What's Your Experience When Complaining to Fast Food Joints?

A few nights ago I ordered KFC's "KFC – $20.95 Cheap as Chips (8 Pieces Chicken, 6 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips & 2 Large Potato & Gravy)" at 10:15pm (the KFC I picked up from closes at 11pm), which I thought ain't a bad deal given the very limited options I have after 10pm.

Got there and and was told that they've no chicken and have a long queue of demands before me, and wait time was about 25mins and that they can offer me some chicken tenders as replacement. I usually get one of their boxes so not all familiar with the exchange rates and said sure, after a few minutes was told that they didn't have large P&G and if they can sub with smaller sizes and I again said yep sure.

Fast forward when I got home, I got 8 pieces of chicken tenders for the replacement of the 8 pieces of chicken, and 4 small P&G (110g) in place of the 2 large P&G (410g). That seems pretty shitty, that's not a substitute… I don't know when the definition of substitute stopped being relevant to proportions and started to be about price…

I usually can't be stuffed but I thought two poor exchanges was in poor taste so I went on their website and lodged a compliant and their response was that I can take a reference number in the email back to the store and get the entire meal free of charge.

That's pretty much inline with how I think a corporate would deal with a situation, here have a freebie on us and STFU. Has yours been same/different?


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    Company or franchise?

    That said, experience varies widely. Always check what you get and don't just grab the bag and go home.

    • In this situation, yes. But normally with KFC it is a lottery to be excitedly opened when you get home, only to be disappointed you didn't win.

    • Always check what you get and don't just grab the bag and go home.

      This. Especially with KFC.

      And for OP:

      That's pretty much inline with how I think a corporate would deal with a situation, here have a freebie on us and STFU

      Yep. Corporate has had some random person lodge a complaint that they haven't verified. SOP: appease the customer (here have a freebie on us), and if symptoms persist (more complains from the same store) then they'll actually look into the issue.

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    always check order ASAP
    don't care where/what it is
    takeaway, Supercheap click collect etc

    • Yea, I always check before I leave. In my experience, mistakes are common when fast food joints are busy. It is always easier to sort it out there and then, than to make the effort to go back and get the missing/incorrect items.

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    That's about on par with my experience with KFC.

    When I complained to Hungry Jack's about cold burgers the store manager kept trying to call me for some reason.

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      for some reason

      Could it have been due to your complaint maybe?

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        No way. That’s crazy talk.

        Only ever complained once about food and it was an exceptionally poor Dominos order that wasn’t cooked properly and barely had any toppings.

        Got a call from their customer team apologising and sent me 3 free pizza e-mails.

      • Okay I'll bite. My interpretation of Veeter's comment is that they are inferring confusion regarding the choice of communication method rather than the subject of the call.

        A lot of people these days don't like phone calls, and find them unneccesary. I would agree with that sentiment in circumstances like this. If you want further information…eww but ask via email. If you want to provide free goods…email.

        I don't want a cold burger AND to be subjected to a phone call. The phone call is worse than the cold burger.

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          It's a joke, not a burger. You don't need to bite

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    Yep, McDonald's put cheese in the burger when I asked for no cheese, got a free burger after complaint

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    After working at Maccas for 7 years, it takes a lot for me to actually make a complaint to fast food companies. But I ordered a zinger box from KFC and was given 2 wicked wings and a regular burger in the box - a far cry from what my $12.45 should have gotten me.

    Complained via their online form and a manager called me a week later and apologized and was told I could have a replacement box, but given no instructions on how to claim it. Never bothered to attempt to redeem it.

    I find that the bigger the order, the more chance they will mess it up.

    • The bigger the order the lower the general quality is likely to be as it can be used to balance up smaller orders for demanding customers who ask for all the best pieces.

  • Couple of times I got home from ordering KFC and they stuffed up the order. I complained online and they gave me a $5 discount at my next meal or replacement next time I came in.

    That's pretty much inline with how I think a corporate would deal with a situation, here have a freebie on us and STFU.

    Not sure what else you want? Corporate acknowledged the mistake of the franchise/worker and offered some form of compensation.

    • Fair point from your point of view, HQ can't control everything and is patching up for something out of their realm of control.

