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Acronis True Image 2021 Perpetual License: 1 Device $19.99, 3 Devices $29.99 Delivered @ Acronis Australia via Amazon AU

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About this item

  • Full Image Backup in Two Clicks: Protect everything to restore anything. Just two clicks back up your boot information, files, applications, operating system, and settings to local drives, external drives, NAS, network shares, and the cloud
  • Dual Protection: Replicate local backups in the Acronis Cloud automatically to ensure off-site copies are always available for recovery
  • Secure from cyberthreats: Protects your data against ransomware and cryptomining attacks. Includes a FREE 30-days trial of our advanced antimalware capabilities
  • Adapted for the work from home environment: Guarantees safe online experience with videoconference app protection (Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams apps) and web filtering- A 30-DAYS FREE TRIAL ONLY
  • Anywhere Access: Retrieve any file in your cloud backup from any computer or mobile device, and manage any backup plan on your account, all through our web-based console
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  • Does this have any benefits over the free Acronis Western Digital version? It was updated this year with what seems to be the main features of 2021.

    I own the 2019 version and would upgrade but the WD version seems to have everything now. The ransomware and cloud features are pretty rubbish and just slow down your PC.

    • Pretty sure its the same thing, no? Its not really 'free' it just comes as bundled with your device purchase. The software checks that you have a WD product installed unless it wont have all the features.

      • It used to be quite skimmed down in features but the new version seems to have almost everything.

        • IIRC the old versions that I used/have was limited in features but was perpetual, you downloaded it and it would detect if you had a branded Drive and away you went. The new version is time limited, you need to activate it and then it gives you a 5 year license.

          • +2

            @Cousin IT: Seeing as 2027 will probably have something else on offer, sounds like that’s the deal.

            • @JSONBourne: I agree, great to see that you now get most, if not all the features of the paid product. I haven't used one in a while, I wonder if this new one also needs to detect the branded drive everytime even after it's been activated or if it will simply confirm once and then just work?

    • Anyone know if the free Acronis Crucial version is the same as the free Acronis Western Digital version?

      Edit: whoops answered below👍😁

  • Is there a different from free crucial version as well? I legit just used it 20 minutes ago to wipe a drive and reformat it.

    • The ones I know of are WD Edition, which is used for WD and SanDisk products and Seagate DiscWizard, which is for Seagate and Maxtor.
      Not sure if there any others.

  • +1

    I believe Acronis has discontinued their perpetual licenses, so moving forward it will be subscription only. Something to consider before getting invested in their ecosystem, as there's not likely to be any new features and improvements.

    I'd recommend Macrium or something else instead which is likely to mean newer versions and features will be an option and most probably they will be able to open any backups created now.

    • +1

      I have used their 2019, 2020 versions. Does it's job perfectly. Not tried Macrium. Can't comment about it

      • I just looked into Macrium's website. It doesn't have any pricing info. Seems like it's available to corporates. Not for the lame home user like me

        • There is both a commercial version and home version. You need to scroll down beneath commercial pricing.

        • +1


          The pricing couldn't be any more prominent 🤷‍♂️

    • Macrium is damn expensive, $100+ type deal

      • +2

        For basic home backups, it's completely free.

      • It's normally US$69.95 but often on sale, sometimes 50% off. Valentine's Day sale is only 20% off currently, so US$55.96:


        This price for Acronis is sale price as well I believe.
        But going subscription only was a crap move by them (for my preferences), so even if I pay a couple of dollars more and I'm getting something that will be further developed, then it's still worth it.

        I think as soon as there's an incompatibility with a new OS, or new mobo chipset etc, then it's likely to become less useful/value.

        And yep, free version is fine for many, although some features are better in the laid version, like most apps 🙂

        Out of the features and some other criteria, that was one of the frontrunners for me, but there are other cheaper options too.

        The main thing is I really would avoid Acronis.

      • if we can find 2 other people could split the 4 pack of licences? Then it would only be $50 ea?

  • Thanks OP ! This is GOLD !

  • Is this much different to just windows backup?

    • -1


      • These software have features like moving partitions say to another drive, boot or not? And format encrypted drives? as few examples

  • Been using Macrium Reflect Free for years. Works flawlessly.

  • -1

    Acronis is basically bloatware these days. EaseUS products are lighter, cheaper, and much easier to use.

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