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Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan Turkish Lira ₺50.14 Per Month (~A$5.19/Month) @ Adobe (VPN Not Required)


Was comparing different regional pricing this morning and found that the previous low price region (Russia) has become second cheapest at ~AU $10 per month. Turkey is now by far (50%) the cheapest. This compares to A$14.29 if you buy from the Australian region.

Ouch for the people of Turkey to take a huge hit to their currency, lost like 90% of the value in a decade. Value almost halved from same time last year. Ouch ouch ouch.

VPN is NOT required. Link is already for Turkish region. Alternatively, go to www.adobe.com, accept whatever region you land at, then switch region by clicking on the "Switch Region" button on the bottom left of the web page. Proceed to purchase from this point on, the same way you would from Australian region.

From my experience you need to register a new account for that to work, otherwise the buying process automatically jumps back to your previous region. If you use Gmail you can use the [email protected] trick.

No Turkish address or credit card required. My credit card (Commonwealth) was previously used to purchase from a different region and it worked without an issue.

With a bit of help from Google Translate the purchase process is very simple. Basically the same as the Australian region.

After buying, you have the option to switch language back to English by clicking on the same Switch Region button.

Enjoy! My Turkish friends!

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  • Would this apply to the full suite as well?

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      Do you mean this plan?


      If so, that's ₺125.08 per month for the first year. That's A$12.95.

      Note that it says "student" so you may not able to get this price. But either way the full plan should be significantly cheaper than Australian price. Give it a go and let us know??

      • Also interested in this.

        • +1 interested

      • what are the requirements for student pricing? does it need edu email? and do they actually verify if your a student?
        does it have family plan or "account sharing"? i think i may have read somewhere up to 5 users?

        • +6

          No .edu verification.
          It does ask for the educational institution, I just entered Cankaya University.

          I have a few devices so I looked into that, not account sharing, but I found this:

          You can install your app on two or more computers.

          STAY SIGNED IN ON 2
          You can remain signed in to the app on up to two computers.

          USE ON 1
          You can use your app on only one computer at a time.

          • +1

            @DeepHorizon: Thanks a lot mate! @DeepHorizon

            Just cancelled my current plan and subscribed to this one! A huge saving (A$13/month) compared to A$44/month (after my previous student plan expired after one year). Worked well by paying with my debit card.

      • From AU site CC pricing listed

        Students and teachers
        A$21.99/mo incl. GST

      • would turkey still have the cheapest student rate for creative cloud compared to other countries?

        • I checked a few random low income countries but this deal is the best I've found.

      • +1

        Did this. Used an edu email address, my Mastercard Debit deducted $11.58. Good times.

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    Been using this for a few months now - works well.

  • +3

    I quit Adobe photography plan a while ago, after using it for many years (since the day of standalone Lightroom!!, now using darktable and Capture One Express (for Fujifilm).

    • Yeah I know what you mean. $14.29 a month is a bit too expensive, but having Lightroom and Photoshop is really convenient, so I had my pauses but could never quit.

      $5 a month is a steal though :) Wish I can purchase 10 years' worth in advance……..

    • +1

      hm, I've been looking at alternatives to Lightroom (Classic). I'll look into Darktable. are there any things you miss from Lightroom? I'm guessing you can't open LR databases… 🙃

      • +1

        That's a major downside, but it's not just that.

        Alternatives tend to be quite expensive, and although some of them appear more powerful than LR on the surface, they don't compare to Photoshop, which is included in Adobe Photography plan.

        I was looking for alternatives too but could never justify the one time purchase cost.

        • +3

          I'm currently using the Affinity suite instead of some of the Adobe programs, so I'm not too fussed about Photoshop at the moment.

          Have you used any LR alternatives?

