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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 $509 + Free Insured Priority Express Shipping (OzBargain Only)


updated on 17/4
Samsung N7000 Mobile Phones $509 (Price with free shipping) for white color and blue just cost $9 more!
with SPECIAL OFFER Free insured priority express shipping (ozbargain only) - save 2% of the item cost as insurance and 20AUD extra for priority shipping!
Remember to use the coupon code to redeem free insured priority shipping! :)
No payment surcharge!

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  • +1

    Not too bad.

    But I prefer to buying it from topbuy as its price just 500 + 35 - 10 (plus 4% cashback from buckscoop or stardeal)


    • Topbuy reviews on whirlpool and product review are very bad to say the least, also Duty free Central seems to be their sister site, couple of whirlpool users have also linked them with Topbuy (same rep, same description for products, same chat outlook, same price for most items, 'price crash' offers for both website start and end at exactly the same time') - but they just dont want to accept it. One whirpool user bought from Duty Free Central and he got a confirmation email from '[email protected]' regarding the order.
      I personally wouldn't want to deal with them - that said, DWI also has lots of negative reviews too.

      One thing is common with all of them, do NOT expect good after sales service.

  • Nothing special, I believe you have had the same price for this phone since more than a week. So all this deal does, is give a code for priority shipping as opposed to free economy courier which takes only 1 or 2 days extra. Also the white version is $536.

    Your sister site - DWI had a better deal on the weekend - $515 for Blue and White version with free shipping.

    Match that deal and it would sound better OR Atleast give the White version for $522.

  • +2

    DWI charges surcharge but we don't :) so actually they are expensive than us.

    • I understand, but the price of white one needs to come down a bit and I'll buy it for my gf. I already bought one last month from you. Back then you had the same price for white and blue version. Come on you can do it exclusively for ozbargainers :-)

      • I saw pink Note in Singapore…

        • Yeah, that's the new colour recently brought out, hopefully it will help reduce the price of the white note.

      • Sorry we only have little stock for white so hard to do it for you. but for blue we have lots of them. may be next time :) thanks a lot. Hope you still enjoy the offer of insured priority shipping which saved you 30.44 in total indeed. :) have a nice day

  • Can anyone explain where these phones come from? As they are cheaper than HK grey prices in HK. That is before you factor in sim unlocks which cost HK$100, which of course also means your phone box is unsealed when you buy it.

  • what's the difference between N7000 and SGH-I717?

    • +1

      I717 is the US version that can do 'LTE' albeit US 4G (not really true 4G). It has a Snapdragon processor instead of the Exynos (1.4ghz) and thus is slower even though it's clocked at 1.5ghz.

      • cool thanks was thinking that the LTE version would be faster….

        • +1

          plus the US version doesn't have a physical HOME button which some people like while some dislike..

  • Hi rep, does it come with any warranty and whats included in the box ? does it include a AU adaptor for the charger ?

    • Hi there
      does it come with any warranty - yes 12 months warranty
      whats included in the box - Standard accessories are included: battery, charger, cables and user manual. For memory cards, though, you would need to buy those separately.
      does it include a AU adaptor for the charger - yes

      • cheers, order made.
        this is actually for a raffle we're running at work, is there a way to make the receipt generic so the winner would have less warranty hassles ?

      • +1

        Please be advised that eGlobaL will not cover any postage costs for returned products. These costs must be covered in full by the purchaser. For goods being returned to us please be aware that we do not claim any responsibility for goods damaged by any 3rd party or goods not received due to loss of package(s) by any 3rd party.

  • Hi rep, I have been trying to purchase two of the phones through your site for the last two days on three different PCs but every time it comes to putting in the code I get an error message;

    There is no such discount coupon.
    Please try again.

    This has become frustrating as I wish to purchase as soon as possible.
    I spoke to customer service on the chat line and they said that the site was down and to try later. This is now the third day in a row now where once every few hours I try to add the coupon code.

    Can you please help?

    Edit: Turns out that you can only buy one at a time for the code to go through. Is it posible to have this fixed so I don't have two seperate orders?

    • Sorry I believe you have to separate into 2 orders because the system won't allow apply on 2 products. But you can also remark the coupon there and ask us to manually edit for you.

      • two separate orders wouldn't work as it says - coupon code already used once.

  • Hi rep why are you posting so many locked phones claiming that they are unlocked. Please refer to my post here where others have had the same problem.


    And here is a second post (bottom of the page) where others are referring to the same problem. Please be consistent with your business practices and if you do want us to buy from you again atleast help us through the problem. When we contact the online service chat they just keep redirecting us and saying that the phones are unlocked. Please do something about it. I bought a second phone and that is LOCKED as well.


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