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Kisha Smart Umbrella US$100 (~A$137) + Free Shipping to AU (Was US $130) @ Kisha


Hi Ozbargain community. In March we're giving away FREE shipping to all our Australian customers. A bit about Kisha Smart Umbrella Classic (we have several models, check out availability on our site):

Kisha Classic Black - Smart umbrella like no other!

Our flagship smart umbrella, Kisha Classic Black is a perfect choice for everyone!

Pair it with your smartphone and enjoy any weather knowing that you will never leave your Kisha behind.

Manufactured to perfection, our 100% windproof umbrella is able to withstand winds up to 140kmh / 85mph - it will keep you dry in any rainy and windy city.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Kisha Classic Black is built for one, but can easily fit two people with a canopy diameter of 120 cm / 47.24 inches.

Quick Facts:

Bluetooth (TM) Connected Smart Umbrella
Free iOS and Android App
100% Windproof
Built with 16 fiberglass ribs
1-Year Warranty
Award-winning packaging will make Kisha stand out as a perfect gift for your loved ones!

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  • Price in title please

  • +28

    $100 for an umbrella, yeah that will definitely be well received

    • +6

      Gotta save for a rainy day… literally!

      • +2

        Agree. if it was sunny this would be a shady deal

    • +1

      Sounds as crazy as 180 for a gaming mouse

    • +2

      That's USD… $137…so even more ridiculous

  • +5

    Heard about these yesterday.
    Clicked the link and saw the price.
    I think I can afford to lose a couple of umbrellas.

  • +24

    how dumb would you have to be…to buy a smart umbrella?

    • +1

      that too for 100+ dollars

  • +8

    Laughs with a $12 Bunnings umbrella

    • +5

      Laughs even louder with a $2.99 Ikea umbrella - then remembers that they were briefly 99c and cries.

      • +4

        Tie an AirTag to it and make it smart. Your $12 becomes $130 umbrella

        • $12 + $40

    • Laughs in $10 Coles umbrella.

    • -2

      These are my go-to and I tell everyone about them. I've bonded with a few strangers over this umbrella

      • Heyyy Simon !!

  • +20

    Call me crazy but this seems expensive for an umbrella.

    Ozbargain is a community based website for posting bargains, this seems more like free advertising.

    • +1

      Ozadvertising posts always have titles that make it seem they’ve never even been on this site.

  • What an era…… we need smart umbrellas coz many humans aint smart.
    Put a smart or organic etc in front of whatever and people will go crazy for it.

    • +2

      organic gluten free almond milk umbrella ?

  • +2

    With that price, you better be giving lifetime warranty

  • Id say its the perfect choice for everyone!

  • +2

    Is it bullet proof like James Bond’s?

    • +1

      It might help you land like Mary Poppins

      • I was thinking Kingsmen!

  • +7

    What is it with the obsession to connect everything to your phone

    • +1

      So that the manufacturer can steal & sell your personal details and files on your phone. That's why it is called "smart" umbrella 🤷‍♂️

  • +3

    Is it just cheaper to put a apple airtag to a normal umbrella?

  • +3

    doesn;t look as nice as a blunt

    • thanks for your comment - it's a bit more robust and more classic :)

      also, you have ladies models if you'd like a more fashionable one

      • +3

        More robust? Blunt offers two years warranty whilst Kisha is one year.

        • +1

          Quite the claim too. My Blunt is sturdy as heck, and much cheaper on sale.

  • +14

    A solution looking for a problem

  • +1

    Award winning packaging ffs

  • +4

    able to withstand winds up to 140kmh

    Ever tried to use an umbrella in hurricane force winds?
    Now that wouldn’t be very smart

    • +3

      Duh. It is wind proof! Making the user invincible to wind.

  • For that price it will need to shield me from lightning as well

  • Bluetooth (TM) Connected Smart Umbrella
    Free iOS and Android App

    What is the smart function?

    • +10

      making these for $3 and selling them to suckers for $135

  • -3

    Not a good product-market fit at this price, OP, imo. You’d have to come in under $30 AUD. And even then, I prefer another commenter’s idea of just gluing an Apple AirTag to your existing Umbrella.

    Now, if these were Kevlar Bullet proof umbrellas, and this website was called UkrainBargain, you might have a product-market fit…

  • +2

    Less than mildly curious so took a look at info/reviews on YouTube. All videos appear to be more than 7 years old so seems like this product is 7+ years old. Wot. Even that internal battery would make me nervous. Sounds like it's been in someone's warehouse since the Greek debt drama.

    • Surprisingly, I watched a tech review yesterday night only which gave this Umbrella a high point. But 100+ AUD for an umbrella is kind of Anti deal for me.

  • +1

    1 year warranty and over 100 dollars. No deal

  • +3

    Is it April 1 already?

  • Good to see Ozbargain letting amazing deals like this through, cant wait to see whats next, $300 for a pack of gum

    • that's coming, I'm sure. smart gum that lets you see your innards…

      • Well we better see it here on OB first, we are running out of good ol fashioned high priced deals

  • +2

    10 bunnings umbrellas will last10 or 20 years, or even more, unless you lost one each time it rains.

  • What makes it worth $100? Lifetime warranty?

  • +1

    Manufactured to perfection, our 100% windproof umbrella


  • +1

    $100 with anti missile ? I would buy one if come with anti missile

  • +1

    This product is for anybody who simply wants the best thing in life (has to offer). May be hard to believe, but there are such lots out there in the wild. Who knows, they may even trolling Ozbargain just for a laugh.

  • +1

    Shipping is not free, marked as $60 at checkout

  • +1

    I want to see someone hang on to a 120cm umbrella in a 140km/h wind - that would be fun :-) Mary Poppins on rocket fuel.

  • +1

    I am here for the smart comments. Wasn't disappointed.

  • Do you need to hold the umbrella? Or will it hover up our head at this price?

  • a) If you're going out in 140km/h winds, you've got bigger issues than an umbrella breaking in that level of wind.

    b) Even if it does handle that level of wind, how in the world will you be able to hold that level of sail force in your hand?

    c) $137 Australian… for that amount of money I could buy 10 decent quality golf umbrellas, and not be too stressed out if someone takes my $137 umbrella 'accidentally' out of the umbrella rack.

    No deal.

  • Post for Ozadvertising

  • Pfft, it's Summer/Autumn in Aus, who needs umbrellas???????????

  • Hi OP
    I’ll give you $12 if you include free shipping….

  • Manufactured to perfection, our 100% windproof umbrella is able to withstand winds up to 140kmh / 85mph - it will keep you dry in any rainy and windy city.

    mary poppins don't live here.

  • Ignoring the price tag and the useless smart feature, the umbrella itself actually looks well made.

    • I mean it should if it retails at a whopping 135

  • What exactly makes it smart? smart devices typically connect to google assistant/alexa. Adding bluetooth to something doesnt make it "smart"

    i could see paying $100 if it connected to your phones data, had a built in waterproof speaker and microphone and could play spotify and answer calls

    being generous its a $30 umbrella with a $5 Bluetooth module and battery built in

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