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Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan Turkish Lira ₺50.14 Per Month (~A$5.19/Month) @ Adobe (VPN Not Required)


Was comparing different regional pricing this morning and found that the previous low price region (Russia) has become second cheapest at ~AU $10 per month. Turkey is now by far (50%) the cheapest. This compares to A$14.29 if you buy from the Australian region.

Ouch for the people of Turkey to take a huge hit to their currency, lost like 90% of the value in a decade. Value almost halved from same time last year. Ouch ouch ouch.

VPN is NOT required. Link is already for Turkish region. Alternatively, go to www.adobe.com, accept whatever region you land at, then switch region by clicking on the "Switch Region" button on the bottom left of the web page. Proceed to purchase from this point on, the same way you would from Australian region.

From my experience you need to register a new account for that to work, otherwise the buying process automatically jumps back to your previous region. If you use Gmail you can use the [email protected] trick.

No Turkish address or credit card required. My credit card (Commonwealth) was previously used to purchase from a different region and it worked without an issue.

With a bit of help from Google Translate the purchase process is very simple. Basically the same as the Australian region.

After buying, you have the option to switch language back to English by clicking on the same Switch Region button.

Enjoy! My Turkish friends!

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  • I wanted to buy Adobe Arobat DC it’s coming as AUD but everything is in Turkish. Even Adobe other products all in AUD. I changed the region. What am I doing wrong ?

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    "If you use Gmail you can use the [email protected] trick" - sorry but can you elaborate what this trick is meant for? (Genuine question)

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      Gmail lets you create alias addresses by adding "+" and then whatever you want at the end. When an email gets sent, Gmail only looks for anything before the "+" as the email address; anything after the "+" gets treated as a label.

      This means you if your email address is [email protected] you use [email protected], [email protected] You don't need to create/change any settings in Gmail, and all the emails to those two addresses go to [email protected]

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        I see thats pretty cool didnt know

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    Is there a similar low turkey pricing for yearly office 365 subscription as well?

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    • Yeah, I’m curious in general what other subscriptions one may want can be had cheaper this way. Digital games is another, curious what else might be out there.

      YouTube has the Argentina store for a cheap sub from memory.

    • I found an old article from office-watch that might help…

  • I have a pre existing subscription to this plan, would it be difficult for me to create a new account and migrate all my catalogs and presets over? I do use gmail for my adobe account so is that viable here?

    • Creating a new account is easy using Gmail.

      You don't need to migrate any catalogs or presets. What's saved on your PC is still there. The software is still aware of all your settings. When you open the software it still opens up the previously open catalog. You just use the software as usual.

      If you have stuff in the cloud they may have to be re-sync'd.

      • how to you re-rync all your photos with the new gmail account?

        • Do you have a local copy? If so, it shouldn't involve any additional work from you.

          If not, you'll probably need to download a local copy first. Give it a try, since you always have access to the old account, nothing is lost.

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            @Bad Company: It’s all good. I cancelled the old subscription and then waited for my refund and then signed up again using your link in the post. Seemed to have worked.

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    Thank you so much Bad Company. This is really valuable to me. Much appreciated.

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    Just wanted to say thanks. I'm a casual photography and this was getting really really expensive … wish had known this earlier.

    I've cancelled my existing subscription and hopefully will be able to log out of old account and log in with new one - don't have much on the cloud so it doesn't matter forme.

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    Thanks OP.

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    gold! thanks OP!

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    Just want to say that it works with my existing Adobe account (never had any subscription before, but created around 2012) and Revolut card.
    Steps that I took:
    1. Sign in with my existing Adobe account
    2. Went back to the homepage, change the region to Turkey
    3. Went to the deal page as provided by OP
    4. Followed the same steps, picked up the yearly plan and use the Turkey region in credit card details (As I changed it to Australia, it showed AU pricing)
    5. Payment declined by Revolut as a protection
    6. Inform them that it was me who did the transaction
    7. Redo steps 4-6 and done.

  • Creative "Cloub" hahaha.

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      Good catch haha, corrected

  • arent you still sick of exploiting underdeveloped countries? I have thought the world is going to be a better place with all these trendy political correctness and woke crew.

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      I dont get it, which country is getting exploited?

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