          • @dubfonik: Nope, could never justify the price they charge. Even at A$14 a month for the Adobe plan, the alternatives don't appear attractive enough for me………

          • @dubfonik: I tried Darktable on W10 but it crashed every time trying to read my AR7IVa RAW files (worked on my old Nikon RAW files) I have been meaning to come back to it in the hope they have fixed the problem but I am doing the Linux thing at the moment, so I might have a go with Darktable there instead :

        • +1

          I've used PS since version version 4 back in the 90's at Uni, I never use it anymore it's a joke, there are so many more options in 2022
          Some people don't go out of their little shoe box to see better options. And own the software not just rent it.

          Lightroom<Capture One, Darktable(free)

          • @Forth: I'm still under the impression that PS is still among the best. Can you recommend an alternative?

            In any case, "owning the software" is only technically true, doesn't necessarily benefit you practically. A "perpetual" licence is only as good as your tolerance to old software.

            At least in my case I found that many LR alternatives tend to cost at least a couple years' worth of LR subscription (at a price of $14 a month), hence they're not viable for me.

            Darktable sounds good. I'll give it a go.

      • +1

        DT can’t open LR catalogue, Capture One Express for Fujifilm is quite good (free). DT is not as user friendly but quite powerful. I am a casual user so not justified to pay $15 LR (I never use PS).

    • Capture One is awesome have been using it for years, I have full version buy once own forever.

    • I am also a C1 Express user but it sucks that they have increasingly taken features off over the years. And their bad repute with not supporting your purchase with even one major update is a negative to buy the full version. I use darktable too, though never got the hang of it. IMHO, its too powerful and needs a thorough knowledge of science rather than art, of photography) ! Must say nothing beats C1 for quick edits.

      • +1

        I use C1E for most of my photo editing as it is very quick but it doesn’t allow local adjustments (the free version), for that I use DT for the few photos that I need fine tuning. The denoise module in DT is fantastic (better than any software I ever use before!!!)

        • Thanks for the tip, will try their denoise tool and will probably go the same path as you. Bought a XP pen graphic tablet a while ago to do photo edits, still sitting gathering dust :(

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    Does this plan allow you to use Lightroom premium on smartphones?

    • +3

      Signed in on my iPad and it worked.

      • Been thinking about signing up on my phone just for Lightroom mobile and this works out better. Thanks for giving that a go

  • -3

    Turkish Lira

    It's surprising that people are still hodl and using the Lira.

    It's nearing its end of life.

    • +9

      What are they supposed to do? It's the official currency of Turkey.

      • -9

        They can stop devaluing the Lira and peg it to a hard asset that can't be inflated.

        • +28

          Love it when crypto enthusiasts are suddenly economics majors.

          • -9

            @NoGiveJustTake: It doesn't take a brofessor to read that the Lira is in a death spiral.

            Turkey is going its own way on inflation. The lira is crashing
            By Julia Horowitz, Isil Sariyuce and Jomana Karadsheh, CNN Business

            Updated 1746 GMT (0146 HKT) November 24, 2021

            The lira stabilized on Wednesday but suffered a huge fall against the US dollar on Tuesday. The lira fell more than 15% against the dollar at one point. The Turkish currency has lost 40% of its value this year.

        • +9

          To peg a currency that has little value, the Turkish central bank must commit to buying Turkish Lira and selling Euros/USD in unlimited amounts, as needed to maintain its value.

          To get the money needed, the central bank will issue 10 year bonds. As the currency is worth little, those bonds will need to have very high rates of return to attract any buyers.

          The country will maintain the value of it's currency but national debt will rapidly increase, until they can no longer sell bonds at any price. If faith doesn't return to the currency at this point they will find themselves trapped in a corner, unable to issue bonds AND their currency is worthless.

          At this stage they either start selling national infrastructure while barter economy becomes the major form of trade, or the population revolts.

          • @Shacktool: I loved that entire post.

          • @Shacktool: Given they were replying to every response within 10 minutes previously, probably safe to say he's packed up. TKO.

          • -2

            @Shacktool: I'm still waiting for news from a meeting that just took place that may shed light on what Turkey will do to dig itself out of the 💩 pit they're in now.

