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PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 XT Red Dragon 16GB Graphics Card $1649 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Saw it a couple days ago and no one posts it.

The performance is comparable with RTX 3080 without ray tracing and DLSS.

The card should run much cooler than RTX 3080 since it has 16G GDDR6.

Feb 12: Price dropped to $1649 from $1699.

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    It will run cooler because it has more RAM? I'm missing some inside ozb joke aren't I

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      Lol i had the exact same thought. I don't get it either.

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      I mean GDDR6. Nothing to do with 16G

    • +10

      Aren't the 3000 series on GDDR6X? I think that's what he means

      • -1

        They are, no clue wtf the OP is on about.

        • Power draw on the 6800XT is a little less than the 3080s combined with Tjmax on DDR6 vs DDR6x favouring the DDR6 so I'd be banking on running fractionally cooler.

      • X is for Xtra sizzle

  • I wait until the red devil variant drops to $1699 or the red dragon drops to $1649

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      If you are really willing to pay $1699 for red devil I wouldn't bother waiting. They perform almost identically.
      Personally I wouldn't pay this much for any GPU. (So I probably won't be upgrading for a quite a while)

    • Even the prices you mentioned are still expensive.

      • +1

        Welcome to 2022…

    • Pretty sure the red devil went down to 1699 during the Halloween sale last yr.

    • Price now dropped to $1649.

  • +2

    Too pricy

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    To be fair, it does have ray tracing, but while raster performance is 3080 level, ray tracing performance is more like 3070 or 3070Ti level

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    NGL I am so desparate for a GPU that even at this price I am tempted

    • +12

      you are almost at the finish line, a wall of gpus awaits you, stay strong friend

      • +7

        This is the way.

        • HODL the line!

      • +3

        the resolve gets a bit shakey when windows alerts that my gpu is running out of memory 😩

        • +2

          replace alert in mind with "a wall of GPUs are coming"

          not financial advice just memeing

          the crypto bros were lead to believe a wall of money was coming to pump their bags, wonder when that will arrive…

    • Worth Imho.

  • +3

    given the eth price drop 40%, this should be around 1200, I will wait a little more.

    • Just doesn't work that way.

  • +1

    $1300 or no dice

    • +1

      Yeah coins market been in blood bath already, hope to see this coming down more. I guess 16GB definitely can be future proof?

      • Blood bath? Etherium is still fetching more than double it was a few years back when it was at a profitable level for mining here in Oz.

        Still a long way to go before we can say mining has crashed and is no longer profitable, hence why we are not seeing any real bargains.

  • +6

    Wouldn't really consider this a great deal as this model has been $1649 last month https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670441.
    The red devil has also hit this same price point in October last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660063.
    From what I'm seeing in the second hand market, GPU prices are on the downtrend when compared to pricing throughout 2021 (even as late as November). The 3070 FHR going from $1800 to $1500 used in a matter of 2 months.
    I'd wait it out given the anticipated release of Intel Alchemist and NVIDIA Lovelace this year.

    • +1

      I'm on a really active PC forum with a trades section, someone couldn't sell a 3070 FHR for $1,400.

      There's been about a dozen 3080 FHR pop up, a couple of them sold for under $2k. I think people are reading the writing on the wall, sell it now or they could lose a lot more than they make in mining over the next few months.

  • +1

    I got this card for $1650 and i love it. It plays Warzone like a PIG, around 170fps, with the odd drop to 130fps at 1440p with 11400 CPU / 32GB RAM 3600mhz, with most textures/shaders/shadows on high. Its amazing. BUT, agree that with crypto crashing, i can see GPU prices in panic mode if declines continue. its very possible we see GPU prices sharply lower in Feb/March.

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    This card has been selling at this $1699 by PCCG for at least past month or even longer. It's a good price for a 6800XT but the price has not changed. PCCG seems to be the only seller here in Australia, so they can control the price as they want.

