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Dell XPS 8950 Desktop with 12th Gen Core i9-12900K, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, RTX 3080 LHR GPU $3149 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Better parts than the Alienware deal except 3080 is not TI. Cheaper by $1250. For those asking I asked Dell: "I see that this desktop got Advanced CPU air cooling"

Original Coupon Deal

Credits to bigmicka:

Why wouldn't you buy this instead.
Better CPU
more ram
larger SSD.
Only thing is the 3080 is non Ti.

12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-12900K processor (16-Core, 30MB Cache, 3.2GHz to 5.2GHz )
Operating System
Windows 11 Home, English
Video Card
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB (LHR)
32GB DDR5, 2x 16GB, at 4400MHz
Hard Drive
1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
1Y Premium Support and Onsite Service
Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 1675 (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.2
Security Software
McAfee® LiveSafe™ 12 month Subscription
Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) + Wired Mouse MS116

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  • +1

    Take this line out of the description, it may confuse people.

    With PLUSJAN5 it comes out at AU $3,739.44

    • I have, thanks mate

  • +3

    Here is a teardown of the model, only difference is video is 3090.


    • +2

      120mm aio on 12900k lol

      • +1

        Yeah that's the only thing I can fault for this price. I actually bought one this morning. I will probably replace that with a D15.

        • Maybe D15's heat fin is too big for the case?

        • +2

          The mounting is proprietary, a d15 will not work.

          If i was buying this i would replace the case and motherboard.

          • @garetz: Yeah it was the same for the 8940 but there are many ways to get around it. Requires a few screws and a heatsink that can fit the case.

            You can also get Dell's own premium air cooler which is decent.

          • -3

            @garetz: may as well buy something else.

          • @garetz: Power supply might not be ATX either?

        • CoolerMaster TX3 bolts on the existing mounts on this case

          • @giordan0: Thanks mate. I just saw that in the Dell forums. Hopefully it comes with the Dell premium air cooler so I don't have to change anything.

      • +2

        Yeah I was hoping the video above showed thermals but the guy didn't even have time to open core temp apparently :p

    • only difference is video is 3090.

      The one in the video also has the optional liquid cooler. (upgrade option currently unavailable due to global part shortage)

      • I think the air cooler would do a better job. The AIO won't be good enough for this processor.

    • I guess you didn't watch the video. There are lots of differences apart from liquid cooling and the 3090. Like double the memory and double the storage.

  • +1

    Not bad for a dell prebuilt

  • Now this is a good deal.

  • I can't find anything about cooling so the CPU is air cooled?
    The Alienware has liquid cooling

    • It is liquid cooled.

      Correction: Well the eBay listing has an image of a liquid cooled system.

      • It doesn't say liquid cooled in the technical specs so there's a chance it's air cooled. I would prefer the air cooler over the 120mm AIO. Also, in the video on the Dell website it shows air cooler.

      • I'd really like confirmation on this if anyone can find it. In this day and age I would expect it to be specified, since liquid systems are about $100 extra

        • The image is definitely liquid cooled if you scroll on eBay

        • Contact Dell directly. They will confirm or provide you an option to upgrade to liquid cooling.

          When I ordered my pre built Dell in 2017 the picture showed an AiO but was actually not included (I knew this already though, just noting for you so you don't rely on pictures).

          Rely on the description. An AiO inclusion is something to "brag" about, if they were including it in the base model they would clearly advertise it and write it.

  • +1

    This is such a sleeper, no one would suspect this PC has these specs woahh

    • +10

      Hidden Wifi, Crouching Computer

  • Hi All - I want to learn more about Gaming Desktops (or better laptops) which can provide 4k gaming, ray tracing, high framerate support, and can play games at ultra settings. Any place to start? TIA

    • +3

      Ozbargain comments section on any PC deal
      PC enthusiasts group Facebook

    • Good if your house gets robbed alot, chance thief will leave it alone

      • if this was a thing i would either move somewhere else or invest in security

      • +1

        Good if your house gets robbed alot

        Where do you live, Compton?

      • Idk, with every desktop tower potentially hiding a gold mine…

    • +2

      See Paul's Hardware videos on YouTube. He does a good job.

    • +1

      4k ray tracing is hard as (profanity) to run, especially not at high framerates above 100 fps. you're looking at a 3090/ti for that

    • Thanks, fellas!

  • -2

    Are you able to remove the GPU from this PC? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, but thought I'd check.

    • Yes

    • Yes. You should be able to reuse everything easily in another system but the PSU and probably the motherboard. Not sure the motherboard would fit standard cases.

    • Absolutely, however its worth mentioning you should double check prices and everything, 6-12 months ago it would make sense to buy this for the gpu but the prices have come down a fair bit since then, you'll probably find you are paying the same if not more by doing this as opposed to just buying a GPU outright and getting a proper board partner with adequate cooling, as dell often skimps on cooling with these.

