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XCD Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones $17.97 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-store) @ JB Hi-Fi


They look similar to Sony 1000XM2. Haha.
Too good specs for the price. I have to say. JB Hifi reviews say people loved them.
The whole thing is too good to believe.

Bluetooth® Connectivity
Connect your mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth® v5.0 for crystal clear audio playback (within 10 metres).

Double Stitched Swivel Ear Cups
Double stitched earcups swivel to sit comfortably on your ears for hours.

Push to Talk Assistant
Access information quickly, easily with the push to talk assistant.

Adjustable Headband & Foldable Arms
A soft silicone-topped headband adjusts to fit your head comfortably, while the foldable arms reduce the size for easy storage.

Hands-Free Microphone
Built-in microphone lets you take calls on the go.

Built-in Li-ion Battery
These headphones feature a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery that will give you approximately 25 hours of playtime.

Key Features

Bluetooth Connectivity

Double Stitched Swivel Ear Cups

Push to Talk Assistant

Adjustable Headband & Foldable Arms

Hands-Free Microphone

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  • Do these have 3.5mm Jack and if so, does it come with 3.5mm cable?

    • I do see a 3.5mm jack, doesn't mention anywhere about it though or a cable. Weird.

    • +1

      Can confirm it comes with 3.5mm cable.

  • +1


    People on product reviews seem to all complain about the arm being easy to snap off after a few uses over few weeks… so buyers beware

    • -1

      All headphones snap. I recommended beyerdynamic lagoons and 1000xm3s to my friends. They snapped their headphones within few weeks to few months.
      For headphones this cheap I think they have to be careful when setting them fit the size of their head. Do it slowly, instead of dragging it along the sides of their face.

      • I found the band on these quite small/tight.
        Or maybe I just have a fat head.

  • +2

    $30 is already cheap but $18 is kind of ridiculous.

    I want to get a pair just to confirm for myself whether they're good or bad.

    • +1

      Why not try these as well because they look similar to Airpods

      Oh and these $4 earphones "Would recommend to anyone who is passionate about music" and a "Perfect Xmas present" 😂
      And I thought I was a tightass.

      • 4 hours playtime seems to be too less. Would prefer to have play time of 8+ hours with reasonable price

        • 4 hours? Its states up to 25 hours of playtime

          • @tarkine: Did you even read the comment above

            Btw @rajuvd it was mostly tongue in cheek because OP said the listed product said it looks like Sony 1000XM2

      • I'm still using the 2 pairs of cheap-o's I bought at Dick Smiths about 6-8 years ago (or whenever it was they folded up). Great sound & I still can't believe it. I think I paid $5.

        • Well considering they had heavy discounts due to liquidation they're probably worth a lot more and tbh the market is flooded with more generic brand landfill now than ever before

          Not saying these are or aren't specifically but things aren't built to last anymore

  • Is the charging port micro-USB or Type-C?

  • Thanks. Worth a go at this price. Ordered for free C&C.

  • Ugh I just got my $39 Plantronics from last Mondays deal

  • +7

    5 minute ownership review.

    70% charged out of box.

    Bluetooth connection was super easy.

    Sound is fine….tries really hard to be bassy but can't do it.

    Also comes with 3.5mm cable.

    Comfortable my XXL size head.

    Got sweaty real quickly but it's closed and Summer.

    Voice prompt has Australian accent.

    Vocals sound good but instruments are poor.

  • Grabbed a pair just in case it turned out to be a gem. The short answer is, it's probably worth the money, but nothing overly exciting.

    The fit is comfortable enough, and it's pretty light. Sound is serviceable, but it has quite an obvious muffled sound profile, like you're listening to something through a thin cloth, affecting both vocals and instrumentals. Any sort of crispness in your music will be lost.

    I've been looking to replace my trusty ol' Jabra Move which is on its last legs. I've tried things like the JBL Live 650BTNC which, in my opinion, isn't actually much better sounding than this unit (it's also got an irritating muffle, but more subtle, and at least it has bass)

    Meanwhile in the affordable earbuds department, I have the QCY T2C wireless earbuds and I absolutely love the clarity of sound it delivers. Maybe it's just exceptionally hard to find cheap headphones that sound good.

  • +1

    Using these as we speak. They're not bad for the price. Glad I got one. Tested a voice call, the sound is muffled but serviceable. Music quality is a 7 out of 10. The Aussie accent on the voice prompt is a refreshing change.

  • Caught a reflection of myself. Christ, these make my head look huge. They're about 5cm thick for each cup.

  • are these too big for 4 year olds?

    • pretty sure they will be huge. Also, these are not volume limited. Could be dangerous for their ears.

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