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Michelin Hydroedge Wiper Blade $11.99 Each (Was $15.99) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Good quality wiper blades, in store only
Made in Vietnam

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    From my previous experience, these blades were terrible. Had to replace them after 3 months even though car was parked in the basement most of the time

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      I agree with you, mine doesn't last long at all and they start to shudder

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      Yup. Don't waste your money. The rubber goes hard and gets very noisy after a few mths

  • Happy with these, they work well. Approx 12 months old at a guess - make sure your wiper arms actually sit flat to the screen as well…

    Hint - often you can use slightly longer wipe blades than spec to give more coverage so don't be afraid to go up a size or two so long as you can see there won't be an issue with hitting screen surrounds etc. E.g. on one car I went from 2 x 22" to 2 x 24" and another from 2 x 22" to 1 x 23" and 1 x 24".

  • Just replaced mine with this. Very good.

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    I've never found any wipers to work as good as oem…

    • Ditto. Not used these but nothing I’ve used are as good, or last as long as OEM wiper blades, I just stick to OEM blades. Mine are about 30-40 a pair but are they twice as good? Yes

    • Bosh ones are good. No car manufacturers make wiper blades. They are rebadged

  • My wipers went down to the metal

  • worked fine for me, wipes it clean too. my car sits outside in the sun and elements. my wipers are still going strong without a hiccup for over 12 months now. i don't know why everyone is saying how terrible they are.

    perhaps the complaints are coming from people that don't know how to operate wipers properly. whether it is dry or rainy, you always have to shoot the windshield washer fluid for 3-5 passes. using it without the windshield washer fluid will ruin the wipers fast. the washer fluid works as a lubricant so it can wipe without friction and won't erode the rubber on the blades. I'm going on 18 months now with the same wiper. i haven't changed them yet because it is still wiping perfectly.

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    They're terrible.

  • Rubbish quality

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    If you have a Japanese branded car, try Denso, they supply most Japanese manufacturers! These Costco wipers did not last as long but then you could get 3 for the price of 1 Denso!

    • Where can we buy them?

  • My last replacement was in August. Now they're skipping on the right hand side.

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    BOSCH Aerotwin are worth the extra money IMO.

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    Bosch all the way. Invest in AeroTwin or whatever the new ones are called, and don't worry about it for another 5 years.

    • 5years, are you serious? I've never had wipers last that long.

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        Yep, my old car, which sat outside in the elements, I put Bosch AeroTwins on around 2016, still wipes like new (car was sold to a friend, I still see it occasionally).
        Of course you should take care of the windscreen to get all the bits off it, but in terms of longevity of the rubber, I will always go to Bosch. I've been stung by Tridon curveblade, which only lasted about 6 months before streaking started, and they're $35+ each.

  • Using these on my car, replaced a year ago. Shuddering presently however, I guess that's because I never cleaned my car in the the last year and a crow hit the vipers @ 80km/h and had to hand-fix them in a hurry during a road trip. And used rain-x water repellent on the windscreen a lot. Planning to realign the viper arm properly and clean both the rubber and the windscreen but have just bought another pair (just in case if shudder doesn't go away after cleaning).

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