    • -3

      yeah, either you buy it or keep using your 1060. you cannot force retailer to sell 3080 at $800, its free country.

    • PowerColor and EVGA seem to be the only two AIBs that didn't implement ridiculous price gouging.

  • I'm not familiar with gpu"s these days, but $1699, is this like the top of the range offering from AMD?

    Seems to me that GPUs are crazy priced these days.

    • +1

      That's so easy to google that I'm not even gonna do it for you

    • +2

      not sure if this is bait or not, but there is a higher tier of graphics card $1k up from this price point for an extra 5-10% ish perf gains. The market is absolutely stupid at the moment mainly because these cards can be used for crypto mining.

      • not bait. I looked at the good-ol msy parts pdf. $3999 for the top of the range.

        If I wanted to get back into gaming, and needed to spend 1000's just to get a decent FPS, then screw that, I wont bother gaming, or just play older games.

        • Or XBox Series X?

    • anything under $2k is 'cheap'

    • there is a 6900 XT as well

  • -2

    The 6800XT isn't really on par with the 3080 where it matters. That would be 1440p and above. Not to mention that the lack of DLSS and proper Raytracing support is not exactly future-proof.

    • +4

      this is better and cheaper then original 3080s, only nvidia fan boys would claim otherwise, its got more muscle and performs better in 2k, not to mention it has 16gigs vs 10 that is already too little, for eg you cant even play far cry 6 with high textures on anything under 11
      on recent games have come with great rt to justify paying more for a 3080 - if they were the same price then sure, but its $200-300 cheaper then 3080 at the moment

      though has to be said that these price drops have come out of nowhere and they are fast, so something is up and I would wait a bit, maybe new gpus are due or the whole bitcoin finally hit a hurdle

      • -1

        Fair enough - the numbers that I’ve seen indicate otherwise though. Seems like the 6800XT excels at 1080p, but falls behind the 3080 in higher resolutions. But to be honest, I cannot justify the markup of either of these cards over the AMD GPU that comes in my PS5. Even a discounted 6800XT is more than twice what a PS5 costs.

        • well yeah you wont find better deals then consoles, pretty sure they are sold at a loss

    • +4

      The 6800xt beats the 3080 at 1440p and 4K.
      Note: https://static.techspot.com/articles-info/2146/bench/1440p.p... - and that was before it has improved even further with driver updates.
      Ray tracing is still so premature. No one is using it, and if they do, it makes no difference.
      DLSS is good, but FSR is gaining momentum quickly.
      I’d go the 6800xt. Mines 62mh/s at 125w

  • How is more ram will make the card run cooler. Is there something i miss here?

  • +4

    I've upgrade from a 3070ti to this and am happy with the upgrade. Much stronger performance, and run a lot more quiet and cooler. The DDR6 runs cooler than the DDR6X. Honestly, it has been $1699 since Christmas, not surprise if this is their new retail price.

    My opinion, if you're looking at 3070ti for around $1500 already, spend a little more and get a 6800xt. If you are comparing this to the 3080, then it's each to own opinion.

  • +1

    There is a reason why this card has been "on sale" for $1699 for over a month, the market has changed, prices are sticky, this is a fake sale.
    GPU mining is dead in the water with the massive ETH crash, miners aren't buying cards at stupid prices any longer, it'll take 2-4 weeks for retailers to have too much stock on shelves, then prices will have to be slashed. Anyone buying a GPU right now is going to sorely regret it before too long.

    • +2

      while it seems that way ppl have been saying this for 2 years now :)

      • +2

        People have been predicting a crypto crash for two years, now it has actually happened. ETH is down more than 50% from it's all time high, mining difficulty is incredibly high and energy prices are rising, thus miners are squeezed from all sides.

        • +1

          Energy prices being high is an Australian issue. They are cheaper in other countries, video cards are sold all over the world and video card prices are even higher in the US.

          Crypto has crashed many times in the last year and at times harder than this too but what changed in the end?

