Can shopback/ebay refund unused ebay giftcard?

Hi, guys.

Basically bought 3150 worth of ebay gift card on shopback with the 3% cashback to buy an item. and only find out can only use 1500 on one transaction. first time purchase on ebay this way.

So pretty silly got $1650 left on the gift card. contacted shopback costumer service, no reply yet. And not sure if i'm gonna use all that money in 3 yrs. I do understand they are non refundable thing, but annoying that only find out the ebay gift card policy when tried to check out.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Refund from shopback or ebay? or can sell to someone?

Thanks in advance.

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    Look at the terms and conditions, pretty sure gift cards are non refundable.

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      I know… It's crazy. Cos didn't know the gift card limits till checking out…. Looking for some other ways to spend on eBay….

      • Spend it on medical supplies from chemist warehouse on eBay?

        • Good idea. Sad Coles pulled out. Otherwise won't be a much of problem ☺️

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          Just spend 60 on chemist warehouse. Haha. Another 1590 to go hahahaha

          • @yujin1984320: it's a good start :)

            Perhaps ask your family member, as chemist would be a regular visit to them

      • Spend on tv.

  • Advertise them in the Classifieds. You should get some of their value back.

    • If you've applied the gift card to your account you can't sell it for use in another account anymore.

      • So you can't sell the remaining of the balance?

        • If you've applied the balance to your eBay account, the balance can only be used by your account.

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    Have a think about your request and how unsustainable it is for a business. Say eBay refunds all GCs that are purchased for 5% discount for the same amount. They might as well take a 5% hit to revenue and huge flow on effect to profits.

    Now if they don't refund, there will be some customers who don't end up using their GC's to offset the 5% loss in revenue for those that do, etc.

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    but annoying that only find out the ebay gift card policy when tried to check out.

    No, you find it by typing "eBay gift card policy" into Google. The information was there, you didn't look, it is your fault that you have excess gift cards, and there are no refunds on gift cards.

    • Yep. Totally admits it's my fault by not looking at it prior. Never thought it will be a limit cos never buy anything from eBay that expensive— first time. Hahahaha

      • I can never understand why people will spend that much on gift cards to save 3%. If the item sells out before you buy, you are stuck with the gift cards. If the item fails, and you are given a refund, you'll get it in gift cards, and be stuck buying through eBay again. I'm sure there are many other reasons why it's a bad idea.

        Only time it really makes sense is if you are getting them to spend at Cole's/Woolworths for shopping, as it's always needed.

        • That's absolutely reasonable.have to think again next time. 👍
          Was like nearly $100 cashback. So went for it… Oh well…..

          • @yujin1984320: What you did sounds reasonable to me. If I could get 3% on a large purchase I'd try to do it.

            • @adam: Depending on what the item is, it's a lot easier to negotiate down the price at JB hi-fi etc.

  • Refund from shopback or ebay?

    No refunds…. Go shopping for 'other' things on ebay or sell them at a discount.

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    Gift cards are one thing that no retailer or business will give a refund on for change of mind.

    • I have gotten refunds from Amazon for gift cards that I hadn't used, when i bought a swap gift card that they let you specify the amount, but then when you go on the website, everything was preallocated amounts and I couldn't use the full balance. And an uber eats one (both unredeemed though)

      • Seems you got lucky with Amazon, as their return policy does not normally allow it.

        The other two (swap and uber eats) were not change of mind returns.

  • Big W are on ebay, you might be able to get some household items from there.

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