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pCloud Premium Plus 2TB Lifetime Cloud Storage US$245 (~A$350, 75% off)


Australia Day Sale 75% OFF, now USD245 for 2TB lifetime storage
Was USD350 (64% off) before that.

Received an email this morning at about 4am of this Australia Day Sale, got another email at about 9pm that this is the last day of the sales. Not sure what time this sale will end.

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    'lifetime' cloud storage is not sustainable.

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      Just as lifetime as google’s g suite free edition? :’(

      • Are you trying to suggest pcloud is the equivalent of google 15 years ago with the same potential or was that accidental?

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          I'd hazard a guess, but I think it's more referring to google holding g suite free users data for ransom (move to paid google workspaces or lose your data, email, etc).

  • And lifetime free storage on pixel phones..boooo!

    • Still is for those phone

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    Whose lifetime? Ant? Fly?

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    no way i would trust my files on this deal.

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    Omg for this price just buy apple iCloud or google, at least you will know they will be round forever

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      Yeah google never just squashes products


    • Why pay when one can get cloud storage for free

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    Who da fk is pcloud!!!

    • +1

      pCloid is quite a solid cloud storage provider. It's less shady then MEGA and you get a decent 10gb for space on a free account.

      • Actually is same as mega - somewhere in grey market :)

  • $350 for 2tb is the worst dollar per terabyte I have seen in a long time.

  • Degoo App 100gb free file storage

    Terrabox App 1024gb (1TB) free file storage

    Signup to multiple accounts and view multiple accounts including multiple accounts from same cloud company (i.e 5x onedrive cloud accounts) through one app called Cx File Explorer

    I probably have about 5 TB of free cloud storage and I spread duplicate of files (well important files/pictures/videos etc) over different cloud companies, just incase of mishaps or one closes down, and I never store sensitive files like passwords files in the cloud 👍😁

    • +1

      I'd trust those ones even less given they are free - even more unsustainable.

      • Why one should have numerous cloud companies incase one folds or has issues, basically I have the same backup of files with different cloud companies, same as having same backups on multiple hard drives incase one fails, anyway these are free cloud services so I'm not expecting the world and so far no issues the above cloud companies I've mentioned

        Check them both out, Degoo is my favourite has a very professional Android app with light advertising only when one enters the app, works as good as google drive and onedrive backing up my mobile photos etc, certainly not doggie at all

        Again I wouldn't put sensitive stuff into the cloud even with the big names like google drive and MS onedrive, that's why I have hard drives for that sort off stuff

        I guess everyone's different how they backup and store there digital stuff👍😁

  • I thought this is an ongoing thing. I never saw it for the full price. Maybe I got lucky, but whenever I check it is always for this (or similar) price.
    Saying that, I am using it for several years without any issue (around 5 years?)

    • Wondering how much you paid for this pcloud service?

  • As files get bigger over time, 2tb in 20 years time worth pretty much nothing.

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    Avoid “lifetime” clod storage. Just look back at zoolz.
    Not sustainable. Think first

  • +1

    I will certainly entrust 2TB of data to this "lifetime" deal. Sounds legit!

    Their website is loading at dial up speeds :).

    But I especially like this in their Privacy Policy:

    "We do not, have not and do not have any future plans to sell your personal information to third parties."

    So haven't done so yet, and no plans (as of yet)? Yeah, that's reassuring.

    No chance- not even if it was free.

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    Let's see… $350 for 'lifetime' 2TB storage with some shifty random off-brand company, or for 33 months 2TB storage with Google One (plus a bonus 10% credit back on Google Store purchases, etc)?

    Yeah.. no thank you.

  • +1

    I use the service, it has been great.
    Paid the PCloud fee and reverted my 8 year old paid Dropbox account to free.
    The app is regularly updated and just works well.

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    I found some reviews for this service:

    This USD245 deal is USD105 cheaper than the ongoing USD350 deal, and is probably offered only a few times a year.

    Its TOS defines lifetime as 99 years or duration of the account owner, whichever is shorter.

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    PCloud has been around for a while. It's not new.
    Yes, it has less chance of sticking around than Google.
    However, chances are it will still be around long enough for it to be a cheaper storage option (and then some).

    This goes for most lifetime cloud deals where they have been in business for a while.

    I signed up with another a while ago, don't expect it to be around forever but already made up the price. I use that one in a sync fashion as extra backup (think a large Dropbox), so I'm ok if it goes bust the next day.

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