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½ Price Cygnett Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Usage Meter Monitoring $17.45 (Was $34.95) + Delivery ($0 C&C / in-Store) @ BIG W

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I saw the recently posted deal for Lenovo smart plugs, but they don't have monitoring, so thought I'd post up the BigW sale on Cygnett devices, which includes these plugs.

While I'm personally not a fan of Cygnett - after some bad customer service experiences - these could be handy for usage monitoring and remote control for 'dumb' devices. I haven't checked the chipset if it's Tasmota compatible.

::EDIT:: Looks like there's been some mixed reviews and poor experiences.
Be aware that like a lot of IOT devices, these are 2.4GHz only so you'll want a separate 2.4G network or disable 5G while setting them up (they won't work if you're using a combined 2.4/5 SSID), read the comments below for some more detailed OzB user experiences.
One user (@Bambalam) suggested Meross plugs as a superior alternative to the Cygnett one, which comes in multipacks too

Product Features:
Turn-on or off using your smart device or voice assistant | Control your appliances from afar | Create schedules and automation
Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri (Homekit) voice assistants
Monitor your appliances power usage
Space-saving design and offset plug allows access to the adjacent power socket (Comments suggest this may not actually be the case!)

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    Massive plug.

    • I found a way around this. Just get one of those angled double adapters. Been using this as a solution for bulky adapters for years when it's an issue:


    • That's super annoying given the product description specifically says "Space-saving design and offset plug allows access to the adjacent power socket" :(

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    I've got a couple of these. While massive as ca6leguy suggested (you can't use the socket next to them in most cases), they're actually reasonably good. Big loud clunk when the relay flips, but they work well and do what they say on the box. They also plug directly into HomeKit if you're not HASS-inclined, or want to deploy them somewhere that isn't.

    • Hi any delays when used this plug with homekit? The only problem I used homebridge with homekit is the delay or no response sometimes.

      • Nothing material that I've noticed! Performs about as well as the Hue and Mirabella switches I have.

      • +2

        I had nothing but issues with these plugs via HomeKit. Save yourself the headache and buy some Meross smart plugs. Been absolutely rock solid for me:

        • Yea I have to agree on both counts! These plugs constantly drop out with the dreaded “No response” message - I did the same and grabbed the Merros ones which work great. Save your cash and buy them!

        • +1

          I was having the dreaded no response issue too however once I updated the firmware to v3 I haven’t seen it since. I use it daily to turn on my coffee Machine and it’s been flawless for months. Prior to the update I was having major issues but not since.

          • @Pretzal: Same here. Already tried switching off the 5GHz WiFi, but it's actually the firmware update of all Cygnett devices through the Cygnett app that solved all 'No response' issues for me on Homekit. It's been stable since then (few weeks).

        • Awesome find, I was looking at Meross ones too but wasn't sure what they were like, and I generally prefer to steer clear of Cygnett but thought others may have had better experiences. Thanks for suggestion!

      • I bought 2 couple years ago and it worked great with HomeKit and never had any issues.
        Then I bought 2 more 4 months ago and somehow after added 2 additional ones to HomeKit…now all four are having issues where they are often tagged as "not responsive"… need to find a time to remove and readd them to hopefully solve the problem.

        • I have one, it only works with 2.4GHZ so be aware, I don't know though if other smart plugs work with both 2.4 and 5. Also for some reason it doesn't sync with the Cygnett app - so can't use the energy monitoring function.

          But when it is connected with HomeKit it works alright…. and luckily we have Apple TV to use as a hub.

          • @zenger: The first two that I bought was working flawlessly via HomeKit for couple years.. it's only when i got couple more and added them then issues are now happening to all 4…

            • @muddrex: Ensure that you are running the latest firmware. Fixed the issue for me

              • @Pretzal: Do you mean the firmware for the wifi plug? Is that done via the Cygnett app? Thanks and advance

                • @muddrex: Yes via the app

                  • @Pretzal: Thanks again. I see that there is Cygnett Smart (one i currently have) and Cygnett Home, with the latter being a newer app so I would assume I should get Cygnett Home and set it up via this newer app than the old Cygnett Smart app then.

                    • @muddrex: Sounds like a good idea if you’re setting it up again. Mine seems to work, so I’m just going to leave everything as it is for now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it kinda thing

                      • @Pretzal: Unless there's a security flaw / vulnerability - in which case I suppose it'd be "broke"

          • @zenger: They’ve released a new Cygnett app last month. Works like a charm for me now. Their old app was crap.

        • Maybe some sort of interference? Most of these devices only use a pretty crappy wifi chip built into the EPSxxx SOC and are also restricted to low power 2.4GHz so maybe they're just too noisy for each other? Either way, disappointing :(

    • Any idea whether this work with Bunning Grid Connect?

  • +2

    Good price, but mixed reviews.
    I've bought them through Amazon for only $1.50 more each, but with free delivery and easier returns if necessary.

  • +1

    Not sure about everyone else but if this plug is further than a few meters from my router or access point it simply doesn't stay connected. I have tried numerous things and have numerous other plugs from different manufacturers and they work fine. Two of these plugs, same issue.

    • Thanks for comments, will update OP given it seems like there's a fair few negative reviews on these. Meross might be a superior alternative.

  • +3

    I highly recommend no-one buys this product. All I had was connectivity issues (refusing to connect to access point, constantly dropping out once connected). Save yourself a lot of headaches and buy some Meross Smart Plugs. Mine have been bulletproof deployed via HomeKit.

    • agreed, I have a few of them and get get constant disconnects

  • +1

    For those still playing at home, as an aside there's also this now:…. Tuya, energy monitoring, thinner, and IP44 (so can use them in an outdoor powerpoint) although a bit more expensive than this ($25, cheaper with Powerpass) and pretty plasticky.

  • I've got two integrated into homeassistant via homekit. They work quite well on a seperate 2.5ghz network.
    Haven't been able to get the energy monitoring to come through tho.

    • If the energy monitoring is non-functional, it's probably a better deal to get a cheaper option that doesn't include it! Pity

  • These have issues with homekit, sometimes it would just randomly stop working and you'll have to pair it with homekit again. There are no issues using the cygnett app to control it.

  • I’ve this one work well on my rancilio coffe machine, preheat turn off done

  • I have one in the roof space.
    It monitors the heater and some lights.

    It is a pain to get connected as i had to turn off the 5ghz band, get it to connect and then turned the 5ghz back on, seems ok since, even if power drops out it re syncs itself.

    It does monitor the power, just remember to put in your unit cost

    Edit, i also have a Hue plug, so much better with connection via the bridge, but no power stats

  • Bought one, and it will not pair, these are outdated tech.
    Doesn't support 5ghz WiFi or combined SSID's (I have a separate 2.4 and 5 network anyway, still wont pair)
    Does not appear to understand how to work with an Android 12 device (it can't get the Wi-Fi name, and never used location services, even though it asks, and is granted 'while using the app') can join the device WiFi but fails to do it's Compatible Pairing Mode (AP)'
    Wasted many hours

    • This is why I have at least 2 separate SSIDs which are on different VLANs, 1 is for general home use, 1 is for IOT devices only.

      IOT one only works on 2.4GHz for max compatibility, but also means I can firewall it off and alert if there's noticeable traffic spikes (although given it's firewalled off, unlikely to be an issue).

      Thankfully I have a Unifi setup so it's reasonably simple to do so, even with only 1 or 2 actual Access Points, if you're using a consumer-grade combo router/switch/AP might be a bit trickier.

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