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Wang Lao Ji Canned Herbal Tea 310ml (Pack of 6) $5.40 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Nice to see the stock back again!
Sugar, Mesonas Chinesis, Plumeria Rubra, Microcos Paniculata, Chrysanthemum, Ioncera Japonica, Prunella Vulgris, Licorice

Updates: In stock again!

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  • +15

    Best served chilled , good for addressing ‘yeet hay ‘ 热气‘

    • +22

      Second main ingredient is sugar (after water), that help increase your yeet hay I suppose lol!

    • It's pretty sugary drink not really good

  • +1

    What does wang tea taste like?

    • +16

      sugar, their first ingredient in the list is sugar

    • +1

      Chinese herbs and sugar (to make it go down)

      • +3

        Awright Mary Poppins…

    • +2

      Like Wang.

    • Can I say half sugar coke + herbs?

  • +7

    Cancel culture has gone too far. Who's this Wang fellow and why is he against tea?

  • +1

    I’ve personally never had a preference for straight up Wang but it’s 2022 so no judgment.

    • +1

      When they thirsty it's time to bring out the Wang.

  • +5

    honestly just buying a pack cause people on here seem to like it, i'm gonna give it the good ol' ozbargain try.

    • +1

      It's an acquired taste, more herbal in flavour than actual tea.

      • I'm ABC…i got dis XD

    • Update: I got my order, it came damaged from amazon, had a puncture through the cardboard box and one of the cans was pierced….i've just opened my first one, it tastes like my childhood. If you're asian and ever had Grass Jelly Drink, it is essentially the same taste except without the Jelly. Hope that helps people :)

  • Has anyone tried this one before?

    Yeo's Lychee Drink 6 Tetrapacks, 1500 ml $3.70

    • +1

      It's more of a nostalgic drink for those growing up in South East Asia. It's pretty much cheap artificial lychee flavoured drink.

    • Have you had canned lychee syrup? Tastes similar but more watery, less syrupy, and better chilled.

    • +1

      A reminder that I grew up poor (though still poor according to studies in ozbargain members average salary reports.)

    • If you look at the ingredients list, it says: Water, Sugar, Lychee Juice (2.5%), …..

      So, it's just sugary water with a tiny dash of lychee thrown in so that it can be called a "lychee drink".

  • +1

    How much is it normally ?

  • I miss drinking this when I have mala hotpot!

  • I’ve never liked the stuff much, too sweet and thick. To each their own though, it’s popular enough.

  • Where did you first drink it?

  • Just beware the sugar of this is nearly same as coke
    26g sugar per can

    I used to love drinking this while having Chinese hotpot, but stop drinking since knowing how sugary it is

  • add to cart and buy it now link not working? have anyone experience the same?

  • +1

    Unavailable now.

    • +1

      In stock again

      • +1

        Thanks for the update, ordered some :)

  • Sugar canes juice.

  • Good price, but Temporarily out of stock now.

    • In stock again now

  • Wang? Buy!

  • Where can I get the Sugar Free version?

  • just normal price at asian groceries.

  • Actually nice taste this one. But definitely not drinking this for 'health' reason.

  • Merged from Wang Lao Ji Canned Herbal Tea 310ml (Pack of 6) $5.40 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

    Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea is a popular herbal beverage refined by a modern scientific process in China. Made of high-quality ingredients. It is an energizer that helps to clear away toxic heat and promote saliva. It also helps to relieve cold, sore throat, dampness heat and thirst. Packed in 600 ml can. Comes in a pack of 6.

    • Does not help.

    • +2

      This is always 5 4. Where is the bargain

    • +3

      According to the camels this is a big 0.10c saving.

      • +1

        In 2020 ? Lol

    • +7

      … herbal beverage refined by a modern scientific process in China. Made of high-quality ingredients.

      I really love this tea, but… really? I might be wrong, but I just look at it as any other soft drink that's filled with sugar! hahaha!

    • +5

      I bought this last time it was posted. This Amazon review put it well: "taste is foul almost like you have left a cup of tea out with 15 sugars and took a drink a week later after it's been sitting out".

      Still have 5 cans of this in the fridge.

      • +1

        I share the Amazon reviewer's opinion, though I somehow manged to get through two whole cans.

        My plan is to foist the remaining four on unsuspecting visitors.

        • +2

          My plan exactly!

    • -1

      I would love a deal on the green Schweppes Creme Soda my asian grocer has. It's sold in a 6 pack like this on the same shelf.

    • Is there any herbal component in this? Or just a sugary drink?

    • +8

      Yeet hei cured

      • Haha combo with a kfc deal to increase yoeu Yeet Hei.

    • Same price less than 1 month ago, I thought the rule is you don't create a new post if it's under 1 month? Maybe mod can clarify?

    • +2

      I don't mind this drink. But it is basically Diabetes In A Can. Sugar syrup with a hint of tea flavour.

      If you've not tried it, and don't mind very sweet drinks, give it a go. But maybe only buy one or two until you know whether it puts you into hyperglycaemic shock.

    • +1

      5.4 is everyday price.

    • What’s Toxic Heat that is can cure?

      • Internal heatiness. it's a concept you might not have heard of or believe.

        • -1


    • Chinese Coke !

    • The drinks you serve to your in laws.. correct name for this drink, "Yo Goh Hom"

    • Thank you, I was suffering from toxic heat and not enough saliva. This helped.

      Not a bargain.

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