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Norton 360 2022 Edition License Key, 1 Year, 1 Device for $7.50, 3 Device for $14 @ IQ Technology


Norton 360 1pc @ $7.5

Norton 360 3pc @ $14

Norton Security PREMIUM 5pc @ $34

Trend internet security 3pc 1 year @ $14.75


Digital Key send via Email.

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    Best software ever.

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      There might be people here who take your comment and "+ voted" (top comment) seriously. We don't want another outbreak of fabricated viruses

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        Fair point. Hopefully my neg vote helps.

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    Friends don't let friends buy Norton - and stores that sell systems which come with it installed charge for taking it off.

    Cut out the middle-man and just take out half of your RAM.

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      Half your RAM? What computer are you running a Commodore 64? If Norton is causing any sort of system impact then you have serious problems with your machine. This is on a 10 year old computer with an i7-3770 processor. https://i.imgur.com/pFOKCP1.png

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    You don't need Norton's resource hogging software on your personal PC.

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    This software enrols your device to become an ethereum crypto miner. It is switched on by default. Whenever you stop using your computer it will actively mine ehereum for Norton.

    This uses extra power, generates extra heat, places unwanted load on your computer - all for Norton's benefit.

    Norton is a dishonest, immoral and complete garbage of a company.


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      From your link if you bothered to read it. "By default, Norton Crypto is turned off. You need to manually turn it on. Follow the below instructions to turn on Norton Crypto and start mining."

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        You are correct - my mistake. They only changed this recently;
        - https://gamingdope.com/norton-faces-heat-for-enabling-crypto...

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          Damn. I thought you were trolling. This is ridiculous.

        • I dont know who "GamingDope" is but i cant see anything that shows its enabled by default, the website seems to have no credibility.

          The feature is strictly opt-in, only works on certain hardware and allows people to use their idle computer time to mine crypto and earn money. Granted Norton takes a sizable 15% and you get 85% but if you don't like it then don't opt-in.

    • Yeah confirming again that it is indeed switched off on default settings. The part that's outrageous is that they take 15% of the profits of your mining, and it will only mine while "idle".

  • Seems a good price.
    Anyone bought from them before?
    Is license legitimate?

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      Read from top

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      Windows Defender antivirus is free, built in to your PC and good enough. Malwarebytes (free version) is another option.

    • They have a warehouse in Melbourne. Not just some online company.

      Norton 360 ALSO include VPN and CLOUD storage + extra features.


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    Norton is the new Norman.
    Enuf said

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    Nowadays you have to pay for malware?

  • I remember while browsing at harvey norman, a sales guy tried to tell one elderly that if he bought a laptop he will absolutely need to buy office suite and anti virus.

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    Paranoia ware. If you've a legit version of Windows, use Windows defender and common sense.

    There's so much money in software like this. If you regularly download pirated games/apps then maybe you need something better… But I doubt it.

    This stuff had its day, Msoft got tired of their machines becoming spam Bot hosts, and stepped up, and built defender into the system from the inside. Its fast free and is rated amongst the top from independent labs.

    You might want some of the extra features like vpns, or password vault managers… But there are better rated options out there.

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      What spec computer and OS are you running that it causes any sort of system impact?

      • It's useless garbage bloatware regardless of the system. Use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (free edition) and you won't have any issues ever. No need to pay for garbage software such as this.

        • Windows Defender uses more resources then Norton and is not as good.

          I'm just setting up 2 new Windows 11 laptops from a recent OzB deal and Windows Defender just wiped a bunch of legitimate software i was copying off a flash drive. Some of the programs i have written myself, and they are signed with a digital software certificate. Others are completely benign executables i have run for years from reputable vendors. None of the 50 or so other AV software on VT detected any of the files Windows Defender wiped.

          I just made a small program that circumvents Windows Defender, Norton knocked it on the head instantly. I guess like others, you are just clueless and if a program that uses 30mb of RAM and 0.2% CPU is too much for your machine to handle you have big big problems.

          • @LowRange: I get that you're trying to sell your licenses and you're trying hard to defend a near-useless product given that Windows Defender is free, has virtually no need to configure (perfect for the average user) and is included out-of-the-box with Windows. Not to mention Windows Defender doesn't have a track record of mining crypto without consent.

            Independent test results:

            So why pay for something that barely matches a free product?

            I've also never encountered any of the issues you listed and I also write my own apps all the time.I have not had any virus/malware infections in 10+ years of using Defender + Malware Bytes (free edition) across a multitude of desktop PCs (at least a dozen). Perhaps you're the clueless one.

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              @Meeb: Sorry mate, i have nothing to do with Norton or the company in this deal I've never even heard of them. I just laugh at people who say a program using 30MB of RAM is bloatware and bogs down their PC. As Ramrunner said below:

              "BUT for those giving the old "resource" argument, give it up. It hasn't been a resource hog since 2008. Defender is actually worse for CPU usage for example. This is from my own observations, AND independent testing."

              Norton 360 can be run on Windows, Mac, Android and has a VPN with over 2,000 server locations, 2GB cloud backup and password manager all for a whopping $7.50

              Defender has none of that, and uses more resources. So good luck with that, and having to run Malwarebytes to back it up.

  • No paypal at checkout?

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    For those who say Norton is resource hogging - simply not true - it is in fact pretty much always in the top 4 recommended anti-virus


    IF you want 3rd party anti-virus, for protection it is actually one of the best.


    Over the last two years, the way it forces you to give up your credit card, and when you try to cancel your subscription, makes you click unsubscribe THREE times and give a reason, plus the fact it's always coming up with notifications about switching on all sorts of "features" and when the subscription is still months away from expiring throws up big red notifications and is pretty relentless, it has certainly become an absolute pain in that department.

    So in summary, I don't recommend it any more, BUT for those giving the old "resource" argument, give it up. It hasn't been a resource hog since 2008. Defender is actually worse for CPU usage for example. This is from my own observations, AND independent testing.

    I don't use it any more because I hate the nagging, but please stick to the facts.

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      I found this useful:

      @lowrange showed in another thread:

      Can turn off notifications
      turn them off in Settings > Administrative settings > Special offer notifications > Off

      (Scroll down to see Special offer notifications).


      • Thanks check! Much obliged.

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