          Plus also like a previous poster mentioned, miners can hold until the next boom if they can afford it. It's not like the whole world floods the market at the same time with FHR 3080. I want a cheap 3080 too but need to keep expectations realistic. Not everyone will wait until 3080 is $1200 either and the demand will keep prices over a certain level.

          • +1

            @JL1: This. Even if miners stopped buying up the supply of new GPUs: I fully expect gamers to swoop in then, keeping prices up. These guys have been holding out for the last two years.

          • +1


            They are cheaper in other countries

            Australia's energy prices are actually falling, the rest of the world is seeing large increases, especially in Asia.

            Crypto has crashed many times in the last year and at times harder than this too but what changed in the end?

            It dropped around 30% in May and gpu prices reached their lowest price point since release in June. This crash is much bigger and definitely a bear market, before was more of a price correction.

            Plus also like a previous poster mentioned, miners can hold until the next boom if they can afford it.

            Technically possible, but miners are too short-sighted. They calculate ROIs based on profit for that day and dump cards when it's at or below breakeven. It is a risky proposition holding GPUs worth $100k+ that may drop in price by 30-40% and never recover value. So better to cash out early and buy back in later.

    • -1

      Crypto is here to stay for reasons that are entirely non-technical. It’s a safe haven over government controlled currencies. Not to mention that the semiconductor shortage hasn’t ended either, so that’s another reason to not share your optimistic outlook for gamers seeking to buy a new GPU.

      In the very best case, cryptocurrencies eventually all converge on PoS, pushing out the ones using PoW, which drives up GPU prices. I believe that this may happen, but we aren’t quite there yet. And until then: expect GPUs to remain expensive with some short-term relief in response to fluctuating prices of ETH.

  • +2

    Everyone that is saying prices will drop because crypto is dropping, I am sure have said the same thing last year. But there were multiple drops last year when things are lower than now and video cards did not drop price at all and went up more over the year.

    And nobody knows how crypto will go in the future
    could be 50% drop compared to now or even higher in a few months. If so sure why not short the market and make a lot of money and not complain about video card prices.

    Even if eth goes to POS when planned which will most likely be delayed, miners can always find other coins to mine even if it is not as profitable as mining eth. Mining eth is already a lot less profitable now but where is the big discount on video cards? Retailers just raise the price of everything and say it's the new normal now.

    • +1

      There will be some drops but in general terms everything is more expensive now and this trend will continue for the next few years (same as housing prices). The cost of RTX 40 series cards (and the AMD equivalent) will shock a lot of people when they arrive.

      • +1

        Yeah if anything I think it will release at current market prices of video cards. People need to understand it's not as simple as falling crypto prices, our video cards must be cheap soon. Interruptions to supply chains have probably made cost of things higher, so companies will increase price and blame it on supply chain.

        Look at cars, there has basically been no discounts at all since government covid stimulus and everything is a long wait along with price increases.

      • +1

        Yes. Not helping matters: Moores law is all but dead, with only two foundries (TSMC and Samsung) remaining that can even produce modern GPUs.

    • +3

      Companies such as Asus are now hooked on the $ they’ve gouged users, so won’t be in any hurry to reduce their pricing.

      How else could you explain a newly released, low-end POS being priced for $589?


  • +1

    Not sure about quality. I say this because I and many others had issues with Heat etc from the Red Devil 5700 XT, they just didn't focus enough on cooling. I just returned mine after 20 months. I had issues from the start but for over a year blamed drivers as sometimes it was good and other times bad. I had so many artefacts in the end I sent it back to Amazon for a full refund. Personally I am not going to buy a Powercolor card again, just one of those things.

  • Any thoughts on how good this is for Keyshot rendering?

  • Thanks

  • If anyone is looking for an alternate 6800 XT for the same price: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/asus-tuf-gaming-radeo...

    • The powercolor is now $1599. Guess they're preparing for 7000 series

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