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[PC, Steam] Elden Ring CD Key US$41.18 / A$55.72 @ All You Play


Elden ring for a cheap price I've found it to be $41.18 usd at ALLYOUPLAY and you can use PayPal as well!

EDIT: Now it's $43.68 usd when you use the discount code ALLYOUCANPLAY in the checkout cart!!! Credit goes to @foohy in the comments section.

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  • ($41.18 USD)

    showing $45.75 for me.

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      When you checkout there's an automatic discount for some reason

      • thanks

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      Try fingers
      But hole

      • +5

        Lover, O lover.
        Time for pickle.

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          Pathetic sort ahead

  • Product is not available for you or for your country

    for me

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      Worked for me man, idk what to say

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        Yeah weird, worked on mobile, cheers

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    Thank you worked for me!

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    It's saying your billing address isnt matching your location. :(

    • I'm getting that too.

      • I worked it out.

        If the currency is in Euro and not USD don't even bother it wont work you need a different connection changing from WiFi to Mobile Data worked for me or can try a VPN and when you see store in USD you all good.

        • Using mobile data works, thanks mate.

    • Try mobile, other people are reporting that worked

      • I tried mobile first and then PC.

        • Is your steam account in Australia?

          • @Toffcuz: Yup but I didn't register with Steam. I also notice you listed it price in USD but when I click the link the store currency is in Euros not sure if that's the issue or not doubt it.

            • @shano: It probably is the issue, I never saw euros, I only saw usd the whole time

    • Same here - phone

      • Is your PayPal account the same email as the account you registered for allyouplay?

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    thank you, worked for me as well

  • the purchase went through, but sitting as "pre-authorization" in paypal (not even visible in activities), and purchase status is "voided"?
    weird as

    • yup "Status of Payment - Voided" too.

      • Is your PayPal account the same email as the account you registered for allyouplay?

    • Is your PayPal account the same email as the account you registered for allyouplay?

      • It's different. What's annnoying is when I attempted to register with another email it blocks me saying the email existed. Found out that it's coz I logged in with google auth. I got around it by changing the email within allyouplay. that worked

        • I'm experiencing the same problem - payment went through but voided. I've just changed my email so that it matches. Did the game just show up under 'my orders' after?

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    Thank you OP,
    Sale went through fine using Paypal using Chrome on the PC.
    Price was $US41.18

    Added to Steam, no issues.

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    Thanks champ, purchased!

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    This is a phenomenal deal, I have shared it with my friends and family! thanks bud

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      Yeah mate I put it on the local newspaper too!

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        Mate it's a happy day to be an ozbargainer!

        • Sure is champ!

  • worked for me. 41.18 US same as everyone else.

    • Did you pay with Paypal?

      • +1

        yeah. their exchange rate is shitty but i had paypal balance and they wanted to charge me to move it back to my bank after i got a refund (pricks, it should have gone back to my bank as that was the payment method i used), cost about 58 AUD but still a good deal.

  • Paid with PayPal after completing the purchase it just says I haven’t ordered anything yet

    • Is your PayPal account the same email as the account you registered for allyouplay?

  • Something wierd about needing to have the same email address for both PayPal and All You Play.

    • It's for address authentication? It makes sense

      • Maybe. But thinking of it now most of my PayPal transactions involve different email addresses b/w the website and PayPal. Meh, I'll just change the login…

        • Yeah it's not hard, just sign up to allyouplay with the same email as your PayPal account

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    Worked for me, legend thanks for sharing

    • No worries, enjoy

  • Can’t add to cart anymore. Offer seems to be over :(

    • +1

      Still 41.18 usd for me in my cart, I just added it

    • Try on mobile maybe works fine for me

  • Worked fine for me. Brave browser on PC. Paid by credit card. Payment was flagged and my bank rang me but then went through ok. Steam key was immediate.

    • Could've avoided the bank flagging if you used PayPal but yeah whatever works man! As long as we playing elden ring g

      • It's not my cup of tea. Bought it for my son

  • Genuine question: PS5 version or PC (with RTX3070) on the same [email protected] monitor?

    • I'm playing with a 3070, it's smooth as and looks beautiful, ps5 would not look as good imo

    • +2

      A lot of PC players are having an occasional stutter, myself included.

      It feels like a typical console port, and the game is best played with a controller anyway, so I'd lean towards PS5. That said, I haven't looked at the performance and graphic comparisons (PS5 vs PC) so something else to consider.

  • +2

    game of the year!

  • Isn't the PC port a stuttering shit show? Would rather wait to see if they fix the performance issues before diving in

    • I've been playing with a 980ti and 98% of my playthru has been issue free.

    • Historically the devs don’t give a damn about pc ports. The dark souls pc port was absolute trash. Luckily a modded released a fix for the community (and I think he got a job for a developer now). I believe there’s a similar fix for Elden Ring but you have to apply it yourself. Unfortunately this means you don’t be able to play online while using the fix since it’s flagged in the embedded anti cheat software.

    • True, played on pc with 3070ti & although a random but stuttering is there & to much for my liking. I also get random blackout from time to time. I'll get it on ps5 when on sale.