      • I think purchasing this and swapping to a new board would be pretty value, especially if you had an existing PSU/cooler/case to use with it.

        • Assuming the case will fit a standard motherboard, wouldn't be the first time dell has done something funky with the motherboard design.

  • The CPU cooling is the thing that needs to worry

  • +1

    ETA 1st of March…

  • This price is amazing - Just built the same system on PC Part picker and it came out at around $4700. DDR5 With 4400 Mega transfers isn't common? A bit weird as I thought the lowest speeds for DDR5 is 4800mhz

  • Good find. Especially with the 12900K and 2x16GB single rank DDR5.

  • Anyone recommend getting the extended warranty?

    • If you intend to use the computer for the full period it's worth it.

  • 12900 is too hot and power hungry for me. Any builds with just 12600 or 12700 instead?

    • +1

      12700 build with 6700xt https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393873975169

      • Not bad at all, though would want a more powerful GPU.

        • -2

          6700xt actually not bad

          Performance of 3080 will in this chase is likely to be throttled (yes will still be bettter than 6700xt)

          • @Mouse123: I know, currently have the old GTX 1070, but aiming for at least 6800XT or 3080 as an upgrade but we all know the current GPU market, like a poo sandwich market.

  • Damn this is giving me a Dell 9020 Vib!

  • This or this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393873975169
    $600 different

    • Depends on your budget both are good deals

    • -1

      This one as the i9 is $300 more than the 12700k and the 3080 has twice the performance of a 6700xt.

      • +5

        I love your excitement but the 3080 is about 25-30% faster than the 6700xt.

      • 3080 is not twice the performance

        And you have to consider thermal limitation for this case

  • Is it gojng to be cheaper if go custom build? With better motherboard and cooling?

    • $3000 for the 3080 and 12900k by themselves so no

    • Cheaper? No, but you can pick actually good case, motherboard and cooler instead of whatever crap Dell uses

  • +1

    I was HODLing for so long, eventually payed off. Last time they had the sale, they listed the new XPS models a few hours before the sale ended. Back then they only had the 6700xt version of this which came to $3000 after the discount. Yesterday evening they removed that one and replaced it with the 3080.
    I got the 3 year extended warranty which is $105. Considering that the cheapest 3080 lately was $1800, you get the rest of the parts for $1200. Great deal, probably one of the best ever posted on a prebuilt system.

    • +1

      How do you request the 3Y extended warranty for $105?

      • Call Dell once you receive your system or extend it on their website (it's been a while since I've done it so not sure if this possible anymore).

        • They say you need to do it in the same transaction. I messaged Dell on ebay, requesting extended warranty

      • You message them on eBay, they will create a custom listing with warranty for you

  • -1

    3080 won't last a week in this steel box.

  • I see that this desktop got Advanced CPU air cooling

  • +1

    3080 would probably be fine, but the 12900K really needs a 360mm AIO

    • A decent air cooler will be fine. There's hardly any difference between 240-280mm and 360mm AIOs.

      • Saw a YouTube comparison of various sizes of AIO coolers for a 12900 CPU, the 240mm failed when the 12900 is under full load, even the 360mm also failed (as in thermal throttle), while 280mm and 420mm can deal with the extreme heat.

        • I don't know about those results. The difference between the 280mm and 360mm is not great but the 360mm does win out. If it failed and the 280mm passed there's something wrong with that test setup.

          • @DreaminBargains: the 360mm only just manages to not thermal throttle, where anything below does

            • @cille745: The reason this CPU behaves like that is because Intel has removed the limitation on this chip. Normally a CPU will run its full capacity for about 90 seconds and then fall back. It's a burst of performance rather than sustained performance but in this CPU that limitation has been removed so it will almost always thermal throttle and fall back to a lower speed given that change. How quickly it happens depends on the cooling.

  • Thanks op - pulled the trigger.

  • Is the power supply only 750w? That seems pretty low for these components

    • The 3080Ti Alienware build has the same PSU, it is enough

  • anyone else getting 'This code can't be applied to your order.'?

    • if anyone else is having this issue - logging out of my account and doing it as guest allowed the code to be accepted. weird.

  • None left. Sold out!

  • Would it have been cheaper to get this and replace with a new motherboard, case, psu, cooler than building one from scratch?

    • But why would you do all that? It may need a better CPU cooler if it comes with AIO but otherwise it's a capable system.

      • +1

        The case looks ugly lol, I wanna replace it with the Lian Li o11, maybe add some rgb vomit too.

        • Lol yeah most people will find it very understated. You will most likely have to get another motherboard and PSU but everything else should be usable.

  • Damn I missed it :(

  • So strange, this is a new model and Dell only got 35 in stock and sold out already?

    • +1

      or they listed the wrong price?

    • They had 100 listed initially, but they reduced the quantity available after they saw how well it was selling at this price.

      • Yeah very disappointing.

        I was online and it said more than 10 remaining. Then it went to sold out without them selling 10….

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