Any Queen Mattress Recommendations for under $3000?

I'm looking at a new queen mattress, hoping to spend under $3000 on one. If you're spending a third-half of your life on it, it's your most important furniture purchase.

I'm currently eyeing (ranked expensive -> cheap):

Right off the bat, these are all spring mattresses. I feel that latex/foam have a higher chance of wear with me being a side sleeper.

They're also all deliver mattresses, though only the last 2 are rolled-up mattress-in-a-box ones and need time to deflate. The others are delivered as-is (wrapped in plastic) and ready to go once unpackaged.

They all seem to be Aussie made, have 100-night trials, free delivery, seem to have decent warranty, etc.

They all seem highly ranked by Bedbuyer (they claim their reviews are independent and unbiased, though, being the only Aussie mattress review site…..)

I was wondering if any members here have tried any of these, have any experience long-term, with warranty, poor exchanges, etc. Are there any other spring/hybrid mattresses you'd recommend? Is there anything else I should take into consideration for a mattress?

Thanks in advance!


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    There is no such thing as a $3000 mattress. If you're thinking of paying this much, hand in your Ozbargain membership card on your way out.

    • Spent 4k on one that was “on sale” 10+ years ago and its still in good nic and very comfy.

      Probably wouldn’t do it again though as i feel there are a lot of cheaper better options out there these days.

      I’ve been curious about the sleeping duck ones for $1000-1500, even if they only last 5 years thats not too bad in my books. Are my expectations too high/low?

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      I mean, the same can be said for anything really. Why buy a 5-figure Mercedes when a 3-figure Hyundai Excel will do the job adequately?

      If you have recommendations for cheaper thats not entirely foam/latex and won't need replacing in a year, i'm all ears.

      • Except no one outside of your household can tell or give a crap on how expensive yours were, the only thing that matters is your back but you don't know it until you sleep on every single one of them for a week straight at least.

    • There are, but they usually feel better when they are 50% off 😉

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    I’ve had an expensive mattress. I then slept on a Koala and realised it’s all $ wasted above one of those or similar. They come with an awesome sleep trial so you really have nothing to lose.

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      I now have a OneBed and its been better than all the others. I also don't feel so bad when I genuinely think its time to replace it

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        OneBed was so good for the first year. Unfortunately my weight made it sag after a year and I've sworn off foam mattresses ever since. Would be a great choice for those that are fitter than I though

        • can I ask how heavy you are? even roughly? I'm mid 90's and my $2200+ mattress from Snooze (with an RRP over $5k i'll add) has sagged like mad and I can't sleep on the bloody thing now… trying to work out my options at the moment

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            @KRiSX: All good. I'm 6'3 and 135kg so I'm a big boi. Inner spring mattresses are better for my weight

    • I bought mine in 2016 and it developed quite noticeable sags over the years. I kept rolling towards it which was quite uncomfortable to sleep as I was heavily pregnant. But I recently contacted them about it, sent them some pictures and they sent me a brand new one, so pretty good customer service

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    sleeping duck. Much cheaper. 100 day trial.
    I have a king and we love it

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      We had a sleeping duck mattress.
      Within the 100 days my partner and I both suffered back pain from it.

      We ended with a sleep republic mattress as you have mentioned and so far, so good.

      Each to their own:)

      • Was it the SD Mach2? Which firmness?

        How long have you had the SR? Are you side sleepers?

        • Correct. We tried every firmness within the 100 days. Nothing worked, most product reviews are payed for by SD which made sense as to why they had such a good rating.

          Dissapointing for us but current mattress a much better suit.

          • @iNeed2Pee: Interesting. How long have you had the SR? Are you side sleepers?

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              @Xizor: Had it since we returned the SD so about 5 months.
              I am an all rounder

              • @iNeed2Pee: Thanks for the replies. Im currently looking at SD, SR, and Ausbeds.

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                  @Xizor: You will not go wrong with either, fact being you get the 100 day trial.

                  AusBeds might only give you 7 days?
                  Which is not enough time to judge. Honestly in the end, I feel like they are all made the same bloody way lol.

                  • @iNeed2Pee: Ausbeds have 100 night trial also, but a fee $90+$2 per km to return it. In the scheme of things a minor issue for me given current discomfort with my old sagging ozmattress. On the positive front, they are not a mattress in a box, the mattress is modular so it can be adjusted/replaced and they come out and do it, and they have a display front in their Sydney warehouse so can go inspect. They are however the most expensive of the 3 options. $2K for their King Sienna, $2.6K for a King Aurora which is basically the max of my budget. Hopefully I will make it out there this weekend to have a squiz in person.

                    My biggest concern is longevity, my ozmattress was great for 7 years but past year really started to sag now its impacting my sleep significantly. It is very very hard to get any real longevity information from actual buyers these days. Almost all feedback whether positive or negative is typically within first few months or at most a year.

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    those beds you've linked are all rebranded chinese crap.

    • The reviews on the Sealy seem average for its price, and my (admittedly super limited) tests in store it doesn't seem to provide much support, nor does it seem suitable for sleeping with a partner.

      Do you have any sources backing up claims that any of the mattresses mentioned are rebranded Chinese crap? A quick look on alibaba and I'm not seeing any resembling the ones linked.

    • They aren't all re-badged chinese. Sleep Republic is made in China, but most of the others are made in oz and at worst have partial chinese components. I'm actively reading up on mattress options as mine as buggered so have this stuff fresh in my mind.

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    Sleeping duck. We got a king and I was extremely skeptical. Wife convinced me to give it a go.

    Absolutely amazing. I was able to email them after a month or so and get an extra firm insert for my half of the bed for free.

    Best quality bed I have had in a long long time.

    • How long have you had it?