    • I'm running on PC with a GTX 1080 and it performs well enough, but I do get random stutters which seem unrelated to general performance.

      Typical console port with minimum effort on the PC release, but it is a great game..

  • Can I send this as gift - from my steam account to another?

    • No, you can only send the person the key, I sometimes send keys via Steam chat.

  • I've used the following to mod support for widescreen and unlock fps. Few hours in and zero stuttering or issues but obviously have to play in offline mode. If multiplayer is not something you need I highly recommend these changes. I get 90+ fps outdoors and 100+ fps indoors on 3080ti.


  • Never purchased from allyouplay before and wondering if anyone has had any issues with this site. Odd that they dont let you sign up with a protonmail email address. Never come across this issue ever.

    • +1

      I purchased Elden Ring from AllYouPlay before this sale, and didn't have an issue.

      It did scare me when the Steam activation said something like 'Elden Ring EU Version' or the like.. I haven't tried playing with friends so not sure if that suggests region locking or not. i.e. if I have the 'EU version' and my friends bought from Steam official are we going to be able to join multiplayer together? If I make some friends I'll let you know.

    • They appear the be protective against charge-backs, you can't use PayPal unless the email matches the account.

  • +1

    Activated through steam and downloading now. Needed to have the same email account provided with Paypal.

    Thanks for the deal OP.

  • Ended up as $58.29 AUD through Paypal

    • It could've been a bit cheaper using your own banks currency transfer instead of PayPal they do charge a bit of their own fees on top, but yeah enjoy!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. $55.96 via 28 degrees.

  • They charged me but i didnt receive any key whatsoever. And i tried to contact their support but still no response so far

    • Same issue here. I think it's something to do with the PayPal email being different to account email. I'm hoping they respond soon.

      • Have they contacted you back yet ? I m still not hearing anything from them. What a forking joke site

  • Turns out there's two main region-locked versions you can buy, splitting between NA and EMEA: https://us.gamesplanet.com/community/elden-ring-steam-key--4...

    For Australia you'll need to buy the EMEA version. For this particular website, I don't think payment currency matters: their site has two seperate Elden Ring listings, and it'll say if you're looking at the wrong version based on IP presumably

  • doesnt work anymore, charged me $76 bucks, lucky i put in the wrong paypal email and it didnt go through

    • For me it's coming up for $54 usd now in the cart :(

  • +1

    Its showing $59.99? Im using US VPN and it says not available in your area. If using EU VPN its showing 59.99 euro. Did they jack the price?

    • yep looks like the sale is over. lowest price now is probably Indiegala @ 50USD

      • +1

        For me this deal is now showing $54 usd in the cart

        • wow.. it was $48USD just now! picked it up, said its the EU version not sure if that matters

          • +1

            @gfunk zero: If the code works in your steam account you'll be fine

          • +1

            @gfunk zero: If you sti haven't bought it yet, use the discount code ALLYOUCANPLAY to make the deal $43.68 usd in the checkout cart, I just updated the OP now with the new information

            • @Toffcuz: thanks yeah I think that was the price, happy to pay that much for a good game just hope they fix the stuttering issue

    • For me now it's showing $54 usd in the cart

      • Same - $53.99

        But, that's $72.84 AUD

  • +1

    Back down to $43.68 USD!

    • Nice spot. Good to hear!

    • Still showing $48.53 for me :(

      • When you add it to cart, another discount is applied

        • Hmm not working for me! I go to the PayPal currency bit and it's showing $48.53 USD..

          Even tried incognito too! Do I need a VPN? Would be awesome to fetch this up at $43.68!

          • +1

            @xis123: Sorry, for me a coupon was automatically applied, try this discount code: ALLYOUCANPLAY


            • @foohy: Cheers man! Just figured that out too and was about to comment back :)

              ALLYOUCANPLAY for 10% off sitewide! Someone needs to add it to the OP

  • +1

    Just worked for me thanks OP. $61 Aussie all up.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! AU$61.70. Downloading from Steam now :)

    As others have mentioned, it does show as being EU region.

    • +1

      No worries. Enjoy!

      • Will do - whenever it finishes downloading! Only 6mb/s, and I'm getting impatient :)

  • Worked for me, but to get USD pricing instead of EU pricing I had to use my mobile phone. With the discount code and after currency conversion, got it for $58.59 AUD.

  • -2

    Well that didn't work out as expected. Couldn't tell what currency they were using so carefully proceeded with the purchase and planned to stop as soon as I could find out.

    Got to the paypal stage where it says you'll be able to confirm your purchase on the next bit. I continued but the next stage was confirmation that I'd bought it. $54US/$72AUD :(

    • It says US very clearly in the ad… idk what to say to you bro except for read next time lol

      • -1

        Yeah, except when I clicked on the link, it eventually tried to charge me Euros. I tried again, and didn't get Euros this time, but was proceeding carefully as I wasn't sure if it was in USD now or not and I wanted to make sure they didn't sneakily switch to Euros like the first time.

        Doesn't forgive the fact that it said I would get a chance to review the purchase, but I didn't.

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