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My understanding is that by taking Melatonin supplements the body will become dependent on them, so what you're saying makes sense. Once...
28/11/2021 - 21:32
Thanks for confirming and sharing the trick! 🙂
26/11/2021 - 23:23
Is it just the IP address, or did you have to enter an Argentinian residential/postal address for the contact details?
24/11/2021 - 22:47
Thanks, I was just looking at all of them 🙂 I know it's hard to say sometimes, but how much better would the amp be in the DROP + THX...
20/11/2021 - 13:53
Yeah I've got the 6XX and actually really like them, especially for the price. The DAC side was more if I wanted to listen to them from the...
20/11/2021 - 13:33
Thanks 🙂 I'm sute they have some decent stuff, but I'd like to be certain that it's good enough for mixing and mastering and won't...
20/11/2021 - 13:29
Thanks, I'll definitely give that one some consideration! I might end up picking up a DAC at some stage too. But I'm going to always want...
20/11/2021 - 13:27
Interesting stuff. Are you able to recommend any HPA that would be good for the 6XX to use with an audio interface for mixing and...
20/11/2021 - 11:31
Oh those.. no sorry they don't exist.. these are hard drives.. they all die, just depends on how long they live for inbetween 🤣
19/11/2021 - 14:24
Be prepared to buy replacement Blades when they fail... Mine has been well looked after and the blades have failed 3 times since I bought...
08/09/2021 - 08:55
And that has now been reached, so this could turn into a pretty epic deal!
31/08/2021 - 22:40
This has just hit the target to get it extended for another month.. buy one and get at least 10 free products of equal, or lesser value! :)
31/08/2021 - 16:05
Thanks :) I've got a few of the Kathmandu tops and one of them has the holes in it and I was a bit suspect on buying more from them and...
30/06/2021 - 15:29
Have you only had that happen to Kathmandu ones, or from other brands as well?
30/06/2021 - 09:37
Also very cheap and nasty bearings in most of these. They will likely seize and the replacement blades that need to be purchased will cost...
07/05/2021 - 15:46
There is.. a solar panel installer would do that for you 😉🤣
04/04/2021 - 11:36
I'm sure that cheap bearing is designed to do many things.. just not last a reasonable lifetime doing them! 🤣
29/03/2021 - 20:59
Would you mind sharing some of your concerns about Nord please? Seems like a bit of a minefield out there at the moment!
29/03/2021 - 10:16
For the most part only banana, then add cacao and things like that and celery at times as well. I don't even use ice, or frozen fruits or...
27/03/2021 - 10:29
I had to buy a replacement blade just outside of warranty.. that replacement failed just outside of about 3 months and they wanted me to...
26/03/2021 - 16:17
I noticed that change too and stopped buying it. Its a shame as that was my favourite, but it it was very diluted or watery last time.
10/02/2021 - 10:06
I reckon sometimes they must just do it as a laugh, or take bets to see what they can get away with when they're setting some of their...
20/01/2021 - 12:06
Thanks! :) Quite similar and the 650 look slightly flatter. I had considered there could be variation in the units tested as well like you...
17/12/2020 - 19:40
Wouldn't be so bad if they also weren't the most expensive, but clearly that's just for greater profits rather than better products and...
17/12/2020 - 01:16
Apple has been the only laptop charger I've ever owned where the cable that connects from the brick to the laptop perished near the laptop...
16/12/2020 - 21:10
Definitely a great set of cans :) These are considered to be exactly the same as the HD650s. Out of curiosity, in Sonarworks, if you...
16/12/2020 - 20:51
I get it now... You wanted your post with all red negs so it's rocking the Christmas colours.. well played 🎄🎄🎄☃️
14/12/2020 - 22:38
Did you not read where I copied and pasted in quotes your exact title, which clearly shows that you did not originally have that?! Even...
14/12/2020 - 22:35
"Free Monstera Monday Deal @ Indoor Plants" = Clickbait Title.. These arent free, you need to spend money to get them "free".
14/12/2020 - 11:04
I actually didn't mind that one, but after its database corrupted on a couple of different occasions, I don't trust it anymore. It failed...
12/12/2020 - 12:49