            • @rektrading: They've already pegged the interest rates for saving accounts to USD, but as others mentioned, that was merely a populist move, not a solution.

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  • +1

    If I've already got an Lightroom subscription, can I switch to this and keep the uploaded library? Or would I have to download the library, make a new account, then reupload everything?

  • +1

    I only need Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Reader, which subscription should I sign up? Thanks.

    • Adobe Reader or Acrobat? Reader is free.

      If you need Acrobat as well you would need the full suite.

      • Then, I just need Photoshop and Illustrator. I am thinking to subscribe or buy the old version of 2018 which one time off payment

        • +1

          There's no package for PS and AI or discount for just the 2.

          Unfortunately, you have to buy "Creative Cloud All Apps".

          Here's a tip: You can buy the 1st year student plan with a non-edu email address and adobe doesn't check if you're a student. When your 1 year is up, cancel you account and sign up to the student discount for 1 year again with another account. Keep going until you die.

          Unfortunately, I need Adobe Portfolio because my graphic design portfolio is there and if I cancel, my adobe portfolio will go as well.

          • @hasher22: Hi,

            Thank you, I just purchased the Creative Cloud, it is 125.00 Turkish Lire = 12.946531 AUD / month, is this correct?

            • @T-man: Sounds like it.

              That's really cheap cause student per month in AUD is 22.50 I believe per month.

              • @hasher22: Sounds good, thank you for your help.

          • @hasher22: If im in my last year of uni, can i sign up to the student plan and keeep that student account on going till the next few years (even though my student edu email expires in a few months time)? just wondering if they will keep verifying the edu email year after year?

            • +1

              @khoed792: Two scenarios:

              1 - Yes, you can sign up for the student discount with your edu email and you will still get the 1 year student discount. The only downfall is that you won't get notifications to your edu email since it's expired after 1 month. After 1 year, the student discount will go and Adobe will NOT continue the student discount unless you have proof like a transcript from uni, you're still at uni and your edu email address is still valid.

              2 - I don't store files on the adobe cloud, so I canceled my current Adobe account with an edu address and just signed up to a new student account with a non-edu email address. Then when that Adobe student account discount expired, I cancelled that account and signed up again with another non-edu address…..
              2a - If you store files in the adobe cloud or created an Adobe portfolio or paid for any stock items and you cancel your account, you may lose all your cloud, portfolio and licenses.

      • I am looking for ONLY Adobe Acrobat! Do I have to opt for the full suite for that?
        Any idea?

        • -1

          No. Adobe acrobat is free. Google it and download it.

          • +1

            @hasher22: No - Adobe reader is free but Adobe Acrobat is not free.

            • @Aimanu: Yeah Nah, the official names of it are;

              Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
              Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

              Both still have "acrobat" in the name.

              • @hasher22: In brief, I am basically looking for a PDF editor.
                So curious if there is any deal for Adobe's PDF editor.
                I can't find any other deals from other players either.

  • Seriously how cheap must it be to live in Turkey legit

    • +15

      It won't be cheap if you work in Turkey and get paid in Lira.

    • +6

      as a foreigner yes, not for locals

    • Yeah, but the minimum wage is around 4,000 TL, or approximately 400 AUD. Go figure.

      • Yeah, unfortunately it is monthly as well

  • +12

    Thank you.
    I went the annual for $63

    Comes up as Adobe Dublin so we're not exactly doing anything worse than they are with their Ireland gig.

    Changed logins on my phone app and it works a treat.

    • Love it!

      Imagine the conversation when they find you out.

      “Oh ok, thank you sir, carry on”.

  • thanks for sharing op! would there happen to be a plan for lightroom? I suspect it would be the same price if so

  • +1

    I'm into photography big time (but not as a professional) and I'm well aware of the advantages of industry standard and constantly adding features, but I use GIMP because to me it's worth losing out on features not to be under the control and constantly paying a company I don't want to support.

