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H&M - Selected Men's Clothing for 80% off (eg. 30 Socks for $10)


Didn't win the $80m Powerball, another Monday rolls around where I don't want to work, so I decided to trawl the interwebs for something I needed or not

Need some new socks for work and stuff, and came across H&M's 3 for 2 sale - which apparently ends tomorrow. Added 3 packs of 10 = 30 socks; that way I only have to wash my socks about 12 times a year 🤔

Next thing, I get a pop up to join as a member to get 10% off my 1st purchase - so decided to do that cos 10% is 10.0%

Next, I went to make a coffee - 2nd for the one for day to keep me going

Obviously checked trusty ol OzBargain for a code, which there was "DIGITAL20" to see if it stacked and it did as you can add 2 codes for H&M😀

Now here's the punch line - When I go to checkout, I notice that the price for socks worked out to be like 80% off with free delivery
Decided to throw in some hoodies, and guess what they too come to about 80% off.

Anyway, for the doubters, here's proof of the cart that I just purchased

All in all, 30 socks and 3 hoodies for less than a lobster is pretty cracking if I say so myself 😃

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Bought pants but missed out on free delivery with CHERMSIDE20 code. Didn’t see before the purchase.

  • Error page when clicking through to cart. Dream is over.

  • Such a great deal if they honour it, thanks for sharing.

  • 3 tees
    3 sweater
    3 hoodie

  • -1

    Site looks like it has been ozbargained. Crashing if I try to check out.

  • chermside20 doesnt seem to apply anymore :(

    • nvm it does apply, but it wont take any $ off :(

      • make sure you un add your 2 for 3 code to make room!

        • yeah i found that out, thanks :)

        • Hey @TerryJustTerry, does H&M only allow stacking of 2 codes, not 3 codes?

          • @BigBTrain: Yes it only allows 2.

            BUT there seems to be a trick where if you apply the DIGITAL20 + the 10% off my 1st purchase AND untick the 2 for 3 coupon… then they all work somehow

  • Oh well, cannot resist to buy 3 pais of jeans for $4 each. Same size and colour. Hopefully they will fit nicely.

  • I was trying to do seperate orders, the free shipping code only works once
    Otherwise it stopped working

  • H&M check out page is down

    • try a different browser, Safari worked for me while Chrome failed at checkout

      • Or trying turning WiFi off. Going mobile worked for me.

  • How many codes can you stack? Two max or three max?

    • +1

      Seemed to be two max for me.

  • +2

    Another order
    9 tees
    3 jeans
    3 sweat pants

    Unfortunately same colour tees, and jeans. I'll probably give some to friends.

  • Awesome, thanks a lot! The huge discount only seems to work for two lots of 3 items. If you add a third, it reverts to 3-for-2 pricing for that third item. Even so, I ended up buying some trackies, t-shirts and socks.

  • Now let's hope the orders get honoured.

  • DIGITAL20 doesn't seem to work anymore

  • Thanks OP, three long-sleeve shirts for $8.02 with free shipping, applying codes DIGITAL20 and CHERMSIDE20. No idea how the pricing worked since 3 for 2 should've been around $32. Might be a glitch.

    • Those looked nice, missed out on my size. Had to settle for slim fit t shirts instead of all the regular fit ones with 100% cotton which I would have preferred.

      • +1

        Sorry for your loss

  • Are the codes still working? I tried both and it doesnt take out in the pricing

    • Didn't work for me anymore

      • Worked for me but it was a hassle, took a while

  • Is this Mens only? What about kids?

  • +1

    thanks so much OP, just did my years worth of clothes shopping for like $50 😂

  • All the normal shirts and hoodies sell out so quickly, lol. I was contemplating then thought why not but many sold out now.

  • 3 X hoodie $50, but Kmart is $15
    It's good with the extra 20%

    At the moment, not really tho

    • what u talking about bro, 3 hoodies and 3 track pants is 26 dollars, u are not applying correctly

      • I used it twice already tho?

        DIGITAL20 doesn't apply for me

        I still get the massive price error, but not the 20% on top off

  • +1

    6 shirts (3x 2-pack) + jeans for $13 delivered
    used student + chermside20 codes

    this is super glitched, price actually went down after I added the single pair of jeans aha

    • What is the student code?

      • click on 'student discount' at top left of site
        then need to verify email with student beans for unique code

  • Ah the beige and dark green hoodies looked nice :(

  • Had another couple of cracks, no rhyme or reason to the discounts but I'll take them.

  • Thanks OP, I will have to chuck out some old stuff to fit in all the new stuff (that has no holes in it!)