      For the people who visit KFC 2-3x/yr at best, a free meal is not important, wish they told me what they were replacing with and then at least I could have reasoned what they offered was not rational, if that was not accepted then at least I'd have known before trying to feed a few people, it's not an amount that can easily have a price put upon.

      At the time if I knew what I was going to get I'd have picked up something from Woolies and whipped something up, this is not KFC's problem and that's fair, alas with the information I could have done things differently too.

      • You were pretty naive to expect KFC to have a full menu at 10.15. Yeah they probably should have given you 12 tenders at least plus 8 P&Gs but they may have been running short of those too. Moral of the story, go to Woolies next time you need an exact amount of food at that time.

        The response you got was fine, BTW. I had a similar issue a while ago. Ordered a meal and they gave me a smaller one by mistake. I complained and they sent me a voucher for the meal I paid for.

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    complained to maccas order 24 nuggets and 2 chips, got the 24 nuggets, no chips - got a voucher for ONE free large chips (wtf?)

    complained to maccas ordered 4 sundaes, not given a cup tray, had to quickly put 3 into cup holders and hold onto 1 on the drive - thought this would have been a basic requirement/courtesy? Complained and got told ok sorry we'll try harder next time.

    complained to kfc email about being stuffed around by delivery on doordash, ordered within 1 hour of closing, got order cancelled as driver rocked up, driver advised kfc said no chicken left. Kfc said its not their problem. Complained to doordash, said its not their problem. Order was placed through kfc app at the time, facilitated by door dash. Asked for refund, kfc said they dont have the money, doordash said they dont have it. Raised case with paypal, 30 days later no reply from either mob and got a refund.

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      Doordash are absolutely useless, I once went back and forth with them on the phone for half an hour about getting stone cold food (when the driver pulled up he had a car full of takeaway food, was obviously doing multiple orders on multiple apps, I could watch him on the tracking driving halfway around Melbourne). Talked to the store (schnitz) and they couldn't do anything as the same issue, they didn't have the money.

      In the end I emailed Schnitz, Doordash, the local Schnitz store and whatever email addresses I found on the internet for both companies. Schnitz sent me money and some coupons even though they couldn't do an actual refund because of Doordash, and said they'd look into it further to understand what happened. Doordash never replied.

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    KFC is pretty good with that kind of stuff, I just realised I had the exact same thing happen to me but they didn't ask me if I wanted tenders, I just came home and found 8 measly pieces chicken strips. I complained online and got my next cheap as chips for free.

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    The ex once got 1/2 a McChicken with no bottom bun on it…

    when she went back, they werent shocked and tried handing her the bottom 1/2 - she demanded a few fresh one… it was almost too much like hard work for them.

    • I’m imagining the first order already consumed and you returning home with half a bun then the next customer only having half a bun to fix the odd half bun problem they are left with

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    I've complained to KFC before with a similar response; vouchers for the full cost of the purchase. I'd be happy if every valid complaint was handled that way.

  • I have complained via Hungry Jack after sales review. Someone from hungry jack called back in the following weeks and offered a refund code.

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    Mediocre experience with Nando's ( missing sauce in delivery- no action) and McDonald's - gave voucher for missing items
    Guzman - got a voucher for bad nachos

    Crust pizza - gave excuses when I told the pizza was horrible

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    Order large fries ($3.50) at Maccas, but there was miscommunication and order was taken as large sprite ($4.30). Once order was clarified, supervisor/manager had to come out and change order at till and informed me that the drink cost more than the fries, and 'so we'll just give you the fries without any adjustment'.

    I responded 'how much is the difference?', response '$0.80'. I asked if they would refund that and I got a 'hmph' reaction and then the manager proceeded to refund the money.

    She then went to get large fries and filled it (I could see everything from where I was), and then just before putting it in the bad, she tipped half of the fries out and then quickly walked to me, passed me the bag and walked off. I opened bag at the counter and box was about 1/3 full so I asked another member to re-fill them. Second person went to fries stand to fill them and then manager came walking to her and asked her what was wrong.

    Manager looked at me and I smiled back.

