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Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with Magsafe 15W (Black) $159 Delivered @ Harris Technology Amazon AU


Decent price for an all-in-one Apple charger (Apple Watch, iPhone and Airpod).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Upvoting cause I got one and love it. Wish I paid this price tho.

    • I’ve been eyeing this off for some time now. It looks like it is a bit top heavy, does the whole charger move around when removing the phone? And is it a two hand or one hand removal process? Thanks

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        one hand remove the phone process, its magnetic and it locks on but it's not too hard to pull it off, just a little force.. doesn't move the whole base when taking the phone off etc, like watch and pods stay put..

        i'm just using the leather magsafe case on ip12promax

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    shows 158 to me

  • Do you need to buy the mag safe charger from apple to work with this or is it all in built?

    • Already built in

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      For the price it better be built in.

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      it's Magsafe, but good idea to have a case with Magsafe etc.
      Old case wasn't magsafe and didn't have enough strength to magnet it up so got the official apple magsafe case and was all good

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    Belkin released a newer and better version.

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    Are there any cheaper options $160 for a charger seems pretty steep tbh

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      I have the Belkin version as well as 2 others I ordered off Amazon… and the cheaper ones are terrible in comparison… They are much much slower and typically struggle to charge when all 3 items are connected. I would recommend the Belkin one

    • I wouldn't say it's steep per se, considering the magsafe from Apple alone costs around $65, apple charger around $40, a 40w charger another $30 ish, a normal qi pad $10-$15, combine all that into one sturdy stand with only one cable to manage, it's a solid trio charger. I've got one, paid around $150 for it and I am never going back to having sperate chargers for all me devices.

      Also price match it with OW and save a few $: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/belkin-3-i...

    • I have 2 of the novus tech quad pad (wife and I) since Nov and works well for the price at about $60-70 each. It is a little light so when you remove iPhone 13 so just be careful when removing to prevent it from moving

      It does need a MagSafe case as standard cases don’t stick.

      The bottom wireless for AirPods is a bit small and can be tricky to get it on the right position when in the dark, when there is enough light it’s good.

      Light function is handy for me but might be useless for others…

      I don’t use the USB port at the back.

      Apple Watch port is good doesn’t fall off or anything silly

      Only comes with a 20w adapter so might need something with more juice if your charging all 3 items at once.

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    Heads up that the watch charger doesn't do the quick charging for the Watch 7!

    I bought this previously only to return it.

    Wait for this if you have a Watch 7… It's currently only available in the US :(



  • I'm really keen to find something like this for Android devices. Anyone got any recommendations?

  • Me and my gf both have - best thing ever!

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    Thanks OP, grabbed one.

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    Thanks OP, ordered.

  • re ppl asking about cheaper alternatives i have tried this style and been happy with it https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124614867081?var=425547078229. have actually just ordered another one.

    previously ordered two of this style for kids' desks https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274247477187 but would not recommend them. the bit that twists around broke off one as one of the kids put their iPad on the phone bit (but if your kids are smarter than mine you might be OK!) & I broke it trying to clip it back on. we are still using the other one and main reason i don't like it is the cords - i obviously didn't read the ad properly as hadn't clicked you actually put the watch charger into the holder on the stand. so you aren't getting an extra watch charger, and end up with a lot of cords at the back of the charger so looks messy.

    correct these cheaper ones are slower, but OK for overnight etc. also the stand style are good if your kids change their phone case every 5s as they can just get the cheap ones (a lot still charge thru even if not proper magsafe cases)

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