    • +1

      I agree. I paid for Adobe suite for years. the moment I stopped paying, means I cannot open any files. Everything I did with Adobe programs is essentially useless unless I open another subscription with them.

      I've moved to Affinity for the programs they offer, and looking to fill the gaps with the rest.

    • +5

      You might be happier with Photopea.com

      • Love that app. Just needs some wrapper for the desktop so it could load and save better, Ill make something for myself soon.

    • +1

      Gimp is so bad. I have to use it for a client and it's the most clunkiest software ever. So not interface user friendly either.

      I rather have clients use canva

      • -1

        Photoshop is NOT user friendly at all either. You're just more use to it so it "feels" normal to do things the way Photoshop does.

        Features are lighter on GIMP and not as refined but user interface is about the same as Photoshop as far as I'm concerned.

        • hehehe, theres always one.

  • Thanks OP, worked didnt even have to create a new account i just clicked through

    • Did you have a previous plan and cancelled it?

      • no i didnt have a plan

        • +2

          That's why…….if you had a previous plan (and even if it's cancelled) it would jump back to AUD, or whatever currency the previous plan was…….

  • Is this the cheapest way to get LR for mobile?

  • Trying to cancel my current subscription. Adobe is asking for early cancellation fee. Is there a way to avoid this?

    • +27
      • Start the cancellation process for your current license
      • When offered a discount or to switch to another plan, choose the cheapest new plan
      • Once your membership is updated, start the cancellation process again immediately
      • The cancellation fee is now $0.

      Saw this on a forum.

      • +3

        Worked. Thanks

        • +1

          Give BB a +1 surely then!

  • +1

    I would buy if I didn't get creative cloud free from school 😂

  • when I enter my credit card details, if leave the country as Turkey I get this reply

    "Billing information is incorrect
    Your transaction cannot be confirmed at this time.

    Order errors; Payment information or billing address errors or incorrect e-mail address can occur for a variety of reasons. If you have verified your information and are still unable to place your order, contact Customer Service and place an order by phone. Call +44 203 0277 764"

    if I change the country in the CC details to Australia the price changes to Australian pricing ….

    any ideas?

    Thanks :)

  • I created a new account as advised here, put my CC details in… the account took the details, setup the plan and immediately locked me out of the account. It says I have to contact Customer Support… That'll be fun.

    • +1

      Ok, so after 5 minutes I could open my account via the order confirmation email links. Now that i've done that it seems to let me in if anyone has the same issue.

      • Did you put Turkey or Australia as the country in the credit card info?

        • I had to leave it as Turkey as it changed the pricing if I put Australia

      • At the account Creation Page, I can't get past the enter password section.
        I enter the 6 digit verification number sent to my email.
        Populate the name field etc.
        Then it automatically fails and you get an error when I enter the 8th character of the password, anyone else having this problem?

        • +1

          Yes, this kept happening to me. Eventually you will probably lock out.
          I waited about 5 minutes after getting locked out, opened the account via the link in the 'Welcome' email. It then asked me to enter a password and it worked fine.
          If that doesnt work then try incognito mode.

        • +1

          Update: I had to make sure Google Translate was turned off, when creating the password. This was causing the error.

    • Did you put Turkey or Australia as the country in the credit card info?

  • I tried a new email (gmail) …. thought I'd try Paypal but there's no option on a new account for Turkey. I could change my Australian account to Paypal but that's of no help here

  • +1

    Worked it out. If you use auto-fill credit card via google then it rejects the card. If you manually put it in then its all good :)

    • Did you put Turkey or Australia as the country in the credit card info?

      • Turkey …. I didn't think it would accept it but it did :)

  • If I've already got a Lightroom subscription, can I switch to this and keep the uploaded library? Or would I have to download the library, make a new account, then reupload everything?

    • Would the “If you use Gmail you can use the [email protected] trick” work for this case? I’m wondering as well.

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