Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB C Cable (IN STOCK)

I have been chasing the official xbox rechargeable batteries for months now.

No idea why they are so hard to find. I just purchased 2 of them via my xbox in the store.

Just trying to help the community out if anyone else has been waiting.

(UPDATE - Now fully sold out)
(UPDATE - Back in stock, again)

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  • Thanks. I actually had been chasing one for a few weeks and had an alert set in Ozbargain so this post did help for me =)

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      I had a feeling there might be a few of us here :)

      Welcome, glad to be of service.

  • Do these fit both the series x and older one x type controllers?

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      Xbox one, one x, one s.
      Series X/S.

      There is xbox play and charge which comes with a micro-usb cable for the last gen controllers.

      The model advertised comes with a USB C cable for current gen controllers.

      The battery is exactly the same and interchangeable.

  • OP - looks like back in stock

  • Mine lasted exactly 14 months and now doesn't charge anymore =(

  • Risky buying from the official Microsoft store. I bought one just after the Series X launched. It was a dud but when I contacted support they said it didn’t exist and must be a 3rd party battery. After about 20 mins of back and forth including stepping them through how to find the product in the Microsoft website, they then said it wasn’t compatible with Series X. Another 15 mins of back and forth, finally I get to a manager who agrees to send me out a replacement. It arrived only to be the older non USB-C version…. Sigh 😔

  • I've never had issues with MS.
    I returned one that died after a few months and was replaced without question.

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