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Quilton 3-Ply 180-Sheet Toilet Tissue, Pack of 45 $20 ($18 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems to be back in stock for those who need it

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    toilet paper is so 2020/21

    we wipe our bums with RAT's these days

    • -1

      Don't know how people are doing rats.

      Having to jab it deep too tough.

    • +5

      we wipe our bums with RAT's these days

      Anal swabs is what the Chinese did. Chinese know what they are talking about.

      Link to ABC article

      • Lol

      • +2

        That's great and all but what did they do to test for COVID?

        • +5

          lie about the numbers

      • damn i was wrong, RATs was so 2021 too

    • Negative

    • Gerbils FTW

    • toilet paper is so 2020/21

      Judging by the 5K+ clicks within a space of less than 3 hours, it seems like folks still love them in '22.

  • +2

    Been getting this every 3-5 months for 2 years via S&S.

    • +2

      Do you ever check the price before they send? The other day was $63 and cancelled my s&s

      • Wait so they charge you price at the time or at time of subscription?

        • That's what I read about it. No personal experience, but when I see the price goes up I cancel

        • +3

          Yeah that's right. I didn't realize and ended up paying like $43 for 30 pack of coke. lol

        • +6

          They charge you at the price when it's due on your next delivery.
          I cancelled most of my subs.

          • @BelowSubZero:

            I cancelled most of my subs.

            Same I won't let them auto deliver for me, I will check the price myself first.

        • Time of the next sub. Always cancel your subscriptions.

        • +2

          I always order, wait til its dispatched, then cancel. Otherwise they will charge you at the price of the day.

          • @annarchon:

            I always order, wait til its dispatched, then cancel.

            Don't they take the money out of your stored card / payment instrument before dispatch?

            • +1

              @DoctorCalculon: He means for the initial purchase. If you're chasing a deal and Subscribe to save a few dollars, then instantly cancel the sub, they wont dispatch the order. You need to wait until it's dispatched, then cancel.

              • @Snax912:

                You need to wait until it's dispatched, then cancel.

                I misunderstood, and I assumed they were referring to a subsequent S&S order dispatch.

      • Yep, have to always check S&S as the jack the prices often. I get jammed all the time. S&S is cheap for the first two months or so and is guided by supermarket catalogue sales.

      • Yes and it wasn't from Amazon, so it wouldn't have been charged anyway.

      • +1

        Mines always been $18 S&S

        • same

          • @wsl: Isn't it better to create new order/ss with activated cashback?

        • Double check your previous orders ozb1986, they charge you whatever the price it is at the time. Never leave the S&S on after they post the first product.

          • @videoman: Like I said, it's always been $18 S&S for me. I've checked every single transaction after it's arrived.

        • That is because $18 is the normal price for S&S. Higher chance to hit that price. I have had it for $16 and $14 S&S before.

      • So can we actually place an order now for s&s price and then cancel straight away?

        • Yes

      • +1

        TIP: Also you don't get cashback for S&S. You can cancel your order before it ships, enable cashback and replace order manually.

      • +2

        The $63 the other day was not being sold by Amazon, was a 3rd party so you won’t get charged that. SS is only for items sold by Amazon. I have some stuff that are on auto send (milk powder and nappies almost always cheaper than stores) but most other I subscribe and cancel when it’s cheap.

  • +1

    Normal price tbh but yeah perhaps oos everywhere, for those who need it

  • Usual S&S price Finally got mine today that was ordered on the 8th.

  • Is it not possible to combine multiple S&S at checkout?

    Each time I choose S&S it takes to the order page to check out with just that item.

    I want to buy multiple different S&S items to spend at least $39 - is that possible?

    • +1

      Yes it's possible, you can add each separate item to the cart at full price and select S&S in the cart individually for each item and the schedule you want.

  • +2

    for those who need it

    I bet the potential buyers exceeds the group of those who need it.

    • +2

      If you wait for when you have 1 roll left you ask for trouble

      • +4

        That’s when sh!t hits the fan

        • +3

          Mostly the hand

        • +1

          I think you’re doing it wrong…

        • When shit hits the fan, that's usually the time when users get introduced to wet wipes.

      • No, 1 pack.

        • 4 rolls or 36 though?

    • Pretty sure everyone needs toilet paper

  • Sorry for the stupid question, what is S&S?

    • +1

      Subscribe and save

    • +1

      subscribe & save

    • +1

      You sign up to have these regularly sent every few months, for a slightly cheaper price.

      Trouble is, it seems they can up the price later on and if you're not checking, you're not still getting a bargain.

      • Thank you for pointing out the the catch. I was thinking it likes a contract, they can not up the price.

        • No contract, which also means you can S&S as you order, then cancel before the next one, allowing you to get the discount without the subscription.

      • Yep but then you can cancel the subscription at that point.

        • +1

          Of course, but I guess they are banking on those people who don't keep track of these things and forget.

      • +3

        to be a true ozbargainer

        cancel subscribe and save

        buy subscribe and save again

        = always getting a bargain

    • +1

      Subscribe and save

    • +1

      subscribe and save

    • +1

      Shit & Save

    • shit and shower

      • +2

        You'd be the ultimate ozbargainer if you do the "waffle stomp" just to save on toilet paper

    • +2

      Scratch & Sniff.

  • +5

    Everyday price for at least a year

    • Thanks, does this mean I have to committed to buy it for a year?

      • +1

        You can cancel after first order received

        • That is great, thank you!

        • +1

          You can cancel as quickly as you can after purchase.

          • @billabong: Thank you, I thought I need to wait after the delivery.

      • +1

        No you can modify delivery date whenever you want

      • +1

        no, you can cancel at anytime

      • +1

        Depends if you chose the S&S offer at checkout. One off price is $20, if you chose S&S it is $18.

      • +2

        no, you can set the duration. i.e. every 2,3,4,6 months.
        or you can also cancel the subs after receiving your first order.

    • +1

      WheRe’s tHe BaRGaiN?

  • Thanks OP.

  • first date delivery available 27th..oof..

    • I bought a couple of packs this morning and delivery said 21-27 Jan. Didn't post as a bargain because it isn't.

      • +2

        2 days ago was $63 so I very welcome this post despite being usual price

    • +1

      My delivery is 24th (BNE) guess it varies with region.

      • +1

        im metro bne and it had 27th, though it's to a business address in an industrial estate, might have different allocation of drivers.

        • Most likely different carriers, I've been getting most of my Amazon deliveries via dragonfly shipping for the past few months now and they've been on point, frequent updates and emailed pics once dropped off at my property.

    • +1

      Better cork it mate

  • Thanks OP, managed to grab some for family that are running low.

  • Just in time.. We have 2 left

    • 2 cartons? haha

      • I wish!! I had to get some help from friends as none of the supermarkets around us has any stock of it. This is a great timing!

  • Thaks OP! Bought.

  • will they bundle RATs with the purchase?

    • not sure why people aren't quick enough to get these.

  • I returned a box to Costco because some rolls were damaged, little did I know we’re back to TP hoarding again. The cashier looked puzzled as I insisted on the return. Joke’s on me I should have checked they had alternative boxes in stock 🥲

    • +2

      My local has a sign out the front no toilet paper or rapid tests available.. had it for a few weeks too!

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