  • Hmm I can’t seem to add anything to cart.. something I’m doing? Or did I show up late to the party?
    Never mind! Closed and reopened

  • +1

    *3 hoodies
    *3 track pants
    *3 slim jeans (other jeans types were sold out)
    = 38 dollars


    very glitched, price goes up and down based on what you add, for example i added 3 x $10 dollar shirts price went to 130 dollars with the coupons applied. removed them and back to 38.. didnt wana risk wasting time trying different combos so i checked out with the above.

  • 30 pairs of underwear for 12.82 shipped, not behd.

  • So i got:
    x3 Jeans
    x6 shorts
    x3 3 pack shirts
    x3 5 pack briefs

    for a total of $64.45 (including shipping of 7.95)

    Didnt want to mess around with code for free shipping since I already have a hard time trying to make the codes work also didnt want to have evrything in cart to be out of stock

  • Thanks, got 11 pairs of undies for 14.82.

  • +9

    I think I broke it lol

    • Wow nice! But how?!?!?!

      • Added one of the 9.99 shirt price went way up so I got rid of it. Price then went down to .06
        Tried to replicate what I did the first time and it didn't work.

        Found that playing around with the amount of shirts changes the price very strangely.

        • I feel like the site is just drunk altogether lol

    • Damn, spectacular! I thought the normal glitch was already good for prices.

    • Nice. Mind showing the codes you added?

    • bruh wtf lol someone is getting fired for sure. and unfortunately these will all be refunded ;(


  • -1

    I think site just got OzBargained lol

  • um.. how did you guys make it work. I cannot get that price

  • +2

    I think get ready for cancellation emails

  • The best I could get was 6 hoodies (that is, 3x twin packs) for $17.57 shipped. Not disappointed tho

    • I didn't get stuff that cheap, 3 sweats, 3 jeans, 9 t-shirts for 66

  • Am i the only one that got 20% off at checkout?

    • bruh lol i guess we all getting refunds, no emails yet

  • Such an underrated deal. Scored a few henley tops (6) and slim tees (3) for $16.

    Well done OP and thx!

  • Seems like the more people add the cheaper it becomes. I hope everyone gets the orders honoured.

    Also seems to be cheaper when buying the same items 3 times even if it is same cost as a different item. So mix and match costs more. But oh well I mixed some shirts with a hoodie. Then ordered other shirts separately

  • Code worked when I checked out as guest this time
    I had to pay shipping


    18+15 pairs of boxers
    6 X 3 pks, + 3 X 5pk
    32 pairs for $62


    I'll probably gift some for Christmas or something, have no need for all of these.

    • Dunno why but when I add stuff for let’s say $300 it shows just $100 discount with two codes..
      Not sure where am getting it wrong ..
      Are these codes applicable to select specific products only?
      What’s the trick?

  • pro tip: after you've first used DIGITAL20 for one order, you're free to go with CHERMSIDE20 for your second!

  • No way they honor this hahaha, worth a shot as always though :)

  • Honestly I feel a lot of orders will get cancelled, it's almost like H&M is giving away stuff for free and only charging for shipping.

    • Yes, it seems like a glitch. No way will they honor I think

    • They're not even charging for shipping if people use the free shipping code

  • discount just takes off 20% for me

  • +3

    Ha got 15 pairs of jeans for $60

  • How do you get free shipping? Sign up as a new member ?

    Edit: you do :)

  • similarly, can be applied on the "3 for 2 kids staples" offer too, but the discount isn't as heavily discounted compared with the men's

    • My nephews birthday in a month, so now I gotta dig into this lol

  • Cracking deal, but all the skinny sizes are already gone.

  • Thanks grabbed some stuff, didnt think to hard, just what was in stock in my size!

  • has anyone got any confirmation emails :/ its been 5 hours, i bet the management team is having a meeting rn on this fookup

    • I ordered 2 times, one with card and the other with paypal, both got the confirmation order/invoice within 1 min of purchase.

  • +1

    that way I only have to wash my socks about 12 times a year

    That has to be the most Ozbargain thing I've ever read.

  • 3 x short sleeve t-shirts, 3 x long sleeve t-shirts and 3 x track suit pants for $56 down from $150, thanks OP.

  • +1

    3 for 2 code doesn't work, price doesn't change

    • Same here, not working for me

    • Same here, error is 3 for 2 discount code not applicable. I think they fix it.

  • +1

    Looks like it's patched now. Can only add a max of two codes/offers. Error reminds me of an old programming 101 exam question…

  • +1

    Was playing around with it for too long. Seems they've fixed the glitching prices mostly. 3 for 2 now selects the cheapest of the items for free, before it was random by adding and subtracting different items.

  • Played around with my second purchase for too long. They've patched it.

    • +2

      My thoughts exactly. OP's heart was in the right place so you can't fault that

      15,000 clicks equals a lot of orders and most likely cancellations, sheesh

  • +1

    Yup, they’ve patched it already. It’s either DIGITAL20 or 3 for 2 code. Can’t use both codes in same transaction

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