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[Prime, eBook] Amazon First Reads: Early Access to New eBooks and Choose 1 of 8 eBooks for Free (March 2022) @ Amazon AU


Get early access to editor's picks and choose two Kindle eBooks for FREE this month (price remains $1.99 for non-Prime customers). This month's picks:

Title Genre Avg. Rating (Goodreads) # Ratings
Say Her Name Thriller 5.00 1
Scarlet Carnation Historical Fiction 5.00 5
Full Contemporary Fiction 5.00 2
Or Else Suspense 3.87 47
Cleopatra's Dagger Historical Thriller 5.00 1
This Time for Me Memoir 4.50 2
The Homecoming Literary Historical Fiction 3.74 1,200
Before the World Wakes Children's Picture Book 4.00 1

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  • +3

    Anyone read any great books recently? There's always one book you recommend to anybody who asks. What's yours?

    • +4

      The Three-Body Problem. Kept me on the edge of my Kindle and it’s the first trilogy of books I’ve read in around 10 years (not much of a reader these days unfortunately). Great if you like sci-fi.

      • +1

        Seconded - finished this recently. Not a huge sci-fi reader but really loved this series.

        • +2

          Thirded. You need to read The Three Body Problem so you can read The Dark Forest (the second book) which is even better in my opinion.

    • I have actually gone back 30yrs and am reading through The Pendragon cycle series by Stephen Lawhead, released late 80's. enjoyable read.

    • +1

      Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Space Opera (Young Adult).

    • +4

      Depends what you're after. I used to be a huge reader when I was young, but only read (and re-read) one author, then life got in the way and stopped reading. I started again mid last year and I've been making sure to spread out with authors

      So far some ones I've enjoyed so far are:

      The Martian by Andy Weir (if you liked the movie, it's similar, but I feel like the book was more in depth and better in some parts - Sci Fi)
      Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (new book from the author of The Martian. Was absolutely great - Sci Fi)
      The Bobiverse by Dennis E. Taylor (I read the first 3 books in about a week at the start of this year - Sci Fi)
      The Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson (only read the first 3 books, but it's been amazing - fantasy)
      11/22/63 by Stephen King (first and only King book I've read, and while it's on the longer side, there were time when I was reading it that I couldn't put it down - even if it meant reading a sentence or two at a time between doing other stuff. There is a TV show about it that isn't bad, but without sounding like a broken record, the book was better)

      I'm currently reading a web serial that's extremely long (for reference it's about 1.5 times longer than the entire Harry Potter series, but if you have any recommendations too, let me know! I'm always up for new books!

      • +2

        The Martian by Andy Weir

        Was one of my first audiobooks and it was quite enjoyable. Movie was quite good as well.

        Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

        YES YES YES! Audiobook was fantastic - finished this a few weeks ago and it was great.

        Misborn and Bobiverse

        Two great series. If you enjoy Sanderson then The Reckoners and Skyward are good series' as well.


        This was my first King book and it was a slog. I enjoyed it up until the last few chapters where it got a bit absurd. The ending was bittersweet though. Kind of turned me off other King books but I hear the Dark Tower is good.


        Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson is good - it's a shame that they didn't make 2 more English movies to finish it.
        Red Rising by Browne Pierce - a good sci fi series that is a constant audiobook recommendation on Reddit.
        Dark Matter, Recursion and Wayward Pines trilogy by Blake Crouch - a new favourite author of mine. These three books are great.
        A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik - A Teen-Adult version of Harry Potter but with more world building.
        Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson - 12 books so far in this series. It's a bit of sci fi fun and humour.

        • How was Project Hail Mary as an audiobook? I've only heard amazing things about it, but I prefer reading to listening - I can't seem to concentrate on listening and doing something else at the same time, and if I can't multitask while doing it, I may as well just read :P. Also to me, I'd think it's easier to know where you were if you fall asleep while reading instead of listening :P

          I've heard good things about Skyward, but haven't branched out into other Sanderson stuff yet - though I've heard amazing things about The Stormlight Archive too

          This was my first King book and it was a slog. I enjoyed it up until the last few chapters where it got a bit absurd. The ending was bittersweet though. Kind of turned me off other King books but I hear the Dark Tower is good.

          The start was a bit of a slog, but at a certain point for me it turned around. That said, I can definitely see how it could be a slog the whole way through - and there were even times towards the beginning when I was thinking of going to a different book. Also heard good things about the Dark Tower series, but not sure if I can put myself through another King book too just yet :P


          I haven't heard of any of these ones! Will definitely have a look at them and check them out! Thanks for that!

    • +1

      I recently signed up for Kindle Unlimited so my kids would stop pestering me to keep buying them books and I found the Jonathan Fairfax trilogy for myself which I have absolutely loved. Highly recommend it. British comedy-thriller. Well written, great vocabulary used. As much as British TV is different from US TV, these books differ from similar US books. Similar writing style to Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide…)

    • +2

      The Thursday Murder Club. Very lightweight comedic murder mystery involving pensioners. Very easy reading but also very enjoyable.

  • +2

    Thanks for the goodreads links on your table. Helps a lot!

  • +2

    I dont see where you can chose two

    • +1

      You can't. Amazon are telling a fib! Not sure there's two worth choosing anyway

  • Is it two or one free?

    • +6

      I was only able to choose the one

      • me too for the past few months at least.

    • I can only pick one as well

    • Only one here as well

  • Thanks! I am eligible for two. I got Say Her Name and Full. Usually enjoy the freebie novels, even if they aren't always ground-breaking fiction haha

    • +3

      Oh wait, it said I could have two but then only allowed one. Now i wish i clicked Say Her Name first :( I got Full for free only.

      • -1

        Thanks, I got the one you didn't get

        • Awwwww enjoy!

        • Can u dedrm it on calibre and give us a link?

  • Thank you. I find these posts really helpful.

  • Account needs to be registered with Amazon.com.au.
    Wish would work with Amazon.com

      • Unfortunately not.
        My Amazon account is com.au, but my kindle account is com, and for some reason audible is complaining about it.
        Guess it's time for me to switch region

  • As usual with these collections, only 1 out of the 8 are male authors.

    • Male/female doesn't concern me. I don't pick a book based on whether they are male or female.

      What matters to me is that there's rarely ever a sci-fi option.

      It's usually thrillers, historical fiction, a memoir and a children's book…

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