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$0 Brokerage Fees on ASX Trades for 12 Months with Portfolio Transfers @ Stake


Transfer your ASX portfolio (> $1000) to Stake and receive 12 months of $0 brokerage. Stack with $10 referral bonus for new customers.

You get 10 ASX trades each month at this discounted brokerage rate. After these 10, brokerage reverts to the standard A$3 per trade until the 10 trades resets the following month.

This offer applies to individual account types only. This can only redeemed once per customer.

Terms & conditions.

Common questions addressed by Stake rep:

  • Stake charges no fee for transferring your portfolio in or out of Stake AUS (please check with your departing or receiving broker if they charge a

  • Your Stake AUS account is CHESS-sponsored with your own HIN. This means you own the shares entirely.

  • We do offer instant deposits and withdrawals. You get your very own Airwallex account with unique BSB & Account details.

  • Much like our Stake Wall St rewards, we intend to make Stake AUS rewards permanently available.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1043)

Referrer gets $1 off brokerage for 12 months for each referral. Referees gets $10 bonus (funding account within 24 hours of sign-up required).

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  • +12

    Anyone transferred from Selfwealth?

    • Also asking the same

    • +17

      Yep - process was easy and took less than a week. Had to print and sign a two page document with my details and Stake handled the rest. Stake’s UX/UI is a huge breath of fresh air after SelfWealth lol

      • any fees from SelfWealth for transferring out?

        • +3

          Nope, same experience as Bohlin's comment below.

          • +2

            @tuko: +1 can also vouch. Pretty easy and no fees

        • there is for US shares. $110.00 AUD per company. The fee is a PhillipCapital fee

          PhillipCapital is the US broker that facilitates SW US stock trades.

      • +2

        are obvious examples

        Selfwealths app is an absolute pos.

      • @tuko: which form to fill to transfer from Selfwealth to Stake?

        • +1

          I started the transfer from the Stake app, they email you the form during the process.

      • Thanks, submitted the forms today, so let's see how long it takes, got my $10 credit already

    • +2

      I transferred earlier this month from self wealth, before the reward unfortunately :( and it was fine. It took a bit of time, like a week or so, but it all went through. Its all done through the app. You'll need to redo all your stuff with your registries, like Computershare, etc, as you'll have a new HIN, but it only takes a few mins and is worth it imo for the brokerage savings

      • any fees from SelfWealth for transferring out?

        • +2

          Nah, had no fuss from Selfwealth at all, no fees or correspondence or anything. Didn't need to do anything on their end, it was all Stake

      • +2

        Could you keep your HIN?

        • No, unfortunately.

      • Does that involve a new account with link, computershare or can they just update ur account with the new hin?

    • Why did you transfer?

      • Probably because $3 vs $10 per trade fee.

        • Hm.. okay, but for Stake isn't it in USD and you have high conversion rates?

    • Transferred last Tuesday and still waiting for portfolio to be transferred across. Wish it was a bit quicker

    • I had a few issues with them. SW wouldn't do a handover because they deemed my (fairly obvious fountain pen ink) signature digital. Was a mess around for a week until Stake demanded they put it through. Stake also said SW have been making it difficult to transfer off SW (this was just as Stake became available for ASX).

    • +1

      My experience:

      4 Feb: Initiated transfer
      5 Feb (AM): Asked to sign form (wet signature required)
      7 Feb (AM): Returned form and got an acknowledgement about an hour later
      10 Feb (PM): Transfer complete - should be reflected in Stake and SW tomorrow.

  • Nice!

  • +11

    This will put heaps of pressure on other brokers.

    • +7

      Sure will! About time the other brokers come to the party and lower their fees.

    • +1

      What worries me is this is not sustainable, so it is only a matter of time before Stake increases their prices.

      • +6

        And we'll be ready to move when they do.

        Loyalty doesn't pay any more

        • It is unclear how much it costs to move your portfolio. They say it costs $200 in case of US stocks. The same price might apply for ASX.

          • +1

            @Mistredo: It definitely does not cost money to move AU holdings. No CHESS broker charges to transfer out holdings.

            • @Moddy: I had to pay to move stocks from CMC Markets to Selfwealth around March last year.

              Although that may have been US stocks

              • @1v1MeTetris: Lol. Of course I meant AU stocks at a CHESS broker.

            • @Moddy: Do you know if Westpac charge?

  • Who owns the shares, technically speaking?

    I'm not interested if technically they become Stake's.

    I'm a share noob and was hearing sometimes this is a thing. Sounds daft to me.

    • +15

      you get a HIN so you own the shares for Stake ASX

  • Wow. So it is cost-efficient to buy one share on another platform and get 12 months 10 trades free brokerage?