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    Crown posture bedding. Made in Vic. Not sure if sell interstate. Great mattresses, reasonable price.

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    All the as are cheesy as, but Making Mattresses Belissimo.
    We've flopped heavy bodies and a bunch of kids on the latex Duo king for 13 years - can age it by the kids. It's a heavy slab, but blissfully comfortable.
    Aussie made, double $2400 (but I recommend the king) and there's a spring model as well.
    I intend to buy another one, but I reckon I've got another three or four years.

    • Their designs are very interesting being double sided. What makes me hesitant however is some nasty reviews of them as a business not honoring support requests, fighting with management, consumer affairs etc. I was quite keen until then.

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    Can't you just go to a store and lie on the different mattresses? I think my Queen mattress cost me like $500. Why would you need to spend $3,000?

    • In-store tests are a terrible way to buy a mattress, most people will end up with something too plush with crap support because it's the most comfortable for the price, and get back pain as a result

  • I like a firm mattress and am a side sleeper. Ikea.

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    I got this for $219 from a previous deal and I am really happy with it.

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    Try them out and see what it feels like

    I spent a month and probably more than 40 mattresses before finding the one i wanted. This really is the only way to approach it. Don't just go off online reviews.

    Tried everything from $300 to $5000 and realised that once you get to the $1200 mark it's a case of rapidly diminishing returns.

    i bought this one on special for $1100 and it's been going perfectly for 10 years now.

    Probably would replace it with the same one.

    My only advice is to get one with edge support (not a mattress in a box) if you have a partner and will be sleeping on the side of the mattress. Else you'll fall off the bed during the night.

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    Bought that exact sleep republic queen in your link last year. Super easy transaction, delivery and unboxing. Only issue is that its pretty frikken heavy so make sure you have someone other than a preggo wife helping you lug it up stairs and unboxing.

    Matress wise; also very good? our old mattress was a tired old ikea spring pocket one so this memory foam stuff was just magic to us. no complaints of backpain or any other sorts of pain. Just good un-disturbed sleep

    Hope this helps

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    We bought a Eva Queen for the spare bedroom, it’s decent for the price. If you have 3k to spend then don’t get the rolled up ones.

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    We bought an Ecosa Mattress recently with the bedframe - rolled up foam one

    • same day delivery (metro)
    • waterproof (we have pets and soon to be kids so this was great)
    • fire safe (bonus if we raise an arsonist lol)
    • doesn't feel too hot when sleeping on (partner turns into a heater when sleeping)
    • 15 Year Warranty
    • 100 Day Trial (Free Delivery, Free Returns)

    It didn't take that long to deflate. The only thing that was fiddly was dissembling the mattress to make it on the 'firm' setting (it comes in medium) - but once that was done, it was perfect for us. I should say it's 'firm' setting lies somewhere between 'firm' and 'med firm', but there is good support so far.
    Both my partner (side sleeper) and I (side/back sleeper) no longer have back pain (from our old mattress) and have gotten some great zz's on it - touch wood.

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    I love my 100% latex mattress bought 20 years ago and hasn’t skipped a beat. I’m also side sleeper prone to lower back problems. I don’t think latex ‘wears out’. Bought from Comfort Shop, was around $1,000 then.

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    what sort of base do you have? I have been researching myself and have found that foam mattresses are a no go for us due to our base not having sufficient ventilation, for a foam mattress you basically need free air under it (ours is a boxed slat base)

    personally i'm tossing up between the Eva and Sleeping Duck, though after some very good emails to SD support they straight up said if we have issues they won't cover it under warranty due to the style of our base… so keep that in mind, a lot of these companies will void warranty due to base, it doesn't affect the trial period though

    • I'm looking for a new bed base too, been planning on another one even before deciding on a new mattress. My current one definitely isn't suitable to support any of them properly and would void warranty with all of them.

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    If you are willing to spend that much, give ZZZ Atelier Chiropedic Black Label a chance for about $300-350 (under $300 with eBay 20% off). For me, it has been a better experience than $1500+ medium-firm mattress I got from Amart a few years ago. Earlier model of ZZZ Atelier had poor edge support but recent one's have improved edge support (in case you look into reviews).

    • From what i have read (here and elsewhere) the ZZZ since they released the newer models 2 years back start sagging quite badly and lucky to last a year.

      • I personally haven’t noticed any sagging yet.

  • Try Emma sleep. Won awards in Germany.
    We bought 2 x king singles joined together (this is the german way).
    Were very impressed, and have bought a queen for the guest room.

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    I recently tried the Eva and the sleeping duck. My partner and I found the Eva to be way too firm and uncomfortable. After 3 nights I had to revert to my old mattress that I was about to throw out. Next I tried the sleeping duck and I love it. Got the medium firmness which is just right.

    I think mattress are so subjective. I read lots of great reviews about Eva and it wasn't for me. The sleeping duck is amazing and after 6 months I have no complaints. However, when my elderly uncle had a quick lay down to try the sleeping duck he thought it was too soft.

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    I've tried both the Ecosa and Eva and I stuck with the Eva as its an awesome mattress for comfort and quality.

    The Ecosa was equally as good though due to being made completely of foam I was too warm in the hotter months..

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    Had Eva for about 4 years now, it's been great and we are about to order a second one for the spare room

  • OP do you have an update on what you have tried,/chosen?

    • Bought the Sleeping Duck very recently (mainly because I was waiting on a bedframe to arrive beforehand). Medium is too soft for my liking and I'll be switching to firm soon, however the mattress does feel quite supportive regardless.

      • Cool, thanks for sharing. I just bought an Ausbeds Aurora 8 after trying in their show room. First few nights on it have been good, time will tell all though.

  • Anyone tried the Yinahla or Dusk & Dawn?

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