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Westinghouse 609L French Door Fridge (WQE6870BA) $2877 + $55 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi been searching for a new fridge and this Westinghouse with great reviews coming back $2877 @ JB

SmartSplit door design
Slide back and flip up shelves
Filtered ice and water dispenser

$3288 @ HN
$3488 @ GG
$3799 @ Bing
$4274 @ Appliance Online

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    Great price, but just a heads up that the JB's delivery service is absolutely budget grade. If there's even the slightest complication getting it into your place they will insist on leaving it outside. I'm assuming it's an insurance thing they've done to save a few bucks. Not sure if there's an option to upgrade for an extra fee but I would 100% do this if it's available.

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      installation as well. a few posts mentioned that they didn't want to drill the into the landry drain hole for a washing machine installation and 'it was the builder's responsibility'

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      Literally got a Fridge delivered today and the guy couldn't have been nicer. Admittedly there wasn't anything that complicated the order. Also there's no limit as to how many 10% off gift cards you can use in a single transaction. So you could knock off an extra $280ish off this price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/679042.

      • I'm looking at using the current 10% off $100 cards available at Woolworths - but there it says max if 10 may be used. Does anyone know if paying on the JB site really allows an unlimited number of $100 vouchers (i.e. 28).

        • To answer my own question: yes, you can use as many JB gift cards as you want, which works out particularly well if you negotiate a deal.

          I called up the store and negotiated $2849 (plus $55 delivery).

          I then went to a couple of Woolworths', bought $2900 worth of TCN 'Her' cards, set up a spreadsheet and started converting them to JB gift cards. Thus my total outlay (only $4 without any discount) was $2614 delivered.

          This was nuts, but I did want to see what was possible. I got lucky in finding a Woolworths that had put aside the $100 Her cards, because another customer had failed to check out with them (the lady was careful to ensure they all activated).

          So, there you go: if you have the time, paying $2614 is doable. I appreciated that the order (created by the salesperson and sent to my phone) kept track of all the cards I applied, regardless of which browser I used.

        • Hi, can you please share a link to 10% off $100 cards at Woolworths. I tried to find online but was not successful. Thanks

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    Have you considered Samsung SRF7300 or even SRF7500 at that price range.

    649L Minimalist design.

    Cheaper at the moment on EPP.

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      I ordered one back in November - still no ETA

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        Nice one. did you order it via EPP? they have a $200 off at the moment .

        • Yeah I did, cashed in the cash back too but still waiting

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      I've seen mixed reviews on Samsung fridges so haven't considered them. Was on EPP considering the frame TV for awhile though :)

      • Yeah I've seen mixed ones as well but for that model seemed generally positive - FYI the frame TV is also no ETA

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      DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG FRIDGE. I have had nothing but trouble and issues.

      • +3

        this, please please do not even buy a samsung fridge.

        • +1

          Truer words have never been spoken. My Samsung fridge is hot garbage.

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        Took your advice and cancelled my order (not that they had an ETA). Just bought an LG

        • Good man / cookie monster. Honestly they make great TVs and phones, but keeping things cool is a whole other matter.

  • Are most fridges this size the same measurements?

    I'm designing my kitchen, and have no idea on the measurement I should have. I can't look at fridges now, won't know what will be available in 12 months lol

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      Are most fridges this size the same measurements?


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      1800 x 950 should be safe for most large french door fridges with room for a bit of air circulation around it.

      • unless you like the mitsubishis, which I admit are pretty good

        • Beautiful fridges, I have the MRL630 so it fits in the 1800x950. It's awesome for a big family.

      • Thank you

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      Go 1850 height gap if you can

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    Have a look at them in store before you commit. I bought a fridge recently and on paper I wanted the Westinghouse, but I hated the way the crisper draws opened and closed. LG and Fisher and Paykel do it the draws better for the same money imo. That particular detail might not matter to you though.

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      Definitely don't buy a fridge before seeing it.

      It's too pricey and too cumbersome to replace. And I wouldn't trust description on websites (or consultants over phone, who just read those descriptions).

      You spend $2k-$3k, you get it delivered, unpacked and installed, and then if you don't like it, you're stuck with it for years.

      • I'll go look, I just mean I'm unsure what I'll be able to get at a good price in a year. Might be new models too! I'm unsure what I need, I'm just 1 person but I do like to meal prep! I don't want a tint fridge tho

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    Oh wow - what happened to Appliances Online's pricing - they used to be the cheapest by far……

    • Have to wait for their sales/deals.

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      Not any more, and they stopped price match

      • when did that happened?
        I don't care about the legendary service, I just want their price match guaranteed :)
        Looks like they are not into providing the cheapest pricing anymore.

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    $2799 on the good guys commercial.

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    I got this LG 664L French Door Fridge in first week of Jan 22 from Harvey Norman at sale price $2498. Quite happy with it. Lot of storage. However, this model does not have ice and water dispenser. Something to consider maybe?
    Normal price is $2999. It is still available for the sale price $2498 from Harvey Norman and other stores.


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      i was looking at this or the samsung. This model has been so hard to find out the shops at the moment.

      • Yeah weird they just got stock so I bought one too

  • @TheDuck2020 I've been looking for one as well. (might be good option)

    This one looks good (anyone owned this? want to share experience.)


    • I'm basically set on the LG range also (all are similar - just plumbed or not, instaview or not).
      Would love to hear real feedback on them.

    • If you want that one, $1766 on TGG commercial.

    • +1

      Reviews are critical of noise and particularly the ice maker which works throughout the day, otherwise it looks great (in person).

    • i want something plumbed as i've got it ready to connect.

  • I've read a lot of reviews of these types of fridges from many manufactures that seem to complain about the ice maker having issues with ice/frost accumulation inside the fridge making it impossible to have the ice come out or the frost causing drips and leaks. Can anyone confirm or share their experience?

    • No issues for us, we've had it since September. No problems with any of the above and runs smoothly!

  • Anyone knows the location of the water filter? Thanks

  • This or its bigger brother: Electrolux EHE6899BA? Need a good price on the latter though.

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    do you need a plumber or is it easy to plumb in?

    • We plumbed this ourselves and just needed an extra hose (fridge is far from the sink) and a splitter for the tap. All these items we purchased from Bunnings.

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    We've had this fridge since September and loveeeee it! Great water dispenser and ice maker, it hasn't missed a beat. Looks great too and very modern. I had reservations about the freezer being two doors as I was concerned it would be too narrow but it has been perfect and so much easier to organise our food. We've had heaps of compliments from guests too because it looks great in our kitchen.

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