expired Free ASUS Transformer Prime GPS Extension Kit


Came across this, don't own a prime and unsure if there is any postage associated (someone post if there is or isn't a postage fee and I'll update thread). But thought some maybe interested.

Asus.com.au news http://www.asus.com.au/News/QbM0PtiWfxzJ0byG/

Video of GPS add on

Edit: Manual found here

"To our valued customers:

Thank you for purchasing the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, and helping to make it the most popular Android based tablet since its launch in December 2011. We greatly appreciate feedback about our products from you, and we take this feedback very seriously. The response to the Transformer Prime generally has been overwhelmingly positive, but we understand that, in certain situations, the GPS functionality has not met some users’ expectations.

Free Dongle!
Although the Transformer Prime is not a professional GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to customers we are offering all Transformer Prime owners a free external GPS extension kit, called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience. We are pleased to announce this offer as part of our commitment to customer service, but it does not replace, alter or amend any existing warranties you may have. For more detailed information about this offer, please click on the link below. We also encourage you to contact your local ASUS customer support hotline directly if you are experiencing GPS related problems.

ASUS prides itself on delivering an unrivalled user experience, and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that our customers may have encountered."


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    I dont have a prime either but thats pretty awesome of ASUS :)

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        Similar to the loss of reception on the iphone 4 when holding it differently…

        Atleast they had the balls to say we Mod: Foul Language up and we'll amend that for free. No one is going to recall such a large scale item for an issue affecting only the small amount of people who use the GPS.


          With the iPhone 4, Apple did their part by offering a free bumper case or a small reimbursement GLOBALLY. (Asus won't ship the dongle to Italy or Greece).

          nhand42 is just pointing out the hypocrisy:

          If Apple does it - people will bash Apple and feel that they are entitled to some sort of compensation

          If Asus does it - people thank Asus for rectifying the issue

          Double standards, how does it work?

          To be fair, I think Asus is pretty awesome at giving away a free GPS dongle, but its an eyesore with the dongle attached to the tablet.

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          How does it work?

          Asus aren't arrogant and they don't market themselves as a snooty brand.

          If you aren't arrogant, people won't be so quick to attack.

          PainToad - the reception problem is real and has been proven everywhere. It loses more signal from the grip of death compared to other phones. Why would the 4S have a different antenna design if the 4's antenna was working perfectly?

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          How much is a bumper case worth? Yeah retail might be $30, but when you buy in bulk it prolly cost apple at most $5 each. Added on to the extra premium you pay for an iPhone, ermmm…. You get the drift. Apple makes easily makes a 500% profit on each of their iPhones, and i reckon people expect perfection at that price.

          As for the reception issue, i do get poorer reception vs my samsung with the death grip. Not significant but it is present. I just hold the phone a little more loosely and it's fine.

          I agree tho, the dongle will be a hassle and an eyesore.

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          $5? c'mon… 50c maybe! :)


          That's why i said at most. $5 is being generous in case some Apple fanboy comes along and complains. LoL.

          @paintoad: You may have the newer version of the iPhone 4 which Apple quietly "fixed" it. Only the first few batches which were heavily affected. The rest still have the issue but it's not as significant. Also the newer basebands modified the algorithm for calculating the signal. I take it you're a Fanboy and happy with the fact that I said $5 and not 50 cents right? LoL


          @ paintoad are you saying that a bunch of Youtube users bought the Iphone 4 just so they could say bad things about it?

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          I think more so with the iphone it was due to a reception issue would cause major issues with the devices intended functions, being a phone. IT could cost money to businesses, and inconvenience a large quantity of the market.

          That is different to occasionally poor GPS performance on a tablet that 90% of people would only use for web surfing and other non gps location critical use. Apples and oranges really.

          For the record, i bought a asus prime for my father, and the GPS works fine when i set it up for him. As it implies, the issue does not apply to everyone and its a feature that is not critical to the device, as call reception would be for the iphone.

          But i do understand the inconvenience a dongle might create, however i dont imagine it would require a recall at all.

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          Apple only decided to continue the bumper business because they got sued.
          They never admitted publicly it was their faulty design, but was quite obvious internally it was Apple's fault, since they fired the Executive which was responsible for the iPhone 4 Antenna.

          Also got to remember, they blamed the user for their poor design of the antenna.
          Steve Jobs: This only happens when its held the wrong way.

          Where as Asus is admitting their issue and still providing a solution for free.


    Excellent, just applied for it!


    Excellent! I had thought I read this was only for US customers.


    It's talked about on Whirlpool.
    Awesome pfft…defective product in the first place.
    Have to carry around and uses up battery.

    That's why I'm waiting for the TF700 GPS issue fixed and no extra parts!


      I think it was pretty good of Asus, must have cost a bomb. Plenty of tablets have really crap Wifi and get away with it

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      what did you expect them to do? The fact that they even offered something is worthy of notice.
      You're holding it wrong debacle was ridiculous and nothing was done about it.
      SGS gps problems were well known and Samsung barely fixed that problem either

      I suppose you run a multi-billion dollar company and suggest what Asus could have done?
      If you don't have a prime, you should be making any judgements anyways, if in fact you do, seeing as how you are whirlpool savvy and would have read about it there, shouldn't have bought it or returned it.


      er, a built-in GPS will also use up your battery.

      Out of curiosity, what do people use the GPS on their 10 inch tablet for?


        Um… Geo-tagging photos (though it is a bit funny taking photos with a 10 inch tablet). GPS Navigation (big screen… but it is not easy to mount - a bit too big).

        To be honest though, neither Android tablets nor Apple iPads purposely put a dedicated GPS chip. It is there because either the CPU/GPU company included it (nVidia) or the 3G/4G chip company included it (Qualcomm). Thing is, once it is in there, people expect it to work properly.

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    I don't own one, but I just fbed my friend who has. He should be very pleased. =)


    nice post! gotta love my prime more!!!


    Asus really are a good company. It would have been easy enough to PR this away, but they have done the right thing.
    Only concern - It looks like you can't use the Keyboard dock and the GPS dongle at the same time?


    About time a company took the initiative to keep the customer happy. This makes the TFP even better!


    I have a eee pad transformer TF101G. am not able to get dongle following the instructions. can anyone tell me if i am able to get one with my model ASUS. Thanks

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    Looks like a dodgy website to me, who spells like this;

    "*The offer will expire on 31th of July, 2012 (PST)"?


      Possibly someone whose first language isn't English? That doesn't automatically make it dodgy.


    Has anyone actually recieved their dongle yet? I requested for mine back in April and still nothing yet in the mail.


    Im still waiting too!

    I only ordered mine 2 weeks ago.

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      Maybe the delivery driver uses an ASUS Transformer for directions and he's lost. Or the shitty battery died. Or he download some malware off Market and his tablet is screwed. Or he bricked his tablet cause he was forced to upgrade to an unofficial rom as manufacture dropped support after 6 months.

      Trolololololo :)


      mine arrived yesterday.

      Colour matched too!

      Dont know how practical it will be though, since its another piece i have to carry around.