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      I'm shocked at the pettiness and also the fact a large coke costs $4.30! haha

  • I think the success of McDonald's is basically due to "the customer is always right" policy
    They simply replace the product without question if you aren't happy, hard to argue with that

  • Im shocked they do anything.. if everytime they (profanity) up an order - specially in the drive through and if everyone complained, they'd go broke sending out vouchers and free meals

  • Yeah, I wouldn't be swapping 8 chicken pieces for for chicken tenders, definitely not 1:1 for me, and I'd have 4 small P&G for each large P&G so again off ratio.
    Not sure the rules, but it sounds like they just put a random substitute in as I think even from a substitutions perspective it sounds wrong.
    Then again, getting the meal back free of charge is probably what I expect the outcome to be, so I'd probably accept that and be okay about it. I'd also be wary at shopping at that KFC again, I typically find its the same ones that are always having to substitute or always messing up the orders. I will say though, KFC is probably the most common one I've seen stuff up an order or not have some of the main parts of their menu.

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    It's just God/the higher being(s)/whatever, telling you not to eat crap food.

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    I wish that happened to me subbing chicken pieces to tenders - tenders are all meat rather than bones so a 1:1 ratio sounds good to me - better than wings!

    I've had subbed p&g and also had two small tubs instead of one large. I was disappointed it was only two - quantity would be closer to three or four smalls.

  • Yeah same. And it happens a LOT. Generally though if I complain after incorrect order when I get home, Maccas, HJs, or KFC will call me and compensate me after taking my name next time I'm in store.

    Usually doesn't help my frustration on the day as one of my family members misses out on something (well, usually me as I then donate my food to the others), but yeah they generally "correct" their errors.

    But as I live so far away from them I would be happier if they threw in a few freebies.

  • About 5 years ago I was on holidays and got a drive through Coffee Mc Frappe drink from Maccas. Was drinking it as I drove home, found something hard and sharp in my mouth, spat out a shard of plastic. Went home and emptied out the cup, found about 13 equally small (about pea sized) chinks of plastic. Called the shop, spoke to the manager who said she didn't know what had happened and would call me back on Monday. Didn't hear anything about it. Called their customer number off the website a week later, politely asked what the actual hell was in my drink. Sent them pictures and some plastic.

    After a few days they called back and explained that the guy who emptied the syrup onto the blender that makes the drinks had been leaving the caps from the bottle on the shelf above the machine. Had apparently dropped a cap into the machine and had blended it into the drink. Not explained if the kid knew he had done it or not…

    I got a letter of apology, a stack of vouchers for free burgers, chips, drinks etc and a promise that they were going to change their drink machine setup to make sure that it could never occur again.

    • Man, if you swallowed any sharp plastic particles - mmm .. well glad you didn't ! But the potential of a severe medical injury may have been on the cards ? !

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    Ordered cheap as chips meal Friday night, had to do a complaint. The 8 pieces of chicken are literally no bigger than a nugget.
    They gave a voucher, for a box meal, except, cheap as chips meal isn't classified as a box meal. So just got a burger meal of the replacement, as arguing in the drive-thru is pointless.
    Complained again, got another code another cheap as chips meal, this time it says, cheap as chips.

    This is the size of the chicken pieces….


  • I normally check at the premise for the more expensive items are in the bag .
    One time I was pissed off when the chicken nuggets at Maccas were really undercooked ?
    Only time I've taken something back personally .
    Are these nuggets precooked before being frozen or not ?

  • I had bad experience with Dominos. I had free pizza voucher from Dominos so placed order for pickup. When I reached stored, I was asked to show voucher which I refused since there was no policy so present voucher to store for online order. Manger comes and says its his policy and nothing to do with HQ. And was arguing that I was using illegally acquired voucher for pizza and he is not running charity. Even after showing him the email voucher he decided to cancel my order and told me to use voucher in some other store.
    Complaint to Dominos through their online form twice but never received any response.

  • The person I'm complaining to already hates the place and possibly sabotages the orders deliberately as a result.

  • used up my last $25 voucher at a local Sushi train.

    they were rude, they presented that gov app doesn't work. I asked for a carry bag, that was an issue. I asked for wasabi they just threw it at me.

    never going back there again.

    On days like today they used to have a line out the door. Now they are almost empty.

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