    • +6

      Looks like as long as that one share is >$1000

    • If that 1 share worths >A$1000 yes.

  • +5

    Was actually looking at transferring over, does this work for existing Stake customers?

    • Looks like it would work provided you haven’t transferred before:

      Stake Rewards allows Stake AUS Users to earn discounted brokerage fees by transferring their existing share portfolios into Stake AUS (Portfolio Transfer Reward).

      Eligibility Criteria For Portfolio Transfer Reward
      In order to qualify for a Portfolio Transfer Reward, Stake Users must:

      *Have an existing, registered Stake AUS account;
      Have not yet completed a portfolio transfer into Stake AUS; and
      *Complete a single portfolio transfer of ASX listed securities worth at least AUD$1000 from a third party provider to Stake AUS;
      (a Transfer).

      Portfolio Transfer Reward is only applicable to first time transfers.

      Portfolio Transfer Reward is only applicable to transfers of portfolios of ASX listed securities that have a total value of at least AUD$1000. Value of the portfolio shall be determined at the time of initiation of the portfolio transfer on Stake AUS. Stake may choose to grant a Portfolio Transfer Reward to portfolios worth less than AUD$1000 in its sole discretion.

      • Sad. I transferred over last month. :(

  • +1

    Will likely be high fees to transfer out, worth checking the T&C’s

    • +2

      I emailed their support to confirm, there are no transfer out fees for ASX holdings, only US holdings.

  • my account is not activated since last friday for some reason

  • +1

    Does this work for existing customers?

    • Yes. I just initiated a transfer of one of my holdings from another brokerage and there is a message at the end of the process that says if they portfoliop is >$1000 then I qualify for $0 brokerage for 12 months.

      • Did you already hold more than>$1k of stocks held on your Stake account? If you do, is it at the final stage of the process?

        I hold more then $1k and am not getting any popups

  • +4

    Is there anything stopping Stake from increasing fees once this promo is over?

    Also what about the transfer fees out of Stake if this becomes the case?

    • +1

      Yeah, that's my concern as well.

      Full pricing here:

      • +3

        Share Transfers Out to another broker
        $200 per account on both
        ACATs or DTC. DTC transfer
        includes up to 4 positions.

        Additional positions on DTC will
        be charged at $50 per position.

        Don't know if this is what one would get charged to transfer out of Stake?

        • +1

          From my understanding of reading the document, it is. Also, it's marked under "All fees are in USD". So need to take that into consideration as well.

          Sounds like a hefty price to pay?!

          Unless someone who knows better can chime in.

          • @ClioB: That's too much

          • +5

            @ClioB: Click the AU tab on the price page, there are no fees to transfer AU holdings out.

            Almost all brokers charge hefty fees to transfer US holdings out. DTC and ACAT are US share systems.

          • @ClioB: Seems to directly contradict what the rep is saying in the post: "Stake charges no fee for transferring your portfolio in or out of Stake AUS (please check with your departing or receiving broker if they charge a fee)."

            That's confusing.

        • +1

          When I google ACATs and DTC they seem to be US things, so am not sure if it applies to CHESS or not. Do other brokers in Aus charge fees to leave? Is it legal is aus to charge?

          • @dealbrry: Superhero charges fees for leaving too but only for ETFs, and it is only $5.

        • +5

          That's for US holdings. No fees for transferring out of Stake for ASX holdings. I have confirmed this via email support.

    • That's what will happen similar to Spaceship Voyager.

      Source: I use both Spaceship and Stake

    • +1

      The fee structure for ASX is not really clear imo - majority of the fees on their pricing guide as US fees. I have message support to determine what the transfer out fees are for ASX holdings.

  • -2

    Technically, Stake is the Australian version of Robinhood in the US, I stopped using them when they fxxk me up last year, couldn't access the app, or get any help from them, they blamed on DriveWealth and did not take any responsibility.

    • Because DriveWealth was indeed at fault.

    • +1

      To say they are Aussie Robinhood is an over-compliment to Stake. For one they are not able to offer option trading .. which counts for a huge chunk of RH's revenue and will be quite useful in today's market. Of course it seems none of their fintech peers offer option neither.

      • Yup, no options and no crypto.

    • did stake also block access the same way robinhood did? I thought it was Australian owned

  • +4

    Oh no I have transferred my Superhero portfolio already. Should have waited but worth transferring from CommSex than paying $19 per trade

    • how long did it take?

      • +1

        3 days for me. I had to answer a bunch of emails to Superhero and it's done.

  • +1

    Rip to those who transferred over previously..

