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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB $719 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


It's last year's model and 4g. Not the best price ever, but I needed a phone urgently and this seemed good price point.

Edit: My bad it was a lazy post. As some of you pointed out OW and HN have a better price for this. I'll take my L, hand over my Ozbargain card and go.

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    This phone is cheaper at Officeworks

    Also the A52s 5G may be a more appealing phone for some, having most of the feature set this phone has with slightly worse performance but likely much better battery life and one more year of OS updates for cheaper ($518 at OW). I own one and thoroughly enjoy it.

    • How do you buy the A52s 5G for $518 at Officeworks? I checked the site and it's selling for $600+

      • At the time of commenting it was $518 but the price has gone back up to RRP.
        During black Friday sales last year the phone was $497 @ JB, and i purchased mine using 5% off JB cards to take it down further.

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    I don't follow Samsung, so I don't know if the 2021 version is different to other versions, but Officeworks have the S20 FE for $698.

  • Geez they're holding their value (well price).
    My better half bought the 5g model a year ago & paid $750

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    Officeworks and HN has S20 FE for $698.. sorry OP, no deal here :(

    • I got 5G version for $700 a year ago, definitely no deal

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    Has been cheaper on Telstra days (even the 5G version) and Samsung education store or trade in offers if you have another Samsung device. Not much of a deal here

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    Op, just because you urgently need a phone, doesn't make it a deal/bargain. Yes, it's $80 off RRP, still not a deal.

  • :D

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    I scored the 5g a couple of months ago from the Samsung education store for 534, I think a much better deal

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    Just Bought the SydneyMobile ( eBay) refurb version of Samsung S20 5G with eBay 20% discount = $566 super happy about the quality and price

  • Thanks op for posting. I'm happy with my Flip3 from the Samsung bonus program.

  • S21FE is $799.20 on telco EPP

  • Is this the Hybrid Dual SIM version ?

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    Not even close to a bargain

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