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Free Shipping with No Minimum Spend with adiClub @ adidas


New long running deal from adidas, with their new adiClub membership

Used to be free shipping with $150 spend for Creators Club members but they removed the minimum spend

Enjoy x

Here's the proof: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/399144/94594/screen_sh…

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    Any bargains ?

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      Oh no, not jv again

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          He's a bargainsgrabber, not bargainsgiver.

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        the ozbargain police

  • Anyone knows if the Active Prepaid card can be used ?

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    Cheap china junk

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      I bet your undies are all made in China.

  • Does the membership have any good birthday offers?

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    I've had a few deliveries from Adidas, some ok but have had some problems so probably won't bother with them again unless a massive bargain. One order they couldn't or wouldn't fullfill, just sat and sat there for ages. Spoke to them 3 times on the chat over a few weeks and each time they said they're processing a refund. Never did.

    In the end I had to put a Paypal claim in, still no response from Adidas so Paypal gave my money back when the time was up.

  • Signed up to their Adiclub offering free delivery and a 15% voucher. When I added the voucher the free shipping was gone and the cost was more without the voucher :D. Left without buying.

    • Is adiclub free to join?

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      • My Creators Club membership was transferred over and it was free to sign up previously

        Can’t see any reason if why they should change the free part

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    I signed up mid last year and after a few months I reached the highest tier membership. I did this because Adidas insinuated that highest tier members will receive priority access to Yeezy drops. Not once did I receive such notifications. A few months back I received 2 notifications to flash Yeezy sales that are only active for half hour only so that was alright I guess. Some of their completions via the app is ok. Managed to win 2 so far.

    In regards to member’s and birthday perks, when you first sign up you receive a 15% voucher, spend $500 you reach next tier and get 20% off, $1000 reach next tier and 25% off and spend $2000 reach highest tier and you get 30% off. On your birthday they send you a 15% off voucher and that’s it. You also get other bonuses like priority access to exclusive drops and stuff which are pretty pointless unless they’re Yeezys imo.They still don’t notify you in advance when it comes to Yeezys like they implied.

  • lol wtf free shipping now nice

  • Extra 25% discount on heaps of stuff. Some items have a larger percentage off.


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    Normally adidas charge delivery fee $8.95 for order below $100 or free delivery spend over $100. I was a membership for creators club then my membership automatic transferred to Adiclub. So I just tried how delivery free for Adiclub work. I just purchased one bag with 25% off from the adidas app. When check out it said free delivery just paid only the items. This is very good to be Adiclub membership. No need to spend over $100 to get free delivery l don’t know how long for this campaign but it is good for me l can buy just a face mask or sock and no need to worry about delivery fee. Adiclub is free to join. Highly recommended!!!

    • Should be a long running campaign, as if they don’t offer free shipping adidas might start losing customers

      Trend nowadays is that more ppl are shopping online

  • essentially free returns/refunds too?
    or whats the catch ?

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