EPS files.

    • +1

      Just chuck a high quality PNG on there, the direct to garment printing isn't so precise that you would notice the difference in my experience with them.

      • Appreciate it thanks for the heads up

    • +1

      pdtmathieson is right, for Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, a high quality PNG file is preferred. 300DPI is a good standard.

      The design tool we used wasn't great at rendering some EPS and vector files. Also, these get converted by our RIP/print software who only take raster files.

      For screen printing and embroidery, that's where we recommend vector/EPS files.

  • Hi there,

    I'm interested in doing a custom design for the wife and she loves oversized tees. She's just under 170cm and has a medium build, do you have any recommendations on what size I should go for? I was thinking an XL?

    • I think a L or XL will give you the oversized feel. The AS Colour Staple tees are slightly longer than most t-shirts on the market (vs Uniqlo, Gildan etc). So keep that in mind.

      • Great, thanks!

      • Just placed my order for an L, thanks again :)

  • Would it cost extra for both front and back printing? Is that possible?

    • Yeah you can add a back print for $10

  • Just got my Tshirt today. I am impressed with the material AND print quality. Will def check you guys out again!!! Very different to the "new and improved" Stiker Mule Tshirt recently on OZB too. Thanks

  • Made my order yesterday and excited to see it arrive! Keen for your future promos. Give us a clue as to what's next, I need to get some hoodies and polos made =D

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