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Free 30-Day Trial of Paramount+ for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members @ Xbox Game Pass Perks


From Xbox Wire

When we set out to create a television series about Halo and the Master Chief, our goal was to not only create an epic sci-fi adventure that would be fun to watch, but to dive into the characters, the personal stories, and the incredibly vast and detailed universe of Halo that we have mostly only seen through the games. It is a sci-fi show about characters both heroic and fallible, about having hope against overwhelming odds, and a central question – what are we willing to sacrifice of our humanity to save it?

Today, as we hold our first screening of “Halo” the television series at the South by Southwest festival, we’re excited to share the newest (and final) trailer for the show – one that provides a glimpse into that personal storytelling side of the Halo series while expressing those central Halo themes of hope, heroism, humanity, and wonder. This is a character drama set against the backdrop of epic stakes and all the action and mystery that comes with Halo. This trailer is titled, “Look Beyond” as we all look beyond where we are today and to the possibilities ahead.

This show has been a labor of love for many and it’s an extraordinary feeling to be sharing our pilot episode at SXSW. Along with some of our amazing cast and our showrunner, we will also get a chance to discuss reactions with press and fans afterwards. It’s been an honor and privilege to work side-by-side with the talented producers and actors that have brought the universe and the characters to life and share it with the world.

Halo Perk
For our biggest fans on Xbox, we are also thrilled to announce that they can watch the series starting day one – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to stream “Halo” through an exclusive offer of Paramount+ for 30 days free via Perks, available to claim starting on March 23.

The launch of the TV series is fast approaching, and we can’t wait for you all to take the journey with us when it begins, streaming exclusively on Paramount+, starting March 24.

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  • +10

    I hope this offer also means there will be a Paramount+ AU app for Xbox released at the same time.

    • +3

      There better be!!!

      • +1

        I know, right? There’s also no app for Samsung TVs, so I’ve barely used Paramount+ since joining. Was only $6 for a year at least.

        • +3

          Yer I only watch it for the aleague but since the NRL is back on I haven’t used it since

          If they had a app on Xbox I would use it more tho

        • +3

          Yeah there is, Paramount+ released the App for Samsung TV’s yesterday, using it right now to watch A-League. I believe it will work with all Samsung’s 2018 and newer.

          • +1

            @handles1: Thanks for the heads up!

          • +1

            @handles1: This is good to know. Paramount+ was only available via the Apple TV+ app on Samsung until now.

        • just sideload one from us/uk, use it via smartphone/tablet etc (vpn if needed), or watch via hdmi from pc.

    • I've managed to download a native Paramount + app on my Xbox but it's not working yet. I'd assume it will be soon (working in the US right now).
      If not you can use Paramount + on the Xbox via either the Amazon Prime or Apple TV + app on the Xbox.

    • Does anyone know if you can watch everything free on this trial for Paramount + or can you literally only watch Halo?

      BTW - I've heard a service called Privacy which might be useful with this Paramount + deal.
      As I think they force you to use your credit card to sign up so they can force you into recurring billing if you forget to cancel after the free trial.

      My understanding is Privacy is a way of signing up to Subscriptions and trials allowing you to avoid that annoyance?

      Anyone tried it? Thoughts on if it's good or bad?

      To be clear - I have no affiliation with them - just curious.



  • +3

    Is this confirmed for Australia? Sometimes offers like these are limited to particular regions.

  • +2

    Still got a bunch of the $6 year left. My Android TV is a piece of shit so I never use it. Make the damn Xbox app, promoting on Xbox without an Xbox app in Aus is a joke.

  • I just hope the halo series is worth watching

    • From the interviews of the writers and directors, it seems to suggest that they ignored the lore and history completly to tell some random story. Only consulted with 343 for costume details.

  • I hope that this is available via the Amazon Prime client so that I can watch it properly. :(

    Using the browser on the XBox is pain. :/

    • -2

      Dream on mate

    • +1

      You can view Paramount + (all content) via Amazon Prime and Apple TV + apps on the Xbox.
      There is also a native Paramount + app coming, I've downloaded it, but it's not working in Australia (yet).

      • +1

        You can view Paramount + (all content) via Amazon Prime and Apple TV + apps on the Xbox.

