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$2 off (No Minimum Spend) for Completing Challenge @ Boost Juice via App


Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the Boost Juice App on your mobile device.

Open the Boost Juice App and click on the Vibe tab. There is a multiple choice challenge question, which if answered correctly will give you $2 off. Expires tomorrow so be quick.

It looks like Boost has removed the ability to earn Vibe points with these discounted purchases which is really disappointing. It was pretty much the only time I used to buy their products (when they were on sale, to earn Vibe points). They have also removed the order history from the app.

You also used to be able to email support with Boost gift cards and they could add this credit to your account, not sure if you can still do this. Was handy if you had access to discounted gift cards.

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    So what is the answer to the question please?

    "Which of these drinks is NOT a real BOOST Smoothie?

    • Soy Sauced
    • Melon Mayo - ANSWER - CONFIRMED
    • Pineapple Coriander Twist
    • Smokey BBQ Mango

    Pretty gross drinks.

    • None of these should be real boost smoothies.

  • Is anyone else getting the "Can not find challenge with id 5" error?

  • New challenge up for today.. only $1 off. Not sure I will bother

    • +1

      Which TV show did Boost feature on in 2021?

      • ACA
      • Survivor
      • Masterchef
      • Celebrity Apprentice - ANSWER - CONFIRMED!!!
  • $6 boost question today - anyone know the answer?

    • +3


      • It keeps saying coupon is not applicable for each item I select. Did you get the same issue?

        • I think you have to order from the secret menu

          • @JHoliday: Same error here, when ordering the slamin' Pandan.

            Worked on the blue Honolulu though.

      • Nice homework.

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    Today's $1.00 off question (Sunday 27/02/22)

    Q - Which of these is NOT technically a berry?

    • Blackberry - ANSWER - CONFIRMED
  • +1

    Today's question - Ergophobia is the fear of what?

    • Not siiting correctly
    • Working - ANSWER - CONFIRMED
    • Going to the ER
    • Going to an exam
  • New question today, anyone got the answer?

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