  • +1

    I don't trade yet, is it worth buying a few safe shares to get access to this so I can begin?

    • If you're planning on making a lot of trades / trading a bit more actively, it might be worth it. For reference, it would take a few days to set up everything with another broker and then another few days for the portfolio to transfer.

      But if you're going to be more passively investing (eg ETFs and leave them there), IMO a referral bonus to get things set up will save a lot of admin and is still a good deal to get started.

      • What referral bonus? Yeah, I don't think I'd be doing over 10 trades a month! $3 a trade isn't too bad in general.

  • +1

    Did anyone else who's recently switched to STAKE have this happen? Moved a significant amount of shares over from SW - I'd already set up my own bank account for dividend payments - then upon moving to Stake THEY seem to have changed the instruction themselves and now all the holdings are paying their dividends into Stake's ANZ account (in my name).

    I'm very surprised they're able to do this - as moving broker and changing the instructions on the holdings are completely different things.

    I'll now have to redo the instructions on every single holding via each's respective share registry - not the end of the world but why should I have to do this when I did not give them permission to go and change the banking details.

    Just me or happen to others?

    • Did not happen to me

    • I haven't transferred to Stake, but for the purchases I made with Stake this happened. Apparently it's a default setting for the reasons of accumulating your dividends in your cash account instead of having to transfer from your bank. I didn't love this either, but this is what happens with US trading accounts.

    • Moving to Stake they set-up a new HIN so you have to set-up DRP again, submit TFN, etc

    • +5

      Can confirm but this is expected behaviour. The holdings are on a new HIN and so all the details with the share registry need to be set up again including:
      1. Tax file number
      2. Bank account to pay dividend/distributions (it gives the Stake ANZ account, but it is no different to other brokers probably - Nabtrade used my nab account)
      3. DRP settings as applicable.

      That last one could be a trap if you havent read the DRP rules. If you have carried over amounts, the residual will be attached to an account on the old HIN. The rules of the DRP will say if it is or isnt paid out to you, some ETF providers dont for example.

      • +1

        Good summary of the situation. And this is one reason why constant churning from broker to broker isn't an easy and painless process as some people portray. It can be a PITA!

  • -3

    I use SelfWealth and invest in an ETF share. The dividends get taxed, but not the capital gain. Might be because it's considered a managed fund in my tax return rather than a share.

    Don't want to jinx a good deal by changing brokers.

    • +4

      Capital gains tax is only payable when you sell your shares.

      • I buy and sell a lot occasionally (have periods of day trading).

        • +2

          It is up to yourself to declare any capital gains from day trading on your tax return. This is not automatically included in the data capture from the ATO. The broker you use will have no effect on this.

      • It works differently for distributions from ETFs, as the underlying assets are constantly being bought and sold by the find manager to replicate an index for example. So a portion of your total distribution each year will include a capital gains component, which you include in your tax return.

    • Same of everyone. CGT is on realised gains eg dividends. You will pay CGT again when you sell.

      • +2

        I thought dividends were classified as income and not subject to CGT.

  • Is the $3 trade fee regardless of trade value? I trade a large amount each time.

    Also is the bank account that your cash is in set up like SelfWealths? I never really was convinced if SelfWealth went broke that my cash was secure in my name. They couldn't explain it in plain english to my satisfaction.

    • +2

      not 100% sure but the 20k position I opened was only charged $3 brokerage. really shits on other brokers especially the banking-brokers like CBA/NAB.

      • +1

        I think it's free (buy trade) for ETFs in SuperHero. However, for selling they charge a flat fee of $5.

        • +1

          I moved form IG&superhero to Stake. In an ETF buy and sell situation, Stake ends up costing $6. Superhero ends up costing $5. I'm happy to justify $1 extra for the position to have CHESS sponsorship.

          But for US stocks - stake is easily inferior to others IMO.

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: Yeah you are right. I want to have US and AUS portfolio with 1 broker. So I chose Superhero.

            • +1

              @Utsav23: I used superhero for a year, no complaints. Buying fractional shares is a cool feature too, if someone wants to buy AMZN fractionally for example - being 3k USD share.

  • +1

    Be careful with stake.

    They don't provide market depth.
    They don't provide stoploss.
    They don't provide information about financial on company that you can see on selfwealth.

    I transferred all my portfolio from selfwealth to stake but if selfwealth goes to $5 then I will move back to selfwealth.

    • +6

      It's not portrayed like that either - it's meant to be a simple platform for buying/selling and accumulating. Doesn't have the bigger features but you get what you pay for : )
      90% of the general population would be probably be perfectly fine with stake

    • +2

      Can always just keep your Commsec account open for access to most of these things.

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