Cashback Not Tracking via Cashrewards Browser Extension

I usually look more often but have been distracted with household issues. I login to check the most recent purchase and find NONE of my purchases have been tracked, for 2022. I contact them and they blame their browser extension. I was pestered to install it, actually use it, and now they want me to go back through all of the transactions and spoon-feed them the details. F-sake. I replied they need to pull the extension, because it's not working, and it's going to take me half a day to look back through all of my emails to try to find them all. What's the point of it if it doesn't actually keep tabs on your purchases?

Is Shopback any better?


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  • Can't say I've had this problem using both the CR app and the desktop website in the case of Agoda. I don't bother with their extension.

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    Cashrewards often did not track for me. Got sick of chasing them up so I stopped using it.

  • Never had issues with CR tracking but I don’t use the extension.

  • You're not alone.

    Cashrewards make more money when they don't pay and blame it on the user.

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    If the extension doesn't work .
    Why wouldn't you pick up the problem after no more than a few purchases ?
    Your fault for not looking !

    Do I need to note don't use it as well .

  • No problems using their CR app.

    CR and SB both have pros and cons. None is better.

  • The CR extension works for me and better than the SB extension.

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    I have a couple of aliexpress not tracking on shopback I just realised

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    and it's going to take me half a day to look back through all of my emails

    If half a day's work is worth $5.82 then go for it

  • i prefer shopback. if shopback doesn't have it i used cashrewards.
    shopback $7106 cashrewards $3524 till date

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    Did you install the Cashrewards browser extension and just left it there active thinking it would automatically track your purchases? Or did you click Activate Now when prompted?

    I also assume you don't have an adblock of any kind?

  • Only ever had two problems with CR … interestingly, both with the same retailer … but generally it's all good.

    No difference in experience between the actual website and the browser extension in my experience (and I generally use the extension, not the website).

  • @tightarse

    Probably worth getting the official response on whether the extension is broken if that's the actual response by the rep you talked to and what was actually broken.

    I also sometimes forget to look at whether a transaction tracked if it's not immediate but they've been pretty good at chasing up even old claims so hopefully they are still about to investigate.

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    Hi Geekomatic. I can assure you nothing is wrong with our Notifier, and our support staff never eluded to this at any stage (please read David's ticket response again and you'll find I'm correct). However, I'll be more than happy to help you sort this out. The likely reason your clicks are no longer being converted to successful transactions could be because your browser may have a 3rd party plugin installed such as Honey/uBlock/VPN, or a myriad of other plugins that are stealing the tracking cookies and attributing sales elsewhere. Could also be malware, an AV protector, or even a firewall causing it. It's really difficult to know what's happening without actually being in front of your PC.

    Please note also there's no need for the aggressive responses in your ticket (#656565) with our support staff - they're human, and merely trying to help - we're not about alienating anyone. I'm going to close the ticket and we can take this discussion up via PM. I'd also be more than happy to call you if preferred and spend 30 minutes nutting everything out. I'm sure we'll get you back tracking in no time.

    Thanks for your time. TA.

    • It's now 12:30am and I'm just getting one final job done for today (yesterday now) and trying to get to bed before tomorrow's first at 7am. I wanted you to know I saw this and I'll reply to you as soon as I can get any time at all.

      Thank you

  • Having been stung a couple times I now ALWAYS try to remember to check and make sure that little browser icon is ticked before I hit 'pay now'.
    It is easy to miss, but worth a double-check.

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