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3M 9123 P2 Disposable Particulate Respirator 3-Pack $9.50 @ Woolworths ($9.03 via Price Beat @ Officeworks)

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    oot of stoock

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    Mask restrictions are easing and hence why these are starting to drop

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      Restrictions easing doesn’t mean COVID has magically disappeared. I won’t be stopping wearing masks. It’s a small inconvenience to keep me and family safe.

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    These ones hurt my ears if I wear em for too long. They're definitely nice and snug, especially when you use the clip, but that top string gets to me. YMMV.

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      I used to have the same problem with respirators, so I'm now wearing them with "ear savers"

      • Ear savers will change your life, especially if you're wearing glasses or have hearing aids.

      • Mind blown. Didn't know these existed.Thanks!

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      These ones have a hook, which connects the bands behind your head.

      • That's the clip I'm referring to.

  • I still get those Cambridge Masks which have washable filters that don't need changing.
    Not so cheap, but it time, maybe money and hassle of finding a new mask or filter every day-or-so.

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      The vent means it doesn't count as a mask in some states (forcing your unfiltered breath out through one hole is worse for spreading disease in that direction)

      • The masks comes with a method to seal the vent, and a sticker to say its not active

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        which states? sounds like fake news

    • Is this the one you were talking about? Does the filters comes with the original pack?

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    I love a deal with citations!

    Restrictions are easing but they're still a good idea. Thanks tonester

    • I've switched to Aura 1870+ which are becoming easier to buy. They are more comfortable and better protection.

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    Cheaper on Amazon if you need more. Amazon has 25 pack for $67.34.

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      If you mean the PPETech ones, I just received my order after about 4 weeks (to WA). They took a week to post them.

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        Sold by Amazon. I bought yesterday and it ships out today.
        3M P2 Particulate Vertical Flat Fold Disposable Respirator 25 pack https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09BCL727W/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt…

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        PPETech seems like a VERY dodgy company to me. Supposedly have a mask manufacturing facility in Australia but are not even registered for GST.

        • I agree. I bought some about 3 weeks ago and they haven't shipped yet. Their website claims Fast Dispatch and Delivery so after a week I emailed them enquiring about dispatch and they seemingly couldn't be bothered replying. Now I see they also have CURRENT DISPATCH 15 BUSINESS DAYS. So it's been 15 business days and still no dispatch notification. They may be busy but that doesn't excuse poor service in my books.

        • Agree PPETech they seem dodgy - their reviews on Amazon show signs of straps breaking after minutes and poor quality control https://www.amazon.com.au/Australian-Disposable-Breathable-C…

          My guess is that they bought Chinese machines and use Chinese raw materials

  • These ones didn't fit me too well, felt like the ear loops were forcing the mask into my eyes and I was regularly having to pull the mask down over my chin, also extremely painful on the ears to use the included clip, as it positions the top elastic hard over the ears. YMMV.

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    SR9…The PPE tech from Qld.are cheaper ($59.95 shipped for 25) and Aussie made….

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    I wouldn’t make an issue of it if it wasn’t so pricey and having said that it feels fairly sturdy, but I’ve had ear strap tear of away from the stitching attached to the face mask.
    This was after less than half an hour of wear.
    Further examining the stitching, I thought it could have had double stitching instead of just the one.
    Anyone else have this happen as I’ve not used another one since?

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    Personally would get the 3M 8205 from Bunnings instead. $45 for 20, and it uses stapled headstraps which gives you a better fit than earloops will.


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