        Aye but do they allow for the use of coupons (as I suspect this deal will be via a coupon)?

        There is also a native Paramount + app coming, I've downloaded it, but it's not working in Australia (yet).

        Yaay! =)

        • Yep, sorry, you are right regarding the coupon.
          Hopefully the native Xbox app starts working for Australia in the next few days :)

          • +1

            @SimAus007: Not there yet but the perk has to be redeemed by 24/6/2022 so there's time yet. =)

            sets calendar reminder to remind self :)

  • +2

    The Gilded Age on Paramount+ is very good for those of you who have the App Store $6 deal and haven’t found anything to watch on their yet

  • Don't you get 7 days free by default? They should have given at least 3 months free like xbox pass did when it came out.

  • When is Jackass Forever coming to Paramount Plus? I can't see any way of finding out what shows are on the platform as a non customer.

    • +1


  • +2

    When "Redeeming" from the Xbox app it opens the site with a 7 day trial - is anyone else having that problem?

    • Same, I went through it and it only did the 7 day offer?

      No idea why.

      • +1

        I tried again. It says 7 days free, but then going through sign up it says 30 days at the end. It's just bad design.

  • +1

    Still no app?

  • Thanks OP, claimed via the XBOX app on Windows 10 (also used for XB Pass Ultimate)

  • I claimed it, but nothing happened?

    Maybe they'll email a promo code?

    • Click redeem, should take you to Para website, during signup b4 u give credcard details it should say 30 days

      • I did, but its saying 30/3/2022?

        I went through the qr link? I think it stuffed up somehow.

        • +1

          i just clicked redeem via the Perks tab in the Windows10 xbox app, it opened a Param+ website, clicked sign-up, entered details and the usually 7 days trial is crossed out, changed to 30 days

          • @payton: I dont think I can sign up again lol. I checked and it auto- redirected from the gamepass4 site to the normal .au site when using the qr code. A warning for others.

            • +2

              @bellybama: if you didn't get the 30 days that means the offer should still be available in your xbox GPU account?
              Meaning you can delete the trial membership you made (so you wont get charged $$ if you forget in 7 days), and signup to Paramount+ with another email address (with the 30 days perk this time) …. might need a 2nd debit/credit card is all.

              That's if you're keen enough to do all this haha

            • @bellybama: It moves to your redeemed down below. Looks like a generic link tho..

              Not sure I can watch without an Xbox app

              • @bargainatoraah: Yeah, it says redeemed, but it doesn't apply to an account, or give a promo code on Xbox.

  • not seeing this under perks on both pc and mobile game pass apps.

    • It's not showing up for me either - xbox or ios app

      • +1

        Showed up for me. Gave me until 24/6/2022 to redeem.

  • Redeemed yesterday.
    No app.
    The website sucks on the Edge in XBOX.
    Poor interface.

    Tried to stream a couple of movies but it won't start on the webpage.
    Pathetic experience.


    • +1

      It's a little bit mental that they would do this campaign, specifically on the xbox, around a tv series based on a game owned by microsoft and not provide an app on the xbox.

      This goes beyond ineptitude, really.

  • Signed up for a 'free' 30 day trial and they charged my card $1?

    The service itself has to be the worst one I've used, too. No detailed information for anything, can't search by actor/director, apparently no sorting options? Rubbish.

    • Probably a pending charge, should drop off in a few days.

      • It's a "Is this card really real?" charge. It'll dissolve into the nothingness from which it came in a few days.

    • +1

      can't search by actor/director, apparently no sorting options?

      This would be the go for both Netflix, Disney+ (from memory) and Prime, too.

      The UX of all (and P+ it seems) is utter trash. It's pretty but there is little to no thought placed on usability.

  • I've clicked through to paramount via the QR, even entered in the address they provide manually, but nowhere does it mention I've subscribed.

    My account doesn't even list the sub details and it only lists $$ per month offers.

    Is there some magic to this?

    • +1


      • This sorcery allows me to watch Halo in the end so no complaints

  • How do you create Profiles for other users in your family etc?

    It says you can do that and loads of other stuff on their site but they just don't seem to exist on the Aussie version?


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