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K-Fee Lattensia+ and 120-Pack Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Capsule Bundle $419 (Was $520.88) Delivered @ K-Fee System


Valentine's Day Offer.
This Valentine's day, give the gift that keeps on giving delicious coffee.

K-Fee Lattensia+ and 120 Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Capsule Bundle
On sale now: $419.00.
Was $520.88. Save over $100

Bundle includes
1x K-fee Lattensia+ Capsule Machine
1x 120-pack of Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Capsule of choice. Choose from 6 different coffee types.

Lattensia+ is an all-in-one 23 beverage functions
+ Removable water tank (2 litre)
+ Warm-up time approx. 15 seconds
+ Integrated Milk Bottle and Highly Programmable Functions
+ Automatic switch-off + capsule ejection

Offer ends 14/2/2022. Only while stocks last.

This is part of Valentine's Day Sales for 2022.

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  • Eren, is that you?

  • +1

    For others wondering what a K-fee pod machine is it's the Aldi coffee pod system (along with a couple of smaller providers).

    I own this Coffee machine and must say it's excellent.

    It's the only machine on the market that I'm aware of thats compatible with ALDI pods and has a milk frothing ability.

    • Caffitaly machines I think are compatible with aldi pods.

      • Probably. However I would note that Caffitaly pods are not fully compatible with K-fee/Aldi machines. They get stuck in the mechanism…

      • Important to note while Aldi pods are compatible with Caffitaly machines, Caffitaly pods are NOT always compatible. I found out the hard way…

        • Ah righto, i haven't tried the other way around. Good to know.

  • +1

    for the same price you better offer getting a real espresso machine you will get better coffee out of it than any pod machine.

    • Came here to say this. Still might need to invest a little more (I could be wrong though) but you'll be far better off in the long run.

    • But then turtles won’t have plastic pods to choke on. :(

    • Agree, I’d get a basic automatic.
      For example: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681307

  • K-Fee ecosystem is excellent because Aldi machines are also K-Fee!

    Aldi machines are $79 and 120 pods are $60 worth. Only difference is Aldi machine doesn't have the integrated milk thingy but for the price difference it might just be better to buy the Aldi system?

  • These milk systems are pain in the neck to wash and clean for anyone’s interest…
    The only TRUE easy to clean milk system among automatic/pod machines so far is the Philips LatteGo imo.

    • Note sure how you get that. This machine has a removeable milk bottle you can put back in the fridge and a one button cleaning cycle. Whats the twice as expensive Phillips do thats special?

      • I don’t have this exact machine but I have the Saeco Caffitaly machine from a post back in 2016, and I have given up on the milk system long ago. It also has the self cleaning function but you can actually see hot water in the tube flowing back into the milk container. It is made of many small parts and a tube which you have to disassemble to clean and reassemble after cleaning…cleaning itself is a pain and not yet to mention the assembles…
        Well the Philips is an fully automatic machine, uses coffee beans rather than grounded or pod. The milk system is only made of two parts and can go into the dishwasher.

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