This was posted 4 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Heads (5 Pack) + Free Oral-B Pro 100 Electric Toothbrush for $19.65 @ Woolworths


Not sure if this is a good deal.

Oral-B Precision Clean Brush Heads (5 Pack) is $19.65 on the web site.

I was able to get a bonus Oral-B Pro 100 electric toothbrush handle for free at Woolworths Rhodes for free (worth $17.50).

Please note that the price of electric toothbrush is marked as $17.50 but you get it for free if you purchase the toothbrush head pack.

I have uploaded my receipt here to make it clear.

Looks like the deal is only available in store. This deal is similar to the previous Coles deal but in Woolworths, it's free with 5 pack brush head.

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    Nice one - my Woolies was just selling the brush handles (which were supposed to be free with 5 heads) for $17+ , so this looks like a good deal.

  • free electric toothbrush handle - how?

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      It's free with brush heads pack. I tried uploading the image but the post is not updating.

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      i assume because Oral-B don’t make most of their profits from the handle, they make it locking people into buying the brushes that go with them over and over again

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    Yes, but my local Woolworth is selling at $19.5 for the handle only.

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    How did you get it free? Is it advertised in instore or you asked for it?

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    It's similar to the below deal, but in Woolworths, it's free with 5 pack replacement head instead of 6 pack.

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    Good deal, but my advise is that if you are going Oral B. Grab the Oral-B Pro 3000, the 100 is pathetic in comparison and feels like a kids toy.
    The 3000 is often on sale for $80 and is pretty much the same as the $300 range but without the Bluetooth app functions.

    It was recommended by my partners specialist when she went for Periodontitis treatment mainly for the pressure sensor that alerts you when you are pushing to hard.

    • How much better is it compared to normal toothbrush lol? I've never had any of these electric toothbrush

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        Depends on how good at brushing you are with a normal brush I guess. Probably negligible if you do a good job. The main advantage for me with electric is the 2 minute timer so you brush enough.

        I also brush my teeth in the shower and these ones are fully water proof which is great.

        • What is the point of brushing in the shower? Seems like a waste of a lot of water/hot water to me.

      • I swapped from manual brushing to electric.

        Dentist said I brushed too hard on my gums, the electric toothbrush helps as the way you brush is different. You just hold the head on the teeth at a certain angle, so you gently brush the gums only.

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        I find my teeth feel cleaner after an electric brush.
        Like the feeling after having a proper dental clean.
        The small brush head also helps me to get right back to my wisdom teeth.

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        If you can pulsate your wrist in and out while rotating several thousand times a minute, then no better. If not, better.

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          That's what she said?

      • My dentist told me to stop using the electric toothbrush and go back to manual. I think it depends on how well you do it manual. In my case, seems like my dentist wasn’t too happy with my electric toothbrushing skills.

    • I thought 2000, 2500, and 3000 are the same handle, just different in the add-on (like the 2500 has the travel case).
      2000 and 2500 have come sub $50 sometimes recently

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      You can get the oral b smart 7 7000 for $89 from shaver shop literally got that last week.
      Watch their sales as well

      • 7000, 8000 or 9000 are the ones to get.

      • Link? I cant find it for that price.

        • It was part of their January sale. They switched it to lunar sale.

    • I use the 100 series for brushing abalone. Still using the Triumph 5000 for daily usage.

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    handle says not for individual resale but woolies sells the handles on its own…

  • Good deal for nsw. Any Store in VIC have this price? Thanks.

    • No such deal at Woolies Box Hill Central sadly

  • Any one Know if any stock in Mackay.

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    Personally I find the Sonicare Toothbrushes from Philips significantly better than Oral-B

    I used Oral-B for years and then tested the Sonicare on a friends advice.
    - Sonicare feels quite different and takes a bit to get used to but personally I find it feels much much cleaner than an Oral-B brushing.
    - Sonicare has a more extensive range of heads. (small ones for kids, large ones for the big mouth guy etc)
    - Using Oral-B I found even though I cleaned the heads really well gunk would build up inside toothbrush head mechanical areas. (Not an issue with Sonicare)
    - Sonicare is more expensive :(
    - vs manual toothbrush… ill never go back. (Unless there is a zombie apocalypse and I cant find a charger)

    Its all personal preference but if you are looking for a new toothbrush then Sonicare is worth investigating.

    p.s. If you are interested in Sonicare I found the high end models a waste of the extra money. Basic 1 cleaning mode is fine. Pressure sensor feature is good but not critical.

    • I have tried both. My sister owns both.

      The in out action of the oral b makes for a better clean. But you need the 8000 or 9000 range.

      Not the supermarket ones advertised here.

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    was using Oral B then switched to sonic care, my dentist told me that I had a lot of plaque and its the rotating motion that gets rid of plaque, switched back to oral B

    • Not all oral b's are same. Get the 8000 or anode for the Pulsepad function.

  • Anyone found stock for the Oral-B pro 100 handle in Perth and surroundings. Went to my local woolies this morning they have stock of the 5 pack replacement heads for $19.65 but no stock of the handle. They couldn't tell me if any other stores have stock as it's not listed on the website.

    • same story with marrickville metro, low stock of 5-packs but no handles. no deal.

    • Alexander heights got few stock on hand. Copped 2 x today.

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      Bit late the to party but I just found a shelf full in Inglewood Woolworths. They're on the end of a random half-height shelf in between the two main cosmetic/oral hygiene aisles.

  • Will give this a go for a few months. If any good I'll upgrade to a higher spec electric, otherwise I'll go back to manual

  • Heads not avail in Brisbane.

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      I got some at Mt Ommaney yesterday

      • Oh good, I checked Indooroopilly online and nothing.

  • This is good too. Oral-B is like the grandaddy of electric toothbrushes, this is like the sexy grandchild.

  • not sure if this is the same handle, but I bought a 5 pack of "precision clean" heads worth $30++ a few months ago, and they were selling the handle (separately) for $25 (originally $50).

    Got the handle free with the heads.

    • Now the 5 pack heads is for $19.65 and you get the handle free.

  • I wonder if it's the same one Gino got for Jasmine?

  • Was this offer part of the Wooli's weekly specials? I am not able to find any stock in North Brisbane.

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