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[VIC, NSW, QLD] 28 Pre Made Fresh Meal Bundle $195.72 Delivered @ Cooked Up


Pre Made Cooked Fresh Meals Only $6.99 each when you get the 28 Meal Bundle - Free Shipping [NSW], [VIC], [QLD]
Limited Offer Starts Today and Ends Tuesday 8 February 2022 Midnight.

Just Microwave for 2 Minutes - No Meal Prep Required
Get Hooked Up With Cooked Up

🌎A World of Flavours
😋 Big On Taste Big On Results

Meal Prep Food Delivery Online Store Specialising in:
💪Protein Muscle Meals
🎚 Weight Loss Meals
⚖Balanced Meals
🍅 Vegetarian & Vegan Range
🍪 Snacks - Protein Collagen Bars, Pies, Filos
🥑 Keto Meals
🍹Beverages Coming Soon ❗

Our meals are all fresh, never frozen
From Wholesaling to Retail - With fresh produce from local farms we are giving back and supporting the farmers.
Use our Check Delivery Feature to try your postcode if we deliver to you.

*** Just Add the Deal to Cart and it will automatically remove the shipping fee ***

🚚Delivered by Refrigerated Transport in Chilled Packed Boxes.
So you get all your meals FRESH not FROZEN.
All packaged via the latest vacuum/gas technology packaging systems.

*** OUR GOAL ***
Our goal is to help provide Australian families with convenient, healthy, fresh options meals for the whole family.
With fresh produce from local farms, we are giving back and supporting the farmers.
Cooked Up thrives on hooking your taste buds up weekly with our meals, please note:7+ days shelf life or 12 weeks if you freeze the meals upon delivery.
At Cooked Up - we are bringing you Farm-fresh ingredients to your dinner table.
Get Hooked Up with Cooked Up
Big on Taste - Big On Results

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  • Any chance of repeating the 24 meals for $149.99 deal for repeat customers? Didn't get a chance to use all the vouchers that were sent before December last year.

    Very happy with cooked up meals, have tried a wide variety of the range. Filling and tasty. Delivered by a refrigerated courier with a message the day prior giving a delivery window in North QLD.


    • please email through to [email protected] and they will resolve your previous coupon

      • [email protected], sorry this is the actual email address

        • I sent an email with this same question and never received a reply, email was sent 1 week ago.

          I've ordered 3-4 times before and always given you guys good feedback on here but the vouchers thing was kinda tough to redeem in that timeframe

          • @dealymcdealerson: Have you still not heard anything? I haven't received any response to my email. I'm the same as you. Happy with previous uses but the discount codes would be handy.

        • Thankyou. I have sent an email. Hopefully hear back soon.

  • +4

    The link only allows me to add 24 meals, not 28 like it states ?

    • Hi there this has been resolved, please try again

      • thank you. I placed an order. fingers crossed.

        question, Saturday was the only day for delivery - when can I expect it ? early morning? during the day ? will there be an email or sms telling me when its coming? just asking so I can plan my day and not sit at home all day on Saturday waiting for delivery.


  • +1

    SA stays hungry!

  • +1

    How long will this last?

    Edit: As in how long will it take you to finish all 28 meals

    • +1

      In the past when I have ordered from cooked up, the meals had about 7/8 days of expiry left. I was recovering from shoulder surgery so had two a day. Then froze the remainder and microwaved for a little longer until hot straight out of the freezer.

  • +2

    Interested to know how this compares to YouFoodz, MuscleChef, etc?

  • Only 2 vegan options 😓 and the Lemon Cream Fettuccini is tagged as vegan but obvs contains dairy

  • I was on my muscle chef but a bit expy. Going to give this a try.

    Hope these meals are MyFitnessPal?

    • Not sure about MyFitnessPal but I use Lose It and none of these meals were in there. Didn't take long to scan in and add the info though.

  • HI All, last Day offer ends Midnight Order for future dates today if you can

  • Hi just want to share my experience.

    Delivery was suppose to be yesterday. I gave them a call in the afternoon no answer so I sent an email asking where it is.

    Still no reply. Won't be ordering from this place anymore.

    • have youe emailed customer support on [email protected]

      • Yes I have and no response. The only response I got is right now.

        • if this is a QL Delivery there are issues due to the flooding all deliveries will be made Wednesday this week by the courier company as they have notified us this as well.

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