eBay Money Back Guarantee - Seller's rights?

Someone mentioned this to me today, and just want to know the validity of it.

They ordered something from eBay, the delivery date came and went, but the item didn't arrive. They received it a few weeks later (Auspost….) however eBay had refunded it with their money back guarantee.

They said that eBay had refunded them out of their own pocket, and that as it was low value (about $15 or so) and the seller was able to provide proof they sent it (tracking number, I assume), they didn't have to reimburse eBay.

Is this correct? If so, that's a pretty seller positive thing for eBay to be doing.


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    Sellers rights & eBay - lol

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    Proof of sending it doesn't let you keep your money as seller on ebay. You need to provide proof it was delivered. If the delivery is delayed for reasons outside of your control ebay will reverse the paypal transaction and you, the seller, lose your money.

    Source: experience

    • If the delivery is delayed for reasons outside of your control…you, the seller, lose your money.

      Wait, what??

      • Ebay does not care about the ACL!
        Why should they if only one in a million crimes can be dealt with because of the high numbers.

    • Hmm. That's a shame.

      I've actually got a few items that are really delayed at the moment, but they are individuals who are the sellers so I'd feel bad about pushing for a refund.

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    Need more details with time in days between order, expected delivery time and when the dispute was raised with ebay? And then how long did it take to get the refund?

    Depending on the number of days it can occur or you may have to wait for a certain time before ebay will refund you.

  • Sounds about right..ebay will recoup that outlay 100 fold when they next f#ck you over

  • eBay charge quite high fees to sellers, which gives them a lot of money to cover these kind of things. eBay have a 14 billion dollar revenue and three billion dollar yearly profit, even without PayPal anymore. It takes PayPal twice that revenue just to realise the same profits.

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    Most likely deducted from the seller. Once a case is opened any funds in the seller account would be witheld until the dispute is resolved. If there are no funds then the amount is deducted from the seller's linked bank account. That's how it generally works.

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