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Xiaomi Wellsmart Desk Misting Fan $20 Delivered @ Kogan


Seems like a good price on a small desk misting fan that is powered via USB and has a battery in it to be used without a power cord.

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  • Misting next to your electronics?

    • +1

      Have you ever used an ultrasonic humidifier? There's basically 0 risk as the vapor evaporates into the air faster than it can condense on a surface.

      • Nope, I got no idea. Just asking for general thoughts on having it next to your few thousand $$$ worth of equipment.

        • It uses an ultrasonic humidifier element to vaporise a very small amount of water into the air. There's no appreciable risk to electronics from the tiny increase in humidity unless you knock it over and spill water onto electronics, but a glass of water is easier to spill.

      • This isn't an ultrasonic humidifier though…

        • +1

          It is. That's how it mists. It's much cheaper to use a cheap humidifier element than an electronic pump into a spray nozzle and uses less electricity also.

    • +1

      This is an image of the misting in action


      • Looks like it's having a wee

  • How’s the mould factor?

    • +1

      Unless you have to worry about mould already or live in a really humid area, then 350ml of water every few hours into the air isn't going to make any difference to mould.

      I see you're located in Melbourne - the air is dry here most of the year and on days like today a misting fan would work really well.

  • Anyone know what the fan diameter is?
    Would be the perfect portable fan if it oscillated.

    • +2

      just measured the fan casing and thats 13cm diameter. Fan doesn't oscillate, but it can be aimed ~45 degrees from horizontal upwards

      • Thanks mate

  • With ultrasonic atomization technology, the combination of air mist and light wind gives a cool, spring experience at all times.

    I could use spring at all times.

    But seriously, has anyone got experience with this? I am interested.

    • +3

      I been using mine for the past year while WFH and do not have aircon in my study. I found it provides slightly better cooling effect than the fan alone.

      • Thanks. Bought one :-)

      • One of the reviews says it’s a ‘wet mist, not a dry mist’

        Does it actually wet you, like spurt water droplets? Or is it a nice fine mist? Thanks!

        • It's a cooling ultra fine mist, like all ultrasonic humidifiers.

        • +3

          To me its like the humidifiers you put in the room if you're familiar with them. If I put my finger over the misting hole, my finger gets wet, but if I just leave it and continue as normal at my desk I don't notice any water.

  • It was $14.99 a year ago….

    • Free delivery with 'postman' coupon code makes it cheaper now unless you have Kogan first.

    • I bought it from this deal.

  • +1

    I got one in a previous deal. Mostly happy but the unit can vibrate a bit which is kind of annoying.

  • Thx OP! Grabbed one… FOMO's a b!tch…

  • Yes, bought this cheaper before from Kogan. Good fan though.

  • Just got an email that before they could ship they have realized it was sold out. Anyone managed to get their order fulfilled. So gutted

  • Received mine.

    It's OK. Nothing to write home about. It's quite loud at the highest setting and the build quality while not bad, is not up to the better than normal standard I've had with past Xiaomi products.

    I think it's best for those who need it for the portability of it having it's own battery. If you already own a powerbank then I think maybe better off with just a USB powered fan. I wouldn't pay more than $20 including delivery for it considering a cheap ultrasonic humidifier and USB fan can be had for $20 all up.

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