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Philips Digital Airfryer XXL HD9651/91 $369.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


The Air Fryer revolution is sweeping the country.
There are two competing culinary cults going around nowadays - Thermomix, and Air Fryers.
We got the smaller, analogue Philips and love the speed, convenience, and [relative] health of cooking without oil in the air fryer - so what else could we do but buy the big one.
We'd been keeping an eye out for the XXL, and particularly the digital. The best we'd seen was $399 at Amazon - most places sell this for about $450 - so when this came up in the current catalogue the wife made a special trip - fighting off all the panic buyers and hoarders - to grab it.
It'll change your life… For the better? Who knows.

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    and [relative] health of cooking without oil in the air fryer

    How is it healthier than an oven?

    • +2

      Healthier than 'traditional' frying.

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        It bakes though, it doesn’t fry.

    • +1

      Where did they say oven?

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        Where did it not say oven? The assumption was "healthier than deep frying" but it wasn't stated. And you know what they say about assumptions!

        JV is just making the point this thing is a fan forced oven.

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          A mini fan forced oven that's very difficult to clean (the heating elements)

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        It’s an oven, not a frying pan.

        • Basically an old school 1970's stove element with a fan…. Ie. an oven!

          Only benefit being a standard oven element is around 2100 - 2700 watts. These are 1700 - 2000 watts.

          We bought the 3.5L $19 Mistral version from Woolies…(meh) if you need an XL version…get an oven.

  • FYI Philips had 50 cash back which they don’t have now

    • Didn't think Costco was ever on the list of retailers for that cashback?

      • No but u price match at another retailer and then can claim it back

        • +2

          Pure hypothetical, the model sold by Costco is different, it also has the extra rack.

      • Not on the list but after cash back the price was around 280 for nearly the same thing which I think is a better deal if people want to wait and see if they will offer it again.

  • Is this the older model? There's the same size but different model# hd9650 on sale for $356.80 from KG electronic eBay. Need to apply PJAN20 code at checkout.

  • As owner of HD9229,Viva XXL,HD9650 and cheap kitchen couture 12L, Philip was way better than any other airfryers 5-8 years ago. However, lastest other cheaper brand can just do as similar as HD9650 does. And Philip quality looks like dropping in recent years.

    • Why would you say the Philips Air Fryer quality is dropping? Any reason through your user experience to share?
      I am thinking of buying the digital XXL air fryer from Philips for a long time, but waiting for special big discount.

      • +1

        HD9229 no issues for more than 7 years
        Viva XXL timer issue. returned
        HD9650 stops working after 8 months

  • so expensive for a fryer, my kmart cheap one is going strong a year later, cost me no more than 50 bux

  • Bought a Kmart one which was small in size but broke down after a couple of months of usage. Bought the Philips XXL and was the best choice as you can cook a whole chicken in it. Once you use an airfryer it is so convenient and you will thank yourself.

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