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[Pre Order] Denon AVR-S760H HDMI2.1 8K AV Receiver $990 + Delivery @ Videopro


Great price for a late 2021 release receiver with proper HDMI2.1, VRR 8k etc.

Retail $1400 other retailers have it for $1200

Space hifi has it in stock now and they've offered me $50 off their price of 1189. I prefer to wait for this in early Feb than pay $150 extra to get it now.

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    Store in title

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    Projector or receiver?

    • good catch all the home video equipment is blurring together for me

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  • I'd still pay a bit more for the 1700 - although waiting for it to be near the 1k mark.

    • What's better about the 1700?

      • I just bought the 1700 and super happy with it!

        I believe the 1700 has better bluetooth, more speaker assignment features, better room correction and zone 2 support, so more options for future proofing.

        • Check Zone 2 implementation carefully. It's usually half arsed. Especially if you are referring to multiple monitor outputs and upscaling.

          I understand the video side to need double the video hardware, which no avr has (?). I got caught out by that when i bought my denon

          Edit: this model is a simple avr in terms of in/outs. One video out.

      • They're almost identical.

        ZK says the 1700H has slightly more power, and MultiEQ XT rather than MultiEQ.

        • Yeah, and MultiEQ XT isn't really great either. Only XT32 is worth if you want to do full range EQ, and both AVRs are limited in input/output options.

        • Yeah not much difference. They're saying a fraction more power at higher volumes. Whether you'd be able to notice or not though.

  • Subwoofer Out 2

    Power Output (8 Ohm, 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive)

  • Bought the Yamaha RX-V6A over this. Happy with my purchase.

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      Am looking at the V6A as well, what was your reasoning for the Yamaha over something like this Denon?

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        I had yamaha previously and the 4K 120 but it was close.

    • RX-V6A is a (profanity) scam, does not support HDMI 2.1 as advertised.

    • I can second this, I love my RX-V6A

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    Apparently it's US$439.99 at Costco in the USA. Got to love the Australia tax!

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      I know right! All Aussie home theatre pricing is a joke!

    • I have bought from the UK previously. Big saving and identical power (just change the plug). Warranty is the only issue.

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    Great price! I bought this for $1,093.00 delivered from NAPF electronics via eBay.

    I actually cancelled my Amazon order for the DENON AVR-S960H 8K as I couldn't wait…Killer price too $1,290.00 but had no indication of when I'd get it.

    I went this over the RX-V6A, I switched from a dead Yamaha rx-v673

    I wasnt keen on the yamaha because of their fix of hdmi 2.1 requiring stuffing around at a later date

    Integration with Google Home was a reason for this purchase too

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      I have the RX-V6A, I don't know what is better for audio for movie watching out of the two

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        For me I have a Yamaha 7.1 speaker setup, its not atmos or anything. I don't think I would be able to tell the difference so that wasnt relevant to me, neither was the audessey thingy on the denon X version!

        Another key reason I went with the Denon is because my yamaha rx-673 was annoying to tinker with.

        E.g. the Yamaha 'AV Controller' app was limited on function, so any changes needed to be done via the ui.

        Denons UI is not much better but when comparing, Denon is fully customisable via their app or the web. Though this may have changed with the newer yamaha receivers! I guess I wanted a change. And the hdmi 2.1 hardware thingy was a turn off.

        Another thing, the Denon has 5 customisable buttons on the remote, so I can press a button and it launches my input/config etc. Pretty cool!

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      That is indeed killer on the 960! VP have it for 1375 available now

      • Haha not bad. I couldn't wait and wanted it for xmas/annual leave 😜😎

      • Can you connect atmos to the 960H? So have a 5.1.2?

      • Would you go the 960 over the RX-V6A? If so, why?

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    This or Yamaha RX-V6A ?

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      I've researched these to death recently and settled on this. The Yahama even with all it's firmware updates and free replacement board from Yahama will never be able to do 40GBps over HDMI 2.1, which is required for next gen consoles etc. It's limited to 24Gps so will compress audio/video for 4K.120hz. You'd still able to get the Yahama and plug a console directly into the TV and have eARC back to the receiver for Audio. If you don't care about consoles or anything that requires the speed of true HDMI 2.1 then the Yamaha is really good. This 760 is the replacement to the 750 which has the same limitation as the Yahama on HDMI 2.1, however on the 760 it's got the new more capable tech without this problem.

      If you read AVS Forums you'll there is a ton of users reporting issues with the Yamaha with HDMI handover, changing devices etc. Not sure if that's been fixed with firmware updates but it was enough to sway me.

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    Anything on the horizon with multiple 4k/120 hdmi inputs and decently powered dolby atmos?

  • Thanks op, great price. Have ordered one. After looking at these this one gives true HDMI 2.1 functionality over the 750 version and Yamaha's well reviewed RX-V6A. Everything else is on par.

  • Hi guys sorry need some advice here. Currently have Denon AVR-X1400. Purchased an LG C1 OLED recently and the primary device I use with the tv is my NVIDIA shield which is connected to the receiver then the receiver to the tv.
    I believe all my HDMI cables are of the right spec but I just feel I don't get the same image quality on the shield as I do on the LG directly using its apps (Netflix for example)
    Is this likely because my receiver is a littler older? and would the Denon AVR-S760H be a better option to ensure I'm taking full advantage of my new LG CQ display?

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