Is It Rude to Ignore Recruitment Agents Messages on Linkedin?

Is it rude to ignore recruitment agents messages on Linkedin?

I consider myself fortunate to work in IT and to have experience in a highly sought-after area. On average, I receive two-three messages about new job opportunities on Linkedin every week. "Open to work" Linkedin setting is not on and there is no indication that I am looking.

While being in demand feels good, it takes time to interact with agents and they often don't accept "no" as an answer. I get follow up messages, emails and sometimes phone calls (if they know my number). I stopped replying to messages at some point in the past. However, I feel guilty for being rude to them whenever I ignore a message. I understand that someday I may be the one sending them messages and waiting for a response.

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    Ignoring is okay, they don't care if you don't respond.
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    Ignoring is rude. It's important to provide a polite and short reply.

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  • They ignore you unless they need you.

    So you should ignore then unless you need then.

  • I don't ignore them, my last 2 jobs in 10 years have been from direct messages from these guys. With impressive pay increases.

  • I usually tell them that it sounds like an amazing opportunity but I've JUST signed a new contract at my current employer (I've been permanent for years, but I want recruiters to think I am on a rolling contract and therefore gettable) — need to have a parachute for when the money tap turns off

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    Our company has a reasonably large recruitment team (company has 12k+ employees) and one of the things they shared recently was that LinkedIn had contacted them to congratulate them on having one of the highest response rates to recruitment messages…which was around the 25% mark. That's with checking profiles and custom messaging - not a shotgun approach - and still 75% of the time there is no response.

    So yeah, fair to say that recruiters expect their message to be ignored.

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    Hell no, not rude at all. I used to respond to them all to be polite, But now (especially around EOY or EOFY) I can literally get dozens of unsolicited messages a week for job offers, I treat it like spam now.

  • They are like vultures. Ignore them.

  • Recruiters pay money to have the ability to send a message, the cost of refunded if the person replies, even if it is to say no. If you simply ignore them it has a negative impact to their ability to message so perhaps ignore the ones that send messages that don’t apply to you even remotely.

    If someone has taken the time to identify you, and it’s a strong match then it polite to reply in some form.

    My advice, just click the no button or set your messages so that you can’t receive random emails from people you don’t know.

    When you need a recruiter you can change it or try and get a recommendation for a good recruiter in your field.

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    It is not rude to ignore them. You'll discover they are just sending spam to multiple people (100s) hoping for a reply. They won't be taking it personally as they will not be expecting everyone to reply. They are not sending you a personal message as such.

  • You do not have time to respond. The moment you respond, is when they know you don't value your time.

  • I expressed my interest for an entry level IT position and I often get emails from Hays for high end senior positions.

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    Just link them to the house you want and ask if the pay will meet the banks approval for the minimum repayments over a 30 year term, and if not who will cover the balance.

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    do you feel bad when you don't respond to realestate agents emailing you asking if you are planning on selling your house? same category

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    Also IT here. I specialize in Citrix & cloud security so I am constantly fielding Linkedin messages. The recruiters I have added to my Linkedin I will give a response to. I will not respond to unsolicited messages from recruiters I haven't added.

  • It's a scatter shot approach. Bulk messages so they won't even remember messaging you and are odds are the job, if it is or was ever available, is not right for you.

  • As a recruiter - no problem at all if you don't reply.

    But also - let's just say things change at your end down the line and you need a job - those same people may decide to ignore you.

    At my end I literally have a copy and paste reply along the lines of "thanks for your message, not currently looking but will reach out if/when I am"

    Short investment at your end could pay off down the line.

    All the best.

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      You must be joking - you will ignore the candidate and loose the commission? Really? :)

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        But also - let's just say things change at your end down the line and you need a job - those same people may decide to ignore you.

        and how is that different if you did reply? unless you are saying whether someone replies to your message influences whether you match them to a job they may be suitable for? that doesn't sound very professional. i hope the ego is worth the commission :)

        • I'd call it building relationships.

          I literally sent out the thanks but no thanks email 3 times today. Took me very little time, all recieved warmly and leaves me in good standing down the line.

      • Don't work on commission, never have, never will.

  • Who even uses LinkedIn?

    • It's the place to be if you're looking for a 9-5 office job

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    I think it's rude for recruiters to send those messages when you have clearly stated that you are not looking for work.
    They are just trying to make money off you.
    I would be tempted to reply and tell them to do their job better: check your work status before spamming you.

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    Linkedin is such a cess pit of a platform now. Its full of rubbish recruiters or full of people stating they are "honored, proud or humble" about XYZ. Rubbish.

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