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Nivea SPF 50+ Sunscreen 1 Litre $15.45 ($13.91 S&S, RRP $33.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon Australia


My favourite SPF50+ sunscreen is on sale at Amazon, and undercutting Chemist Warehouse by around $5.

I go through a lot of sunscreen each summer, and I've tried all the big brands (Cancer Council, Banana Boat, Le Tan etc) over the years, but keep coming back to this very good product from Nivea. My own experience is that it will still be suitable-for-use next summer if you don't finish the tub this season.

About this item:

  • 4 hours of water resistant sun protection
  • SPF50+ Sun Lotion which offers high sun protection while specifically formulated to feel like an everyday body moisturiser.
  • Sunscreen made in Australia, for Australian conditions
  • Sunblock formulated with Vitamin E & Panthenol to help you moisturise while you protect your skin
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  • +2

    this very good product from Nivea

    Couldn't agree more, it smells nice and not too sticky.

    • +4

      that's what she said

  • What’s everyone opinion on this one? I hear people say it’s too greasy so it’s best used on the body. I really like the ‘sensitive’ sunscreen from nivea but not too sure about this one

    • Everyone's skin type/moisture level/pigmentation etc is going to be different, so it is hard to give a blanket recommendation.

      I have Mediterranean skin - I tan very easily, below-average dryness, but I still want to protect myself from the scorching Perth sun with a quality product. I apply this product everywhere on my face and body, and when I travel to Spain, that means EVERYWHERE.

      My suggestion would be to buy a smaller tub of this (100 ml) for $4.50 and give it a try.

    • This is much, much better than the stuff from Priceline that is a few bucks cheaper. I use it for beach and sports.

  • -3

    “Panthenol”? Doesn’t sound too moisturising to me.

  • +1

    Best sunscreen I have used. Not too oily.

  • I use this sunscreen for good quality to price, but I'll usually put something better/more expensive on my face as this one usually makes my face look quite shiny

  • +1

    Anyone know of decent priced big size (cause i burn under the moon) sunscreen that also thinks about the coral reefs ect? Happy to spend more than average, just hard to find big sizes.

  • I've stopped using this sunscreen as it leaves yellow stains on white clothing.

  • Wonder if the recent rainy weather has anything to do with this sale

  • The only marker that really seems to change skin cancer is the whiteness of your skin. Sunscreen should help against photoaging though.

    I hope someday these sunscreens are just seen as supplementary, and there will be some medical options to finally put an end to the skin cancer epidemic, e.g. inducing latino-like melanin so our skin cancer rates can match theirs which is obviously far lower.

  • +2

    Generally like it, but my kids got hold of it and decided to waste it all over the outdoor cushions, floor and our nice blue rendered wall like it was a pollock contest. Then noted that it is really hard to clean out, at least more so than the banana boat mess they made. Cushions have a stain, not from me, that doesn't seem to wash out. Wall has splatter marks that I can't even pressure wash out without chipping the render. Floor has stains too but I'll try and clr that at some point.

    Anyway I like it, but don't drop it on stuff.

  • one of the worst sunscreens i have ever used, lather up the whole body, only to get so burnt (yes i re lathered, and shaded after swimming). compared to other ones ( banana boat) i would never recommend or buy again.

    • +1

      Years ago Choice tested major sunscreen brands and Nivea was one of the worst, lucky to get even half of their stated protection factor.

  • Looks like this is available again

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